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(P:)-proposition,possible changes.           (or - alte, (allternate), el, ele, ho)


A and O - le Alfa til (ti le) Omega.

@ at (snail) ato, (heliko, arobo, strudelo)

à la carte  konfel karto, konfekarte

a, an Eventually: un. There is no indefinite article in Atlango. 

 Lo-s na nedifinida artiklivo i Atlango. 

abaft  (It is a nautical expression) - behind – bakey , desprey (moprey)

abandon (tr.-transitive) aband-es

(Abandes navyo, domo, proyekto, enfo. SEabandes pro desespero,(moespero)

   po jolo.(po Dio) 

(To give up, esp. without finishing) The sailors abandoned the burning ship. 

Le maristoy abandis le brenanta navyo.

Give it up! - Abandes! Abandes to! Brek!(Rezignes ( pri) to!) We gave up the plan. 

- Mu abandis le plano. Never give up! - Nem abandes to! Abandon hope, all ye who 

enter here - Entrante tey conoy abandes espero. Siesperes,tu, vi entra tey...

Today, I abandon my old habits. Tampe, mi abanda ma olda haboy.

abase (to lower, also fig.) abases (cf. bedultes, behumildes, koruptes); -ment: 

(act) abaso, behumild(es)o; (state) abas-ezzo, behumildo.

abdicate abdik-es

abdomen (belly) belyo (insect ́s) abdom(in)o Abdom(in)o esta xenzovorto, pli preksa 

ve (ye, kanye) belyo. Jabba The Hut,the character in "Star Wars" has a big abdomen. 

Jabba Le Hut, le figuro i "Stelmilitoy" maxa gran abdomo (belyo).

abhor, abominate (tr.)abom-es (algo),syentes abomo,syenses abome.

We abhor discrimination of any kind. Mu aboma ca-sortimenta diskrimino. Mu aboma 

cezza diskrimino.

abide  restes fidela ka; to abide by (the laws): sekonformes ka. Respektes...

ability (skill) iblezzo, talento, IVLO,-IVLA. efetezzo

He's a writer of remarkable ability. Li-s verkisto di markABLa talento. 

ablaze flamyosa, piryosa, (blaze - flam-i) flamanta

His eyes were ablaze with fury. La okloy flami pro furio. 

able (capable)(skilful) IVLA, beivlita, -ivla I've always wanted to be able

 to speak Atlango. Mi cem langIVLezi (mi deza ivles - mi IVLEZa) langes Atlange.

able, (be able to do something) (tr./intr.) -ivles,  pued-es f(er)-es algo

ablution(s) laveso, abluto(y) Hurriedly he finished his ablutions. Li finis urge sa 


abomination -abomo, abomezzo

abominable - beaboma,-aca,(moral) abomvokta, fuya,fuy-,fuyvokta, 

How disgusting! Ve abome! Fuye!

Someone had scrawled a strange symbol on the wall. Algono skrit-AC-is un cuda 

(bisara) simbolo sul (su le) muro.

about prep. PRI, sobre 

about (around) cirke, cirkey (ronde) (cir-, cirke)(approximately) - cirke

about (concerning) pri, To temata… (pri)sobre, to prilata...

I've been thinking ABOUT what you said, and I've decided that you're right. 

Mi pansi pri to, vom Tu falis, ti (so) mi decimis ke Tu prava.

above super-, sobre, ,sobey i skalo, a timeless work - sobrema verko.

above all - sobre totyo, cefe, prime, sobre co "Above all, you must be 

strong" - Sobre co, Tu estaba forta.

abroad  aus(e)lande  This year we will go abroad. T-anye mu SEauslandos. T-anye mu 

gos auslanden.

to live abroad:(in another country) vivi auslande."They had never travelled 

abroad" - Lu nem vyahi esterlanden.(auslanden) 

abrupt abrupta, (steep = skarpa) apika = skarpe vertikala. Instead they fall 

abruptly from their greatest heights. - Zame lu kyadis abrupte de lua granisma 

(plu grana) skaltadoy. They made an abrupt change of plan. Lu feris abrupta kambo 

 di plano.(Lu vyolkambis planoy) vyole- , vyolem

absence absento, faresto."Barbarismo to-s absento di standardoy ka va lo f(er)eda 

(f-eda)(unu pueda feres) apilo”. (Jose Ortega Y Gasset ) Barbarism is the absence of 

standards to which appeal can be made. 

absent absenta, abesenta

absent-minded distra (bedistr-es -to distract)absent-minda,absent-mentia,distrita

He is charmingly absent-minded. Li-s carme absentminda. Carme distrita.

absolute absoluta

absolutely absolute

absorb (tr.) absorb-es, sorb-es

abstain ab(e)stin-es, sedantyenes, "I abstain from alcohol" -Mi ab(e)stina (da) 


abstinence abstino

abstract abstrakta

absurd absurdo, absurda, absurdall

abundance yoso, yosezzo, plentezzo (superabundance - pluko, plukezzo)

abundant (adj.) plentyosa, -YOSa , -plenta  a, pe…, (pluko - too much)

abuse (tr.)(person) ofendes ,mal-trakt-es,(thing) malunt-es, pluk(e)yuntes, 

afrontes, insultes, 

abyss abiso

accelerate akzzeles, (be-rapides, be-rap-es, (boost - bustes)

acceleration akzzelo

accelerator akzzelijo, akzzeloro

accent (voice) akzzento ; (written) supersigno (po akzzento) akcento - artikulaso

accentuate (emphasize) akzzentes, emfat-es

accept acept-i "I cannot accept the dogma of this church" -Mi ne aceptEDa le

 dogmo di ta Eklesyo. "I accept that you were right” - Mi aceptis ke Tu prava.

access akzzeso, akzzes-i (access time -akzzestempo- akzzes-emo) (in)log-i 

render (make) accesible - beakzzesebles, bef-es akzzes(ebl)a

acces provider, interneto-medyataryono (medyanto), akzzes-medyanto 

accident akzzido, (akzzidento)

accidentaly akzzide,akzzidente,hazarde

acclimatize sekanklimates

accompany akompanges, akompes "I ́ll accompany you to the station" - Mi akompo Tu 

kal stasyo (stanseyo). 

accomodate (adapt) P:akomodes,adaptes (adjust) (lodge) seloktes

accord akordo, of one`s own - spontine, sekordes

according to - konfe, konfe-, konforme ka, akorde ko, Everything went according to 

plan. Co gi (gandi) konfeplane.

accordingly : konseqe, do, tezze, konforme, konfe

account konto, bankokonto (account in a bank) on your account - su tua konto

accredit akredites

accumulate komoles Snow accumulated in the fields. Snovo komoli il kampoy.

accurate eksakte, prekse, akurate, zze, zzea. Zem - akuratema - punctual (punteme)

accuse akud-es "She accused him of stealing her car” -Qi akudis li pri (a) klepto 

di qa auto.

accusative akusativo  lom, -m  In Atlango -m suffix is optional, 

as subject-verb-object order is assumed when it is not present. 

(Atento: Dative = lon, -n , ka)

accustom behab-es, habaco = manyo, manio, Accustom yourself to think vigorously.

Sehabes po panses energyose.

accustomed, be  hab-es , "I am accustomed to sleeping late” 

Mi(haba,rutina) dormes (somnes) tarde. Mi habe dorma tarde.

acerbity (bitterness in taste) bitro, bitrezzo

ache augo, augino "My head aches" - Mi kepaug(in)a 

 When it's rainy, my joints always ache. Vem lo pyuva, ma artikoy cem auga.

achieve (attain)  akir-es, ating-es, suksid-es, bereales

"To achieve great things we must live as though we were never going to die.” 

Po akires grankosoy mu vivaba qase mu (nem intenda mortes)-(mu nem mortENDa) 

 (Marquis De Vauvenargues)

achievement n. atingo, akiro, suksido,  erno, ferivlo, afordo

achoo! (sneeze) a-cu! a-xu!

acid acida

acknowledge agnosk-es (konq-es) 

acorn - gindo I am the little acorn that becomes the oak. Mi-s le mikra gindo, va 

 sestos qerso.

acoustic akustika    

acquaint informes

acquaintance kunato, kumpo, kumpezzo,

acquainted kunato,(kunatano, kunateno) kump(on)o, kumpano, kumpeno

be acquainted with someone - kun-es, kump-es ko.

acquire  akir-es 

acquisition - akiro, akirado,(what you have acquired) This car is my latest 

acquisition. Ta auto esta ma le plu lasta akirado. 

acre xarpa

across (the other side of)  trans(e), P: krose, par, parey

act akto - aktes (ages) = funkes. also: certificate - aktado,-umyento. Naskaktado, 

naskumyento, mortaktado, mortumyento =dokumento di morto seld-aktado(bill of sale) 

aktAD+ERo - dossier.  - umyento, aktaduyo - porte-folyo

act (a role) aktor-es, rol-es, plud-es rolo,

act of Parliament Akto di Parlamyento - akto (aktado), statuto, lego 

action ago, ageso, agando

active ageza (aktiva, aktala, pron-akta) hiperaktiva - plukeakta, plukaga

activist - agisto, aganto, (one who express through action)

activity agezzo, agezo,(agoDEZo) ageso

actor aktoro

actual aktua, aktuall, aktuema (real) reala, real,

actually efektive,fate,infate,verdefate,verdefale,porverde,prefe,reale, konfeverde

acute akyuta

ad infinitum saufine, saulime (sau - without)

adapt adapt-es (tr.); seadaptes

add (join) adv-es, adve-, beyunt-es (tr.) yunt-es,(intr.) pluse

add, append, join so as to cause an increase - adv-es, adve-dares, adizzes (math.)

add (numbers) pluse, plus-es, beplus-es, (be)sum-es, beadv-es, adizzes

addition adizzo, advedaro, advo, advado 

additional adva, adizza, advall, plusa, estra, ultra-, adve-, plonga

address (on letter etc) adreso, to addres (to turn to someone)- dires ka )

addres book adresero

add-to(annex)aneks-es to join or add, esp.to something larger; attach (advedar-es)

(anekt-es  add (territory) by conquest or occupation)

adhere (stick close to, be attached, to be devoted) ader-es

adherent aderanto, simpatanto, fano

adjacent yekames, naubes ko

adjective adyektivo (alyuntivo)

adjoin to, (to attach) seadves ka, grentes ko, kontukt-es, rensetukt-es 

adjust adyust-es, be-konform-es, adapt-es, (be)apt-es

adjustable adyustebla, adyustivla

adjustment adyusteso, seadyusteso, (be+ se+ sel+) adopteso

administer to, admin-es, admin-estr-es

administrate admines

administration admin-aryato

admire admir-es, (to wonder - kunezes pe,pro,ke) 

admit (acknowledge) agnosk-es, admit -es, konqes(es)

admonish admondes, skold-es

adolescence - adolezzo,jovezzo, jovemo, yunemo

adolescent - adolezza, jova, jovo, (jovano -young man, joveno -young women)

adopt adopt-es

adore adorent-es (love intensely) am-od-es; ( between sexes ) amor-od-es. Ames 

intense: Li simple adorenti xa meryeno.

adorn adorn-es, ornam-es, BE-klad-es

adulate flates

adult adOlta = matura

adultery adUlto, -es

adulthood adoltezzo, adoltemo

advance avank-es (tr./intr.)

advantage - avankado (P: avantajo)

adventure aventuro

adverb adverbo

adversary (enemy) adverzanto, adverz-ARYo

adverse (antagonistic, opposing, harmful, hostile or unfavorable) adverza, kontra, 

desfavora, mofavora 

advertise reklam-es, anunt-es

advice konsilo Can you give me some advice about teaching Atlango? Da tu dareda 

(ka mi) min pokter konsiloy pri instruo di Atlango?

advise konsil-es (algono ka algono) (konsil-ar-es, take advice - konsultes = 

konsilprines, (Mi konsilus ka tu lektes ta buko.)

aeroplane aeroplano, avyoro, avyono. (pilot - avyatoro, avyonisto, avyopiloto) 

passanger - avyanto

afar - from great distance - defare

affable (friendly, pleasant, and easy to talk to.) afabila, beplesa 

affair aferado; evento; konzzerno

affirm afirm-es (asertes)

affirmation afirmo, pronyeso

affirmative afirma, pronyesa

afford aford-es, purmes(es) ka xe, xen purmes, pued-es, ivles,

1.(be able to spare or give up;)

"I can't afford to spend two hours with this person"- Mi ne aforda spendes du 

klokoy ko ta persono. (Mi ne spendeda du klokoy ko ta persono.)

2.(have the financial means to do something or buy something;)  

"We can't afford to send our children to college"; "Can you afford this car?"

- Mu ne aforda sendes mua enfoy ka kolegio, Da Tu aforda ta auto?

afraid, be  efr-es, paur-es, afraid of darkness - dunkefra,"I am not afraid of a 

dog”. Mi ne(-s) hundefra.  Afraid, be (regret) sorin-es. Sorine! Mi (efra)paura 

  ke ne!

after (behind) pos, pose (posey, mopre)

after (in time) pos, pose, postem (posem) 

afternoon - posmeridyo, posmeridy-em-o, tardemo. (evening - suaro)

afterwards pose, posem, pli tarde

afterwards pose, posem, pli tarde

again Nuve, RE,REN-,re,re+en - ren, rene, NUVE,denuve,enkevolte, Mi-s nuve tey. I am here again. To do again - feres nuve, renferes, fes nuve, something - renferes algo, P: benuv-es

against kontre

age anyero, oldero, vivemo, veranyo, (Ver-anya Tu-s? Mi-s … anya. Va-s tua anyero?

aged (of an advanced age) anyera, molteranya, moltanya

agency agenteyo, agandeyo

agenda  agendo ag-intendo,(agoplano - poragadero - P:pore-ago) 

aggression agreso (aggressive -agreseza, agresivla, agresyosa) atakezo 

agile (dexterous)- agila, fasilmoba  

ago: back in time: PAS, bakem, farem, antanye, antem, ten years a.: desto anyoy pas(e)(farem) (moprem, mopos), antem desto anyoy; not long a.: nelongem (pas),nelonga tempo pre tyem; some time a.: poktem pas, pokte moprem. Pokta dyemoy pas (bakem). I oldemo, i faremo. Long time ago - antanye, longem pas, Some time ago - un tempo pas (bakem), poktem pas = pokte farem (P: resente), recente, lastem, frexem, algem pre tyem, alge pre tyem, antem = pre tem. Just a moment ago - prem pas. ju. (after: pos, algem pos, posem, algem for, algem for)

agony agonio

agreable - plesa, beplesa, kyerebla (likeable - kyerabla

agree (be in agreement, be of the same opinion) konkord-es (intr.) akord-es

agree (consent to something) akord-es (intr.) O.K. - o.k. o-key, yes! bun, bune

agriculture agro, agro-kulto; agrokulturo

ah! ah!, he-ya! Oh! Ay! Au! (sudden fear) hu!

aha! aha!

ahead - for! foren!, Ges for!  For-g-es!

ahead of -pre de,(di) frontale de,(di) fore (de)

ahem - ehem, hm 

ahoy! interj. ha-ho! he!

aid helpi, aydes, sukur-es. first aid - sukuro 

aide-de-camp (adjutant) aydanto

ail augines, malg-es

ailment augino, augo, malgo, -augo, -malgo, -OZY- 

aim (camera, gun, etc) apunt-es, dir-es (take aim at - apunt-es)

aim (purpose)  eymo (intend, -eym-, intendo - end-) In what purpose? - Veyme? 

air aero,(ayro)

air-condition - aer-kondo, klimatilo, aer-kondizzo

air-hostess stevardeno

airport aeropurto, ayropurto, avyopurto, aerodromo

ajar abret(it)a, hal-abrita

alack Ha-las! Vanido! Vanide! Mal! Malmale!

alarm alarmo

alcohol alkoholo 

alcove alkovo

alert alerto,-a (vigilant) vigla (watchful)  alert-es, vigl-es 

alias (noun) pseudonim(ad)o; aliaso (adv.) otranime, alianime)

alien (stranger) alya, alyono, otrono

alienation alyezzo, sealyoneso, bealyoneso

alike simila, sombla -EZZA,(P:-ESKA) to eska… 

alive vivanta, vivyosa, vivoplenta, vivaxa, be alive - vives

all  co, totyo, above all [adv.] pre co, sobre totyo [adv.] primaloke, prime(re)

[adv] in all -totye, totyall, ca, (adj.), co (n.), cado, totyo, conoy 

(pron.) all the time [adv.] wibrese [adv] totyem

all of a sudden [adv.] soprine, totye soprine, totye rapte(m)

with ALL one's heart [adv.] plentakore [adv] first of all [adv.] primere,

primemode, not at all [adv.] ne, na-mode [adv.] totye ne  

All Saints' Day [n.] Fyesto di Conoy (Ca) Santyonoy, Santyarya Fyesto. 

allay (to reduce -fear, anger, etc.)  bekalmes

allegedly konfefale, prexunte, suspond(it)e 

allow(let)purm-es,also: -dares. Dar ka mi tom feres.

allow (permit) purm-es, purmes ka mi… Purmes ke mi prezentes. Las mi prezentes

Allow me to introduce myself Da mi seprezeneda? Da mi xem prezenteda? Mi purma 

lastavolte ka tu tom fes.

allude alud-es

almond migdalo, almondo

almond tree migdalarbo, almondarbo

almond-eyed migdalokla

aloe N (plant) aloeso

almost preske, prekem, qase, kanmakse (ne totye do prokimume) Hi preske esta 

ma frato.  Lo preske esta nokto.

alone - solta (lonely)

along (alongside) konfelonge, konfey, porlonge

along (at the side of) konfelonge; flanke; (together) kone; to go a. : konfev(ant)es; come a.: Vyen ko mi; all a.: totya tempo; konfevoye; -side: (prep.) prokey; flanke di; naube di, grento ka grento. (grentogrente)

aloud laude

alphabet alfabeto, abecado

already yus

also  toje, (je) This also is a fruit. To-s toje frukto.

altar altoryo

alternate (or - alte), altern-es, sekambes

alternative alterna, (-ativo,-o,) alternado, alterneblo

alternatively alterne, (renproke), kambe, kambamode

although (though) trozze, P:qenke (even if - anke yo, yanke) 

 Esemplo.:  Li-s generosa, qenke (trozze, yanke) Li ne-s rika. Yes,lo alge te 

sestis, ke, trozze li esti bune edukita ti bela, li ne sa(m)meryenis.

always cem 

amateur amataryono, -ATARYONo

amaze bestun-es ,bemarv-es, konstern-es

amazement P: marvo, konsterno

amber ambro

ambiguity (1. double or dubious meaning;- duopla el dauba senzzo 2. ambiguous 

expression, equivocal expression) n ambigva, eqivoko

ambiguous (unclear) adj ambigva, eqivoka 

ambition ambido

ambitious ambizza,(P: ambida) ambizzyosa, ambizz-es - to be ambitious

amble (an easy gait of a horse, a leisurely walk,) ambl-es 

ambush embosk-es, embosko

amen (Heb) Amen! (Lo estes te! - so be it!)

amend (formally change part of law or resolution) emend-es, mod(if)ik-es, modum-es 

korektes, reformes

ammunition (a)munizzo (a)munido)

among inte, inter-

amount (quantity) - qantero = vero, ful-,handful of money - FUL-polmo, fulhando di

(a) munio (pekuno), fulbrakoy di floroy, fulpokso di munio, fulpolmo di sokradoy, 

fulmaro di (ad) amo, fulfuresto di problematoy. (Problemadoy)

amuse (himself) sedivertes, sejol-es pe, plaudes ko

amuse (someone) divert-es, bejoles, bejol-a , beplaud-es

amusement (fun) PLAU-, diverto, fyesto, plaud, P: funo 

analogue analoga

ancient antika

anchor ankro

and - ti  You and I - Mi ti Tu, Bele ti ekselente - Domoy ti stratoy. 

Mu ti lekteda ti promenteda.

anecdote anegdoto

angel  angelo

anger kolero, irgo, P:despito

angle (n.) angolo, vinklo, vinkleyo

angry arga, kolera,

angry, be - arges, koleres

animal - animalo, bestyo

animate (living) vivanta, animyosa

animate (to give life or energy to something) -anim-es, be-anim -es, 

animation anim(at)io,  kartuno  (animata filmo)

(make an animation for film) anim -es (anim-ataryono)

ankle maleolo, kavilo

annex - anekt-es -add (territory) by conquest or occupation

anniversary: anyofyesto, yubilemo, dat-revyeno, dat-ren-vyeno

announce anunto, anunt-es, proklam-es

annoy trobles, setrobles pri,beembaras-es, afliktes(tr),irites, befrustr-es, 

besorin-es, stres-(es)  Ne stres mi! Ne stres!

another (adj.) otra

answer (reply)  respundo, renfalo, denvortes. An answer is a response to a 

question, problem,or need.Responso. Denvorto,respundo po frago, problemato,trebo.

answer (solution) soluto

ant formiko, mirmo

antenna - antenno, antenoyo

anteroom anterumo

anthem (hymn) himno

anti- prefikso rezervita kal terminero xenzall ti teknikall va signa ”kontre

anticipate antisip-es

antiquary - antikeyo, antikereyo

anus - anuso

anxious about, be - sikalmes pri, stres pe, trobl-es pro, pri

any (at all) - alga

anybody - algono, valgono

anything (something) algo

anywhere - algey, alga-loke

apart aparta , dis-a

apartment apartamento, lokteyo.

apathy apatyo

apologise  esprIVI sorino; (sorinIV-es) Ma sorinivoy, Ma sorino! Sorine!

app n (software) apo, aplikado, programo

apparatus aparatORO -ORO (mofreqe portebla)- televistoro, TeVijo, TVilo, 

televiro, televizio

apparently  -  somble

apparition aperado, fantasmo

appeal apil-es (it appeals to me - To apila ka mi (min) 

appear aper-es

appear(look) aspekt-es ve, va, vezze, 

appear(seem) sombl-es,  Lo sombles, ke li dormes. Fes algo pol somblo. Li sombli 

(estes) rika, maxante nado. Le verdo voltem n-esteda verdesombla. (verdeska)

appearanse (appearing) seapero

appearanse (aspect) aspekto, prezenso

appetite apetido  Bun apetido!

applaud aplod-o, -es

apple pomo

application n (software) apliko, aplo, aplikado, aplado, programo

apply (put theoretical knowledge to practice, e.g. method, rule, law) aples, -APL-  

apply (put on) aplik-es, util-es, unt-es

appointment rendevyuo, trefo, rensetrefo

appreciate, appraise - taks-es,(be-taks-es)  mi tom beprezza 

approach kanproko, kan-g-es, kangando. I have no idea how to approach this. 

  Mi-x na ideo ve kanprokes to. My birthday party is approaching, do you want to 

come? Ma naskemfyesto se(kan)proka. da tu vyeneza? I approached my boss with a 

request. Mi kanprokis ma xefo ko reqeso.

approve aprov-es My boss approved my suggestions. Ma xefo aprovis ma sugestoy.

approval aprovo

approximate (adj.) cirka, pliproke

approximately cirke, proke(ey)(er)

April aprilyo

apt (n) (aptitude) apto, talento, inklino

apt (v) apt-es 

aquarelle - aqarello, aqareloyo

arcade - ark-ad-o, arkadeyo

ardent arda, ard-es 

area areyo

argue (give reasons) argum-es (intr.) dares argumoy

argue (quarrel) dispyut-es, arg-es, qerel-es

argh! ay!, ah!

arid arida , sekn-um-a, 

aridity aridezzo

arise lev-es (intr.)skalges (skalEN-es) seskal-es, beskales algo 

arm (of body) brako

arm (weapon) armo, armero 

armour kiraso

armpit akselo

army - armio

around cirke, cir+, ci(-)ronde (prep.), -es (ci-)(adv.) ronde, cirke, cirkey 

to go around - cirges

arrange (make preparations for) arang-es

arrange (put into order) beord-es, ordesm-es

arrest  aresto, aresteyo, arest-es 

arrival arivo, kanvyeno, (time: arivemo - sortemo)

arrive  arives, kanvyenes (antonyms: moarives, sortes)

arrogance arogezzo

arrogate (presume to) arog-es, usurp-es, (estes aroga, usurpanta)

arrow fleco

arse rumpo

arsehole N (anatomy) anuso, rumpotruvo; (person) fekalono, kanaylo

art arto  Vom tu pansa (opina) pri moderna arto?  artes - to create as art

artery artero P: arterino

article artiklivo "le" 

article (newspaper) - artikolo

articulation - artikulaso, artikulas-es = akcent-es

artificial - artifika, artifikall, arteferita

artificial insemination N arteferita befertileso, arteferita impregneso

artificial pacemaker N (medical device) korstimulijo, arteferita polsoro, polsijo, 

peysmeykoro, (bemobijo)

Asia Azyo, Azio

as a matter of fact (adv.) fate, infate

as ... as  te … ve, (e.g., te fasila ve Atlango)

as (being) a, vezze = este, lom, (e.g.,as an expert she knows it = vezze 

spertisto qi kuna to. Li yel prezidento elektis Li yel sekretaryano. 

Li trakti li vezze (ye) venkinto.

as (in comparison)  ve (e.g., gran (mega) ve balino)

as (in the manner) ve (e.g., as you wish = ve tu deza, dezira)

as adv (comparison)  ve, te; it’s like chocolate, but not as sweet - to sapora ve cokolo, ni(ve) ne te dolse; as ... as - te ... ve; as big again as duople grana ve ; as fast as possible  - te rapide ve eble; as long as  - te, longa ve ; as much/many as - te   molte ve ; as rich as - te rika ve; I want you to hit me as hard as you can -  mi deza, ke tu frapes mi te forte ve tu pueda; they are as alike as two peas -  lu-s te simila ve du pizoy; as far as (time, space) aste; as far as possible -konfeble; as far as I know konfe mi kuna, konfer mi kuna; as for - pe; rilate; as for example - esemple,  as a whole - generale. He acted as an expert (which he was) li agi  vezze spertisto. While - daurem, he died as a prisoner - Li mortis vezze karzono.  As yet - enke, aste tyem, conj (because) bo, boke, po; As he looked like an intelligent boy, I hired him as an assistant. Bokel  garso aspekti inteligenta, mi engajis li vezze (ki) helpanto; (comparison) as soon as - te kortem ve, (even though) rich as she is - alger rika qi-s; (in accordance with) konfe; as you will - konfe tua pleso; he acted as you requested - li agi konfe tua reqeso, li agis ve tu reqesis; (like) ve, vezze; as is well known - vezze lo bune kunata-s, vam unu bune kuna; as you know - ve tu kuna; (of the same character as) such as they were - tezza va lu esti; (to the same degree that); as if - ve yo, vezze yo, as it were (as though) qase; as long as (while) parem) ke; as well as (besides) adve, pluse. 

as if, as though,as it were - qase, somble.  Li korsi, qase fantomoy persekutu li. 

as soon as -te kortem ve, te proxem ve,

ascend seskales,skal-g-es,sobren-g-es,kanmont-es(in direction on the top,

ascertain (a fact) konstat-es, secertes pe, be-certes pri, ke,

ash cindro

ashamed, be hontes, pudor-es, hontyosa, honteza, pudoryosa, pudoreza

asphalt asfalto

ask (question - qestino, frago) frag-es pri… 

ask for pid-es,postul-es,aplik-es,reqes,fodr-es,(po,pri,beskalto di salayro,sueldo) 

asleep dormanta, somna = dormia, dorm-ATI-a,(dorm-et-es)

asleep, fall ir-dorm-es, somnes, dormes

aspire aspir-es, asp-es, striv-es ka (aste)

aspect aspekto, miro

asphault asfalto, bitumino

assassinate asasin-es

assault asolt-es, atak-es,  They assaulted a policeman. Lu asoltis le polisano. 

Man jailed for assault on police officer. Tano karzita po asolto kontre 

polisa ofizzaryo.(ofizzono)

assemble (components) montaj-es

assembly konvyeno, asembleo

assert (state as a fact) asert-es, insistes pri

assess impost-es (pages imposto) Our government wants to assess those who are rich. – Mua governo imposteza tay vi-s rika)

assess takses. Da tu takseda le valablo di ta anelo? (ringeto)

assiduous laboreza, diligenta

association asozzido, asozzid-es, bekon-es, beyunt-es, P: pansyunt-es

assortment sortimento, sortiment-es (klasifikes)

assume (take a task upon oneself) asum-es (sem karges pe), prines su se

assumption  teso, suspondo, asumo

assurance (certification) cert-eso; becerto (certainty) cert-ezzo; (self-

confidence) aplombo, selkonfido; (insurance) asekro; (arrogance) prezunto, 

P: arog-ant-ezzo.

assure asekr-es, becert-es (render certain) (insure) asekr-es.

assuredly: saudaube, sauskepte, certe.

astonish (astound) bestun-es, konstern-es.  The news astounded me. Le 

nuvadoy (novoy) bestunis mi. His writing shows astonishing deep. La skritadoy 

montra bestuna (mervela) fundo.

astonished, to be - mervel-es, (e)stun-es - astound, sekonstern-es

We were astonished when first we saw this building. Virem ta bildo mi sestunis.                                 

astonishing bemervela, mervelvokta, bestuna, (kepturna) P:soprina

astonishment (be)stuno, konsterno, mervelo

astronaut - astronauto

astute furba P: astuta

asylum azilo

at (beside, closely associated with,) - ye, ye+, prokey, (in neighbourhood - i 

naubeyo, naube, yenaube)  

at (the price of) po , por-

at first - prime, primprime,une, vezza-une, unall

at last - fine, finfine, laste, finall

at least  (kan)minime, minimume

at most kanmakse, maksimume

at once - bliksem, irde volto - irvolte, denvolte

at the same time - somem, i soma tempo, somtempe, intertempe, P: zzem

at times voltem, from time to time (de tempo ka tempo)

Atlango Le lango konstruita (artlango) au (fere di) Richard A Antonius. 

Atlantic Atlantiko

atmosphere atmosfero, atmo, ambyento

attach ataxes, anektes, adv-es

attachment (in e-mail) ataxo, kon-spedado, advo

attack atak-es, -o

attain akir-es, get-es, ating-es

attempt (endeavour) P:zorprub-es, P:fort-es, 

attempt (try out) prub-es, -o (-UB-) try to go - gandUBes = g-UBes

attend (be at) asist-es (asistanto) , au-est-es 

attention to, pay - atent-es (tr.), segard-es

attestation  atesto

attic atiqo, P:tektobudo

attract atrakt-es

atractive -atrakta, atraktivla, atraktanta

audacity audazzo, sauhonto

auditorium aud-ATERY-o

August agosto

aunt onkleno

autochthonous autoktono, teynaskono

automatic automate, automatike

author autoro,  au (fere di), perautore

authority [the right/power to command] autorit-ezzo 

          Po (boke) sa kompetento li-x grana autoritezzo sobre xa kolegoy.

autumn  otuno, otunemo

auxiliary ausila, helpa, -ELP- ayda, suporta    Atlango esta le lango (lingvo) 


available disporebla, maxebla, posidebla

avaricious avara, grida

avenue avenido, aleyo

average -(normal, typical) avra, medyokra, plagrada, pla-mode

averse averz-es, moames, moples(es),(strongly disinclined, unwilling)  Are you 

averse to flying? Da tu averza fliges? Da tu averza (mokyera) avyo? Avyeso? 

aviate avy-es, avyales

aviation avyo, avyeso

aviational avya, ( avyala, avyall )

aviator avyataryono, piloto

avid - avida

avoid evites,  veh-evit-es,  kontaktevites - to avoid a contact – cir-kontaktes

awake -  voktes, sevoktes, vokteste - vokte, sestante, seste

awakening , voktesto,  voktemo 

away - far, fare, faren! far (ko) to! Apages! Farges!

award - avordo, premyo

awesome adv(excellent)bunode, brile; granyosa, imponda, beimponda, temorvokta

awkward malivla, pronmala

axis akso (polar axis - polusa akso)

azure azuro 


babble - blab-es

baby - bebo, karinyo (kar+iny+o)

bachelor - bacelo, soltono, soltaryono

back (adv.) ren, ren-, baken! In time:  rentempe, Go back! 

- Renges! Ren-g-es - Go back

back (of body, hand, book, etc) dorso, bako,(pugo = bakado)

backbone (spine) spayno (comput.: cefneto )

backdoor: bak-pordo

background ba(ka)grondo,fondo, baqondo, mopreo, moanteyo

bacterium baktero

bad mal(a)

bag sakfo      

baguette (bread) bastonpauno, bagveto P; bagueto

bah! interj (impatient rejection or contempt) ba!, (stronger) baf!

bake baq-es

bakery baq-ery-o

balance balanko, eqilibro,

balance balank-es, vagl-es

balcony balkongo

bald kalva

balderdash sau-senzza papleso;paplEMPo, galimatiaso.

ball: (noun) (globe) bolo, sfero; globo; (solid, as for billiards, croquet, etc.) bolo; (filled with air, as for tennis, for aviation) bolo, balong(et)o; (bullet) koglo; (of thread) peloto; (solid pellet) bol-eto; tennis b.: tenis-bol-eto; b. play : bol-, bol-pludo; snowb.: snov-bulo ; cannon b.: kanonga koglo. 

masked b.: masko-balo; fancy dressed b.: klad-balo; b.room : bal-chambro; balzalo, dans-eyo.

ball (dancing) balo, dansevento, P:dansATIo

ballet baleto

balloon - balongo

ball-point pen   boloplumo

balls n (slang for testicles, also metaphor for courage) koyongoy

balsam: (tree) balsamino; (fragrant resin used in ointment) balsamo; pectoral b.: 

pektorala balsamo; -ic: balsam-ala.

banal: banala, trivya, trivyala, vulgar(ac)a.

banana banango, platango

band (music) bendo, muzikistero, muzikaryero,muzikantero, orkesto

band (tape,strip, stripe) rubango,banderolo,strio,teypo 

bandage bandajo, bindo, bind-es He cleansed the wound before putting on a bandage. 

Li puris le vundo antem pondes bindado.

bandit bandido, bandidano

bank (finansial) banko

bank (of a river) strando 

bankrupt bankrupt-es

banner (comput.: banero)

banquet - banqyesto, (fyesto, fyest-es) yamofyesto

bar (for drinking) drinkeyo - baro

bar (the way) barik-es

barbarian -barbar-on-o,(barb-aryono)

barbarity barbarado

barely, hardly - zore, zor-,konzore, kanminie,He had barely enough money to pay 

for the car. Li maxi zorbaster (preskebaster) munio po pages pol auto.

(Esperanto: La malriĉuloj apenaŭ havas sufiĉan manĝaĵon. English: The poor barely 

have enough food. Atlango: Le povray zormaxa baster fudo.

barge (boat) P:barjo

baricade - barikado - barik-es

bark to, baul-es,hund-ek(lank)-es, hauk-hauk!, vov-vov! 

bark (on the tree) kortiko

barman - barmaid - baristo, baristeno, tapisto

baron barong-ano

barrel (cask) barelo; (keg) barel-eto; (of machines) cilindro;  to sell by the b.: 

seldi per-barel-e (po barele); to draw off from the b.: cerpi del barelo; b. for 

wine: vin-barelo; b. of wine: barelo di vino.

barrel barelo 

base (n.) bazo

base (support one thing with another) apog-es, suport-es

base (low) basa, dulta

basement basmento, susolo, apogado

basin basino, pelvo, baseyo

basket - korgo

bat vesperto, pipistrelo, noktolo

bath (n.) balno

bath(e) take a bath - baln-es

bathroom balno-cambro, balnozalo, balnorumom, balneyo

battalion batalyongo, batalonero

battery (elec., milit.) baterio, P: bateroyo, pilo

battle batalo, fayto

bay (of sea) bukto 

bazaar: bazareyo.

be est-es(-s)I am-mi esta=mi-s,You are-Tu esta,Tu-s,Is it…? Da to-s? Mi(e)sta...

be (well, ill, etc) P:stenses, bunestes, malestes, (bunsyenses - malsyenses)

be able   ivles -IVL-, puedes, -ED-

be behind posrestes, mofrontales 

be curious (at the moment) kun-ez-es, estes kuneza (personality trait) estes 

kuneza; I’m curious who he is.  Mi kuneza, vi li-s.

be promiscuous - pron-miskfa, frekfe kambi sekskononoy (o partaryonoy)

beach plajo

bead (to make necklaces - perlinero) perlino, (rosary - rozokruno, rozokolyo)

beak beko

beam luminoradyo, radyo, luminrayo, rayo, strio

bean fabo, faseolo

bear (support) port-es, suport-es

bear -urso

bear up, tolentes, endaur-es, dentyen-es

beard barbo

beat (defeat) venki

beat (hit, strike, lash, smack) batr-es, batreso - beating, disebatres, 


smash, inbatres drive in, inbatres klovo centrel muro,(centrenmure.) konbatres - 

beat together, renbatres - strike back,interbatreso fight (fayto)frap-es, kolp-es 


beat out disebatres, pistes

beatified beata, blestita

beautiful bela, linda (belaspekta, beleta) lavla

beauty belezzo, P: byuto

beautify  bebeles, P: kosme-es 

because - bo,(because of) Tens ke, boke, da, Le enfo pyora, bo tono yameza. 

Boke (Tens ke) le enfo edeza -(takause, do) tono pyora. Le enfo pyora da yamezo.

because of - pro, boke, kau(en)se di, po to ke, tens ke, To montra kauenso ti eymo 

ti motivo toje kanvokoy di alga potento. Esemploy: Mi rida kause di (boke, pro) ha 

  naivezzo. Po Skyeloy! Ver tu reqesa(maxeza)po(za)ta monuva auto? 

become - sestes, Ses! Konvertes. Do not be - Nestes!

bed (for sleep) kamo, dormublo, Go to bed = kames, kamENg-es, inskames

doremenges to get out of bed - auskames, to put to bed - bekames algono, bedtime = 

kamemo - dormemo.

bed (of coal, petrolyo) - bedo, yasimento

bedroom dormo-cambro, dormo-rumo , dormeyo, kamrumo

bedtime kamemo One evening the boy requested that the father tell him a 

bedtime story. Unsuare le garso renqesi kel patro kentes ka li un kamema(e)storyo. 

bee abelo, abelero - abelsuermo

beer biro

beet bieto, burako

before (in front of) frontale di, fore, (prep) pre (prey) ante

before (previous to) pre (prep.) , pre ke (conj.), (in time - antem),(in place - 

prey) For(en)!- Forward! 

beg (beseech) pid-es, granpid-es, pidod-es (pray (communicate with God) -prekt-es)

beggar mendikanto, almospidanto, almosono

begging mendiko

begin kom-es (tr./intr.) go-es,(tr./intr.), bekomes,(intr.) startes, 

beginning - komeso, sekomo, komo di , starto, 

behave kondut-es

behaviour konduto 

behind pos, posey, mopre, bake, ause, ester+, ausey

being  ono, estent-on-o, estado, kreitado, kreitono, human being - ho, ho(mono)


belief kredo Someone’s personal religious beliefs don’t justify breaking the law.”

 Algia religiala kredoy personall ne bejusta rompo (vyolento) di lego.(P:legio)

believe kred-es  ”If you believe something, you think it’s true.” Yo tu kreda algo, 

tu pansa ke to(-s) verda.

bell klosho

belong part-es,P: (e)stik-es partest-es, partosestes, It belongs to you - To (kan)parta ka Tu. You don’t belong here — get out. Tu ne (kan)parta tey - farges! (Far ko tu!) P: Esemplo: dom-estika, estikes ka

below sube

belt belto, belteto

bench benko

bend flekses, bentes, bekorb-es

bent (curved) benta, bebenta, korba 

berry beriso, (wineberry - vinberiso)

benevolence bunvolo, bundezo, bunkorezzo

beside - prokey (at - ye, ye+, yey)

besides (prep.) adve to,P:estre, pluse di to, ause di to, ausamode

best makse buna, - (le) plu buna, byesta, optimala (I do my best - mi fera ma 


bestseller - furorbuko, byestaselero, byestaseldado

bet vet-es

betake oneself (go to) v(ant)-es ka, 

betray trah-es, denunt-es

better pli bun(a), meyora, v. make better - meyor-es, beplibunes,  

worse = peyore, v. make worse - peyor-es, beplimales

Tampe meteo esta milda do tompe to sepeyoros. 

between inte, inter-

beverage - bevrado, drinkado

bewitch heks-es, magi-ob-es, bemagi-es, primagies, beheks-es

beyond (on the other side of) trans, transe(y), ause, ausey 

Bible Biblo

bicycle binsiklo, "bike" - bayko

bifurcate P:binfurkes,voyfurkes, disfurko, diseyo

big gran(a),gran-, (huge -mega -granODa) (-OD-) emphatic for verbs: GRAN-

grangrana, megmega. Big Bang BigBango, Primera-esplodo, Primesplodo, komesplodo

bill (invoice) faturo, invoco, bilyo

bind (to fasten or be fastened with string, thread) - lig-es

bind up - bind-es, cir-band-es(a wound) (encircle with a band)

binoculars binoklo, kampobinoklo

birch betulo, betularbo, betulono P:birko

bird foglo, ornito

birth  to give a birth - bort-es, being born - nask-es

birthday naskodyemo, naskemo

biscuit biskfido

bishop episkopo

bit(piece) partEXo,elemento,partikulo -IKULO,(very little piece of) partexikulo

bite mord-es, -o,  mordes (a) sa lingo. I will bite you! - Mi mordos tu!

bitter bitra

bitumen bitumino

black nigra

blackmail xantajo, bexantaj-es, hares-(es)

blab  blabes

blade klingo

blame (condemn) blam-es, -o, kondamn-es, (be)kulp-es, 

blame (fault) kulpo

blaspheme (swear) blasfam-es, blaso

bless bles, bleses, blesfales,  Bless my soul! -  Bles´ ma spirito (almo)!

blind (sightless) blinda, -o, (to make blind - beblindes,)

blink (with light) blinkes, skintes, Blink!Blink! (briefly shut the eyes = 

 blinkes, oklum-es, oklobes

bliss bliso, estasio

block (material) bloko

block blokes, seblokes,stagnes

blond blonda

blood sango, (to bleed - sang-es, sang-um-es)

blot (n.) bloto, fleko, klekso

blot (v.) beblot-es, beflek-es, fuyflek-es algono

blow (be windy) vyent-es (intr.)

blow, blow upon  blov-es, bris-es (breeze - briso)

blue blua, azura

blur, to be unclear:  blures 

blouse bluzo

board (plank) planko (floor of a room -parkyeto, also: bordo)

board taulo,(blackboard) - nigra taulo

board (deck - also floor) (of ship, airplane, auto, binsiklo) - bordo, Go aboard - 

(sur)bord-es , On the floor in the room - Sul bordo dil rumo. 

 bordes - to enter, get on to a vehicle, ship, plane.etc.) mobordes - get out from

boast (brag) fanfar-on-es, praud-es pro

boat batelo

body kerpo,(chief part) cefa parto, kerpexo, kerpa parto

boil kukt-es (intr./tr.)

boiled eggs - ovoloy kuktita, kukt-ovoloy

boiling - kuktanta

bolt bolto

bomb bombo

bombe to, bomb-es, bebombes

bone osto

bonfire fyestopiro, bunpiro

bonus bonuso

boogeyman beboko An imaginary monster used to frighten children. 

Depansita (imagina) monstro po bepaures enfoy. monstro,P: bogyo, beboko, (spuko) 

(anything that haunts, frightens, or harasses.)

book libro, buko

bookshop libreryo, bukeryo

bookstore bukstoreyo

boost bust-es (Help or encourage (something) to increase or improve. Amplify)

booty  (plunder, loot) butino 

bore (weary) (intr./tr.) bures, bebures, molest-es 

boredom - buro, burezzo, bur-atio

border to, grent-es,

border grento, begrent-es 

boring bura, buryosa, bebura

born,be  - nask-es (to born a child - bortes enfo) senaskes, senasko (ne: 

selnasko!) Li syensi te mofelica, ke li moblesi le dyemo, i va li naskita-s.

borrow prunt-es, prunteprin-es, pruntedar-es

borscht (borsch) beet soup - borxco

bosom sinuo (sul sinuo dil familio)

botch fusk-es (tr.)

both amba, ambe, amball

bother embares-(es)(tr.intr.), setrobles, frustr-es,

bottle (n.) botelo

bottom (backside) bako

bottom (lowest (of several levels)) dulo, infra

bottom (lowest part, e.g., of a vase or well) grundo, fundeyo

bottom (underside of an object) subo, subado

boulder roko, rokexo

boulevard bulvardo

boundary (of a state) grento, (statogrento)

National boundaries are becoming increasingly meaningless in the global economy.

Nasia grentoy sesta pli ti pli moimporta il ekonomio globall. 

(ple ti ple importa)

bow (bend) fleks-es, -o

bowl bovlo, pelvo

box (container, holder) bokso, -UYO, kontyenijo, kapso, doso, porte- (porte-oleo,

 porte-cindro (cindruyo), porte-mon(e)o. 

boxing - boksino

boy - garso,puano, jovano, (girl - pueno, joveno)

boy friend - amyano (gars-amyo)

braces strap, sling, suspender (to hold up trousers) - bretelo 

bracelet braseleto,  brakanelo

bracket n (punctuation) parenteso, krampoy: ronda krampoy (),orta krampoy [] 

(right - angled), korba krampoy {}

brain cerbo

brainstorming cerb-ob-o (to brainstorm -cerb-ob-es (mobes pe cerbo)

brake freno,-es, haltijo, behaltes

bran  brano, farin-ex-o

branch branko (on a tree)

branch (of industry)(branxo),branco,branch of company- filyalo, kompanyopatro,faho

branchia (gill of fish) - brankyo, gilo

brand - merko

brass (copper-zinc alloy)  bronzo

brave brava, koraja,P: valyenta

bread pauno

breakdown  (mechanical) panko, averio, motorpanko

break pauso, pausemo

break rompes, brek-es, Bre-, Brek! Stop! Halt!  Bre-fales tamode! 

breakfast (n.) vremyamo (vrema yamo) matinyamo

breast brusto , (of woman) mamelo, nipple mamio)

breathe sopl-es, spir-es (tr./intr.)renspires,denspires, aus-spires,ins-spires, 

hals-es (take a sigh -sosp(in)es, 

yearn,long for -leng-es po, ka, nostalg-es) 

breathlessness angoro, saurespiro, sausoplo  (sau - without)

brick briko

bridge ponso

bridle brido

briefcase porta-folyo, P: teko

bright bril(ant)a, hela, glansa, skinta, The stars are brighty tonight. 

(Las estrellas esta´n brillantes esta noche.) Le steloy esta (e)skinta tanokte. 

bring -(kan-, port-es, bringes, trages, bevyen-es, P: fesk-es

       Can you bring me something to drink again?

                 Da Tu portEDa k´ mi (min) algo po drinkes nuve? 

bring forth produk-es, forbring-es 

bring up eduk-es

broad breda, (vasta) Konfebrede = transverse  moebreda - narrow

broadcast brokasto, brokast-es, emises, beaud-es, transmises,

broccoli n (Brassica oleracea italica) brokolo

bronchial tube - bronko

broom - skobijo

brother or sister - hermo

brother - frato, hermano (religion - fratro)

brother in low - halfrato, xograno (brather or sister in low = xogro)

brow brovo

brown bruna

browse brausi, browse the net - net-es, be-netes, qal-net-es, gugl-es

browser brausijo, brausoro, folyumijo, (ren)xerk-oro, qalnetijo, sik-ij-o

brush (verb) (as hair) broses; (in painting) penzzeles; (graze) froles; (sweep

skob-et-es; b. away: (tears) freg-es, besekn-es; b. up: (languages, etc.) 


brush: (noun) brosijo (the act) bros(EMP)o;  (artist’s, painter’s b.) braxo, 

penzzelo, pintijo; toothb.: dyento-bros-ijo; clothes b.: klado-bros-ijo; stroke of

 the b.: broso; penzzel-stroko; (b. for shaving) barbo-penzelo.

brush (for brushing) broso, brosijo

brush (v.) bros-es

bubble boblo, bobleto

buckle fibelo, fibel-es (pe belto)  Atento: curl= buklo!

bud (of flower/leaf) borgo, borg-es, borgifes

budget bujeto, (budjeto)

bug n (computer) eraro, cimo, bugo

build (kon)strukt-es, bild-es

building bildado, konstruado

bulb (elecric) elektra ampolo

bull tauro

bullet koglo, projektilo

bulletproff vest  pari-koglo, pari-kogla vesto (kamizolo)

bulletin buletino

bump bamp-i (batr-et-es) bam!

bunch (bundle) bunco

bungle fusk-es

bureau byuro, kontoro

bureaucrat byurokrato

burn bren-es (tr./intr.)kreum-es (intr.)(tr)(smoulder - smoldes, 


burst krev-es, esplod-es, erupt-es

burst (start or a sudden display or increase of effort or action) Ir-es, Ir-

to burst into tears - Ir ka lakroy, Ires ka laboro! Burst of laughter -

Iro, krevo di rido. A burst of applause - Iro, krevo di aplauso, (Iraplauses) a 

burst of activity - krevo di agando (ando, gando, agando)

bury grab-es, sepolt-es, intomb-es, betombes

bus autobuso, buso

bush arbusko, busko (vepro - undergrowth )

business (commerce) komerso, bizneso

business (firm) firmo

businessman biznesisto, komersisto

busy biza, arya, afera pe, sebiza pe,pri, biza algono pe laboro. I ́am busy with 

books  Mi biza pri,ko,pe, Mi arya pri bukoy,

but - do 

butt (of rifle, grip of pistol) kolbo

butter butro, butiro

butterfly papilyo, motilyo

button butuno

buy kof-es, xop-es 

buzz (hum) zumbes

by all means totya-mode, ca-moye - by means of - pe, (per-) vya, a

He pulled him by the ears. Li trekis li al aureloy. She picked up the suitcase by

 the handle. Qi levis le valiso al (a le) tyenijo.

by (done by) pe(r-),ferita pe, au,verkita di,(indicating agent after passive verb) 

le parentoy esta amata (amata-s) di sa enfoy: the parents are loved by their 

children; sendita pe Dio: sent by God; le murdo di Cesar pe Brutus: the murder

 of Caesar by Brutus; (authorship ) dramoy au Shakespeare: dramas by Shakespeare; 

(Verke di) au vi(vono) lo-s ta buko? By whom is that book?

by heart - membe, permembe, konfemembe, kanmembe

by (near)a, proke,(prokey),flanke-(in neighbourhood-i naubeyo,naube)baypax-es 

(also: pas, pasem = ago)  paskorses, baypas-es (also: pas, pasem = ago) 

by way of, vie  - per(e) di


cabaret kabareo

cabbage kaulo

cab, cabin - cabino,(horsedrawn) fyakro, (taxi) taksino, taksoyo

cable kablo

cage kajo, kavyo, prijuyo

cake kekso   I want to eat many cakes. Mi yameza molter keksoy 

calculate kalkol-es

calendar kalendero, almanako

calf kalfo

calf (of leg)  suro

call telephone, foni (phonecall - fontoko, -es)

call (ask to come) kanvok-es, come to pick up - P: prinvyenes, prinarives

telephone call - fontoko

calm kalma, kalm-es (to be calm) Kalmes!- Gently! P: Kal!

camera kamero

camp kampo,kampeyo, kampero,

camp teldero, teldeyo

campaign kampanyo, kampany-es

camper  kamperauto, kamperilo, kamper-um-es

campers kamperistoy, kampumistoy

can (be able) - puedes (-ed-), -ivles, kunedes 

can (tin) bokseto metall, kango, doso,-uyo (mess-tin - gamelo) 

cancel kanseli,(nullify)  bezer-es, elimines, BRE-, qites ko, a

cancer kancero

candle -kandelo

candy -karamelo, kando, sokrado, dulcado 

cannon - kanongo

canoe kanoyo (kanoo)

canton kantongo

canvas kanovaso

capable kaposibla,(how to make something), P:puedivla The company isn’t 

capable of handling an order that large. Le kompanio ne-s (kapivla) ivla 

(puedivla) mestres un ordeso te vasta (ampla).

capacious kapaksa    The most capacious iPod. Le plu kapaksa iPodo. 

capcise (of a boat)be overturned in the water.-kepsines, kepoveltes (kepenveltes)

cape kabo, promontoro,

capitulate kapitul-es

caprice kaprico , kaprica, kambe-muda

captain kepitano

captain-woman kepiteno

car auto, carto, auto-mobilo

carbine karabino

cardboard kartongo

care about - keres pri

care for (nurse) nurses, ker-es

care of, take,  P:anges ti, keres

care (attention) atento, ango, kero

care (concern) konzzern-es

care (protection) protekto (medically treat - kuro )

care (take c. of by physical acts) anges (algono, algo); (for the sick, infants)

 nurses, (be concerned, anxious about) keres (algono, algo); (to feel interest)

 atentes,tres(es) pe, take c.: Ker! Atentes! Voluntes reflektes, max ango 

pri; I do not care about it!.: mi ne kera pri to!, kyera, ama; deza, dezira.

care: (noun) ango; nurs(emp)o; kero; (attention) atento; (guardian-ship) 

respons-ezzo, gardo; careful: segardeza, ker-eza, atent-eza; prudenta; diligenta.

career: karyero (course of life) vivo, vivemo, vivdauremo; (trade, profession) 


carefree (happy-go-lucky, worry-free) fri-anga, sau-anga, fasilanima - leyanima, 


carefull  kera, pron-kera, kereza

careless: ne-ker-eza, neglekt-anta, -eza; mokera,

act of c.ness: ne-ker-ado, neglektado

caress karin-es, alt(e)-am-es, amortuktes, (each other) rensekarin-es

carpentery karpento, karpentio

carpenter karpentisto

carpet tapixo

carriage (railway) vagno,(vagono) (horse-drawn cart - karozzo, carto)

carrot karoto

carry port-es,by a vehicle-cart-es,(be)veh-es,cart,karozzo,vagno,carto

carry on (continual) continue, P:parem-es, kontines, prozzes(es)

frequent- freqenta(-EMes- from time to time) repeated action or process: 


cart karto, pruvokarto,  legitimkarto, bankokarto, postokarto

carton kartongo

cartoon kartuno

cartridge patruno, P:kartrido

cascade kaskado

case (container) bokso, kesto, kofro, (suffix) -uyo, porte-

case (instanse) kezo (po valga, ca kezo)

cash (coin) muniexo, groxo

cash (money) kaxo, munio

casino kasino

cassette kaseto

castle kastelo 

castling arokfo (chess - xako)

casual kasuala, kasuall, hazarda, fasilanima

cat gato

catacomb katakumbo

catapult katapulto -es, lank-es (lankes rakyeto)

catastrophe katastrofo

catch (capture) kept-i

category kategorio

Catholic katoliko

cattle bruto

cause (of an event) kauso, kauENSo

cause (v.) kaus-es, kauENSes, bekauses, produk-es

cautious kauta, kautyosa, selgardeza, atenteza, prudenta, Kaute!

cavalier kavelaryano, kavelaryo, kaveloro

cave qerno, groto

CD. disko

CD-ROM CD-ROMo (sidi-romo) (codo-romo) (cede-romo)

cease brek-es,(BRE-)  qit-es

cede (yield, give away) zzed-i Much of the territory along the border was ceded to 

the United States. Molto dil terdorio konfelonge le grento zzedita-s kal 

    (Sem)Uninta Statoy. (USo)

ceiling plafondo

celebrate celebr-es, fyest-es

celery selerino

celestial skyela, skyelarr, skyelestall

cell celo (cell phone - celfono, mobilo, mobijo)

cellar basmento, kelo

cellular cela, celera, celplenta

cemetery  cementerdo, tombeyo, tombero

cent cendo

centre centro

century centuro,centanyo, centemo

cereal grayno, ceryalo (rye - zekolo)

certain (a certain) alga, un, una, certuna -certain of somebody, something.

(particular people or things in a group)

There are certain things I just can't talk to my mother about.

Lo-s certuna kosoy vam simple mi ne pueda fales (ne faleda) ka ma matro.

certain (sure) certa, (to be c. -cert-es) certainly (for sure) certe

certifikate  certifik-es, certifikado

chagrin xagrino, (sorrow mixed with anger)(tr.,intr.)be out of humor (be vexed) 

(intr.) xagrines,P: despites;(grieve,suffer mentally) sorin-es, griv-es pri...

chain kadeyno, ceyno

chair sejo, sindijo, sindelo, sindUBLo  Porfavore bekantables le sejoy. 

chairlift sindel(o)lifto

challenge: (defy) deft-es; (milit.) klames “vi ga?!”  

challenge: (n.)  celeyno, defto, deftado, bedefto

challenge-cup: celeyno, trofeo-kaliko, pokalo

challenger: deft-anto, celeynanto

chamber cambro, rumo

chamberlain cambelano, cambrano

champion campono

change kambes(tr.)

chanse canso, evento, fortuno

chanse (unknown element) hazardo, risko 

chaos kaoso

chaotic kaosa, kaotika (When things are messy, crazy, and all over the place) 

pell-mell - pelo-melo, harum-skarum 

chap  P:hombro, homino, homo, mono, tono, tano, teno

chaperon dueno, akompeno, kumpeno, caperono 

chapter (of a book)  kepitelo 

character (quality) karakto, karaktezzo (-EZZO)

characterize: bekarakt-es, distines. 

characterization: bekarakto, distino

characteristic karakter-istik-a , karaktezza

charge karges

be in ch. of - estres, mestres, 

charm xarm-es, (grasyo)

chart, diagram

charter cartero

chase yakt-es, -o

chaste (pure, vestal) casta, virtusa

chat - cato, cat-es, chat room cateyo, cat-rumo. Welcome to the chat thread! 

This week´s chat thread has no theme - talk about anything! 

Saluto ti bunvyeno kal blabeya (cateya) trido. Le trido di ta viko esta sautemata. 

Paroles pri valgo!

cheap - bilga, mokara, baspraza, dultepraza

cheat (swindle) fraud-es, frip-es (!) frip-on-o , fraudono -swindler

check (test) kontrol-es, -o, test-es

check in incek-es

check (bank's) ceko

cheek - vango

cheep pep-es

cheese - cizo, keso

chemise xemiso, kamiselo

cheque ceko

cherrio Saluto

cherry - ceriso

chess xako,   xakpartido

chest torako, busto

chew (masticate) mestik-es 

chicken galo, kokito (chicken meat in general) kokado,(meat of young chicken) 


chickpea garbanzo, cizzoro

chief xefo, -a , xefano, xefeno,

chief (main) prinsipa, cefa, cef-, primergrava, (le)plu importa

child - enfo, puo, bambo = puono (also: filo e dotro) baby - bebo

little boy - puano, garseto, enfano, little girl - pueno, enfeneto

childhood - enfemo, puemo

childish - enfezza, puezza (enfezzado)

childlike  enfa, pua (enfall, puall)

chimney komino, fumtubo

chimpanzee cimpanzo

chin mentongo , barbilo

China Cino,Cinio  

Chinese Ciniono

chip cipo

chips (fries) cipsoy

chirp cirp-es (insects, birds) fogl-ek-o, insekt-ek-o 

chocolate - cokolo

choice (n.) opto, elektino, alternative - alternato, alternado

choose valtes, elektin-es, selektin-es, preselektin-es, 

chop hak-es

chop-sticks - qayzo, haxio

Christmas Eve  Vigiliemo

church (building) kirko, prekteyo

Church Eklezio, also: Kirko

cigar cigareo

cigarette cigareto

cinema kino, kinematografo - kineyo, kinematografio, kinemato

cinical cinika, cinikall

cipher (code) xifro (sekreta xifro, bexifr-es mes(aj)o) 

circle cirkolo

circular(round) ronda , cirkolarr, ciforma

circulate cirkol-es, cir-mob-es, cirk-ob-es, cir-korses 

circumstanse ci(rke)stanso, konsito , rondostanso 

circus cirko, cirkuso

city, town - cito, citoyo, urbo,

citizen citono, urbono, statono, loktanto, loktaryo

civil civilono (citono ne militista) 

civilisation civiliso, civilisio

civilise becivilis-es

claim (assert) asert-es, Some people claim 'it's just a joke'. Certuna hominoy 

aserta, ke to-s solme joko.

claim (lay claim to) pretenzz-es 

clandestine kland(est)a, sekreta, kripta

clap klap-es, klak-es (pe polmoy)

clarify - be-klar-es

class (all senses) klaso

classroom klaseyo

clay argilo

clean  pura, bepur-es

clear (adj.)klara (evident) evidenta

clench klenc-es, konpres(es)

clever kleva, sprita, ibvla, smarta, fasilmoba

click klik-es (mausklikes-(maus-es)- to click with a mouse,

(move or strike with a noise - mobes alte frapes ko bruso)

He clicked on the light. P: Li (in)klikis le lumino. (lukso)

client kliento

climate klimo - weather - klimo, meteo

climb klimb-es, mont-es, eskal(t)-es (intr.) (by stairs, by ladder)

clip tond-es, klip-es pe cisoro, cisor-es

clique klikio, P: klikfo

cloak mantelo, cloak-room kleudeyo

cloche kloxo

clock klokijo (watch), tempijo, klokORo (bigger) klokilo

clockwise deksen, deksaflanken, konfekloke

clod (lump) bulo (bulo di kara metalo) lumpo

clone kloni

close to  proke, proke ka, prokey 

close (nearby) proka, ye-

close (v.) (shut) klos-es ( klefes - kloses pe klefo)

clasp klaspo,agrafo(hook-hoko)(for fastening things together)klaspes,agrafes,hokes

cloth (piece of) tuko

cloth (woven fabric) stofo

clothes klado, kladoy, 

take off clothes - (si-klades,  negl-es, nakn-es, ses(tes) nakna. kfit(es) le 

kleudoy. Far kol kladoy!

cloud klaudo, gran klaudo - nebuloso

clown klauno

club (society) klubo

club klabo,bastongo

clue kluo, indiso

clumsy P:klamsa, plumpa

cluster klustero, masio, P: amazo, komolo, komolado

coal karbo, karb-um-o

coalition koalido, koalid-es

coast (shore) (sea and river) strando, (mar)xoro, at river: rivajo (riveyo) 

coat (covering) kovrado

coat (overcoat) mantelo,surtuto,kapoto - overcoat,storm or heavy coat

coat rack porte-mantelo

cockroach kakrauco,blato

cocktail kokteylo

code kodo, kod-es

coffee kafo

coffer kofro

coffin kofino, cerko (fino il kofino)

cog (cogwheel) kogo, kogroto

cohesion sekontyeno, kontyenezzo, P: konheso

cohort kohordo, hordo

coin monexo, (pekun-ex-o) P: moneto

coincide koinsid-es

cold (adj.) kolda, molte kolda = friga (koldoda)

collapse kolapses

collar krago

colleague kolego

collect saml-es, kolekses, konprin-es, 

collection kolekso, koleksuro, samlo, -ero P: koner-es

collective kolekso, koleksio, koleks-al-o,P: konero 

college kolegio

collide kolid-es

colloquial parola, kolloqiall

collusion koludo,to be in = kolud-es, koludag-es. Journalists suspected that the 

army was acting in collusion with the terrorists.

Jornalistoy suspekti ke-l armio koludagi (lo agi i koludio, kolude) ko-l 


colonel kolonelo

colony kolonio

colonize bekoloni-al-es, koloni-es (koloni-al-ist-o) - kolon(i)isto

colossal kolosa, kolosall, mega, granoda

colour koloro, farbo, be-kolor-es, -ofarba, -okolora, 

column kolumno

coma komatoso

comb - kumb-es (pe kumbijo)

comb - (on animals) kresto, pektino

combat borb-es, kontrebatal-es, kontrebatr-es

combine komb-es, kombines

come vyen-es,ariv-es, kanvyen-es come back -renvyenes,Vyen!come here!- Vyen 

tey(en)! come on! So go!  Lo vyenis centren (ka) ma kepo felica ideo.

comedy - komedyo

comfort (n.) komforto komforteblo, oportuna I don't feel comfortable talking about 

this topic. Can we discuss something else? Mi ne syensa KOMFORTE po fales pri to.

Da mu tokeda pri algo otra? (algotra)

comfortable komfortebla

comic (adj.) komika; komedyall

comma kommo

command imper-es, komand-es, ordun-(es)

comment on koment-es (tr.) komento

commerce komerso

commission komisyo (commissar - komisyaryo)

common (belonging to several) komuna, konia, kona

Anglie:"What we have in common is that we are all different from each other."
Atlango: ”To,vam mu-x
kone,to-s ke mu conoy difra un-fardel-otra."

Esperanto: "Tio,kion ni havas kune,estas ke ni c^iuj estas diferencaj unuj de la aliaj."

Fransie:"Ce que nous avons en commun est que nous sommes tous différents l'un de l'autre".

common (ordinary) ordinala

commonly ordinale, norme, normale

commonplace banala, banall

communicate komunik-es

community konio, komunio (koleksivio) komunizo, konizo 

communion santya komunyo

companion kumpo, kumpono, kumpano, kumpeno.

companion (business or military) kompanyono. (company - business or 


company - kompanio , kumpanio (kumpero)

compare konpyar-es, qal-egales, bemyeres, semyeres ko... ka...

compass - kompaso, busolo

compassion - konpato, pronkonsyento, -um-es, konsyento,-es 

compel bedab-es

compete  kompetides,(in sport: campes) konkorses, kompetent-es , P: konkurent-es 

competition - kompetido,  (in sport: campo, sportado, sport-evento)

 konkorso, konkurento, kompetento,

compile kompiles

complain klages, grumbles, qeces

complaint klago

complete kompleta, komplet-es, ,integra, P: konplenta

complicate komplik-es

compose  kompos-es

composer komposaryono, komposisto,

composition -komposado

computer - komputijo, komputoro, (KOMPO, datoro) A tablet computer, or

 simply TABLET,is a one-piece mobile computer. Taula komputoro, alte simple 


computer science komputiko, komputio

comrade kamro, kamrato, kumpono

conceal -conceles

concentrate koncentres

concept koncepto

concern (relate to) konzzern-es, -o, -ala, ri (algo, algono) 

concerning (about) ti, rilate ka,) to  temata ti ... - It is be about...

conch konko

concise koncisa

conclude konklid-es, P: konklum-es

conclusion konklido P: konklumo

concrete (building material) betongo

condemn kondamnes

condition (mentally and medically)kondido, syenso, bunsyenso, malsyenso

  Ve tu (homino, bestyo-animalo) syensa (standa)?

condition (state) kondizzo, stenso

  Ve to (koso, situenzo) stensa? Ve lo ga? 

condition kondo,  Vakonde?

condolence - kondolento, express one ́s condolentes to - kondolent-es (ka) algono 

conduct dukt-es,(gvides, dires, direntes) electric c. - duks-es

conductor (electr.) -dukso, duksijo, duksilo

confess konqes, konqes!

confidence konfido

confide konfides, trust-es

confirm konfirm-es, rencert-es

confuse (in one's mind) konfyun-es

confuse bekonfyun-es

congeal konjel-es, sefirmid-es, sekoagules

congratulate kongrat-es, kongrat-es, Grate! Kongratoy!

conjecture (make guesses) konyektes 

conjunction (in gramm. or astronomy) konyunkto

connect konekt-es

connection konekto, yunto, beyunto, (also: teleyunto)

connoisseur - kunesaryono, kunaryono

conquer konqistes

conqueror konqististo, konqistatoro

conscience (moral sense) konxenzo (Polish: sumienie)

I have battled with my conscience over whether I should send this letter or not. 

  Mi fayti ko ma konxenzo da mi sendes ta brifo alte ne. 

conscious, be c. of - estes kuns(i)a pri..., kuns-es   Mi(-s) kunsa pri to.

consciousness kunso, kunsio, kunsiezzo. Mi-x kunsiezzo pri to.

consent  akord-es, Akordo!, akorde, Akordite! Mi akorda. -I agree! 

consequence konseqo, seqo

consequent seqa, konseqe

consider koncid-es, betrakt-es, qalpans(es), qal-es

consist konsist-es, it consists of… -To konsista de…

consistency konsistezzo, konsistanso

console konzolo

conspire - konspir-es

conspiration - konspiro

constantly konstante, parem, partempe, (pa tempo) wibreke, permanente

constellation - konstelero

consternation - konsterno, sekonsternes, (setroblo)

constitute (compose) konstitut-es

constitution konstituto

construct konstru-es, bild-es

construction konstruo

constructive konstruIVLA

consult konsult-es

consume (use up) kons(um)-es, kons-es (eat - yam-es)

contempt mo-estimid-es, biestimides, MOprezz-es, biprezz-es

contact (be in touch) kontakt-es (ko), -o

contain kontyen-es, intyen-es, inmax-es, inklos-es 

content(ed) kontenta

content(s) kontyenado, kontyeno, inmaxo, inklosado, the books content -  inmaxo, 

kontyeno di buko

continue par-es,(intr.) kontines, prozzes, 

continuous kontina, parema, parem

contrary kontre, kontrADe, kontremode, On the contrary - a kontro, mo-mode

contribute kontribut-es

control (regulate) kontrol-es, regl-es, -o

convenient P: komoda, oportuna,(adekfata, konvyena) 

convention konvyenzzo, kongreso

conventional konvyenzzall, haba, xablona

conversation konverzo,toko, (inter)parolo, konfalo, rensefalo, dyalogo

converse konverz-es, tokes ti…,parol-es,interparoles, disputes, diskurses, dyaloges

conversion transformeso, konverto

convince (tr.) konvin-es, persfad-es 

convincible konvinebla - konvinivla

convoy konvoyo -um-es

convulsion konvulso -es

canyon kanyongo

coo grukoles (kolomboy - kolombEKes)

cook kuq-es, -isto (boil - kukt-es)

cookie bisqido, keko

cool freska

cool supera, bunoda, moyosa (from Esperanto: MJS) Bomball! P: vyolbuna!

cool (v.)  befreskes

cooperate kooperates,konoperat-es, konakt-es

cooperative kooperatizo

coordination konordo, konordeso

copper kupro

copulate kopulat-es, koyt-es, seksum-es

copy (imitate) imit-es

copy (make a copy of) (be)kopy-es, (kopy(al)isto) 

copy (specimen) esempl-ad -o, kopyo, kopyado

coquette koket-en-o, koket-es

coquetre P:koket-ob-o, koketeso

cordial totyakore, grankore

cord kordo (in instrument)

cork korko

corkscrew   korkabrijo

corner (n.)  angolo, vinklo, sport: kornero

corporation korporo, korporizo

corpse kadavro, nekro

correct (right, proper)  (fair - justa)

correct (without error) korekta, -end-es

correlate korilates, 

correlation korilato, korilatezzo

correspond (all senses) korespond-i

corrugated ruga, rugyosa

corrupt korupta, -es

cortege (procession) kortego

cosmetic kosmeo, kosmetiko, byutado

cosmetology kosmetiko, kosmetologio

cosmetitian kosmeisto, byutisto

cosmos kosmo

cost kost-es It´s expensive - To moltekosta

costume kostyumo, (klado) eleganta kostyumo

cosy (cozy) euheyma P: kyosa

cottage dometo (rurall) kotajo, daceyo

cotton kotongo, P: kotino

couch sofo, kanapo

cough hust-es,  hus!hus!

Count (Earl)Grafano, Komtiano, Magnato, Baruno, Lordo

count (add up) kont-es, kalkol-es, numbr-es, komput-es, (tr.) diskontes

count on kalkoles su, kontes su

count down  dulnumbr-es

counterblast riposto, P:kontrago, kontragando

country (land) lando

countryside kantreyo, ruro, kampeyo, kampero

county komtio

couple pyaro, duoplo, duo

coupon kupongo

courage bravo, bravezzo

court (royal household) roydomo, royalo, kurteso, kurteyo

court (of law) kurto, tribunalo, yureyo,

courteous: (in manners) kortesa; (in character) jentila; (amiable) amabla, amebla, 


courtesy: (bow) korteso, reverent-o (v.) -i; (manners) jentil-ezzo, -ado (act); 

(favour) favor-o amik-all.

courtesan kurteseno, kurtes-amyeno - amor-(seld-)ist-eno.

courtyard yardo, patyo, (skol-yardo, ferm-yardo)

cousin kuzo, kuzino 

cover kovr-es, kovr-ijo, tapiso, (tapis-es)

cow bofo, bofeno

coward - kouardo,

cow-boy bofaryono, kawboyo , kauboyo

cower skates(1.Sindi sul kalksoy (kaures) ti seferes (sestes) le plu mikra: le 

mofelica pueno skati i angolo dil cambro. 

2.le tigro skum-skati il skalta herboy.) 

crab krabo

crackle krak-es, kraketes

cradle - lultilo (lultublo su balankiloy) P:lulbayb-es,(lullaby -a quiet 

song to send a child to sleep.)

craft (trade) krafto

craftsman kraftisto

crane (mechanics) krano, kranealo, (ornit.) - kraneo, gruzo (Megalornis grus)

crash kraxo, dezastro

craul (creep) kraul-es 

crazy (mad) fola, P:loqa

cream kremo

create kre-es, kre- (kre-atero, kre-skritisto) verkes (kreferes) art-es

creative kreivla, krepueda, kreeda, art-eda

credence kredo

credible kredabla

creep (craul) kraul-es

crest kresto

crew ekipo

cricket kriko

crime krimino

crimson karmesino/a

criterion kritero

cross (n.) kruzo

cross - kroses, transe-ges, krose-ges. krosavoyo, voykroseyo

cross eyed -straba, krosokula, krosokla

cross-road kroseyo,voykroso, 

crosswise krose, (krosfluto)

crowd kraudo ,suermo, maso

crown kruno (coronation - bekruneso) coronate - be-krun-es, bekruno

crucify kruz-um-es, 

cruel krudela

crusade kruzmilito

crush (squeeze) aplastes, klemes, kraxes ( in to pieces ) diskrax-es, disebatr-es

crush (in accident) kraks-es, krax-es (also about computer) 

crusty krusta

cry (cry out) klames, vokes - shout - xautes, sharp cry - xriko

cry (weep) pyores

cuddle to, kokl-es (hug closely)

culinary art - kuktio, kuktarto, kuqarto, kulinarto, arto kulinarr,

cult kultio 

cult ( n. system of religious rituals; extreme religious sect - kulteo,)

cultivate(soil,arts,acquaint.,mind etc.)kultur-es(for profit) 


cunning  astusa (skum-ivla, skum-aga)

cup (for drinking) tas-o, kaliko (di vino) (trophy) - pokalo (challenge cup)

celeyno - sporta calanjo; (communion, also calyx) kaliko; coffee c.: kaftaso; cup 

of coffee: taso di kafo

cupboard skafo, kredenzzo, bufeo

curb kerbo, mord(ad)oceyno, also: kerb (US:curbstone)

(to keep somebody under discipline -prines i kerbo - inkerbendes)

curiosity - cudo, cudezzo, cudado. (to be curious - kunezes,tres-es pri,da?)

curl buklo

currant groselo ruja groselo, nigra groselo (smorodino)

currency muno, P: geldo

current (n) kurento, kurent-es  (a current can be a flow of water, electricity, or


current (existing now) kurenta, aktua, aktuall, aktuema

currently kurente, aktue, aktuall, aktuem, kurentem

cursor kursoro, korsoro

curtain (drape) kurtino

curve korbo, korbeyo, -end-es, virajo, -es, voykorbo, korbeyo,P:gir-es, turn 

right,left - turnes deksen,lefen,  korbes deksen,lefen, ster(es) deksen, 

lefen,deks-en-g-es, lef-en-g-es

curved (adj.) korba, benta

cushion kuxino

custom habo,(tradisa habo), P:habido, rutino

customer kofanto, kofaryono, kliento

cut klip-es,(cut out) Klip!,klipes,trank-es pe klipijo, tondes- pe cisoro,tondijo)  

skalp-es, tayles = cut (diamond) cut out (garment)

cute lavla, plesenda, karina, kokeut(um)a, kokeut-al-a

cybernetics cibernetiko, ciber-

cyclone ciklongo

cyclotron ciklotro, ciklotroneo

cynicism cinikizmo

cypher (digit, figure) 1, 2… sifro


daily cadyema, dyemall, jornall

dam damelo (damselo - young woman)

damage (harm in any way) skad-es, difektendes, it is a pity - Skade! Vezza skado!

damn! Damno!

damsel sioreneto, damselo

danse dans-es, -o

danger danjero P: dRanjero, DRA-

dangle - dang-es, pend-ALG-es (BAU-pend-es)

dare (be bold enough) defes, der-es. How dare you! -Ve tu dera!

dark (adj.) dunk, skura, molumina, 

dark(ness) (lit.) dunko, skuro, molumino 

dart dardo (pointed missile) stingo - (weapon of insects)

data datemo

data (computer) dato

database datumbazo

date n daktilo

1 the fruit of the date palm. 2 short for date palm. (daktilarbo)

date deyto,-es (deyt-ob-es) an appointment for a particular time, esp with a person

 to whom one is romantically attached: He has a dinner date.  Hi-x dyemeda deyto. 

daughter dotro

dawn daylight - sedyemo, solskalo

day (24 hours) - dyemo, jornonoktemo, cirklokemo (around a clock) dutoskfaremo

day (daytime) -do, dyemo, (jorno - daylight).  Good day! = Bun Dyemo! Bun jorno!

day-dream drimo, drim-es, Imago di befelica, dezirata aferoy. Ma drimo-s eble 


day-dreamer drimono, drimanto, drimaryono, 

daybreak dyemsesto, sejorneso, jornosesto, komdyemo, komjorno

dazzle dazles,-o, blind-um-es

dead mortinta, morta, sauviva, selmurdanto 

   Le mortontoy saluta tu - Latin: Moriture te salutant.

deaf sorda

deal with  betrakti, afer-es ko, pe, traktes ti,  temates..., konzzern-es. The 

book deals with Polish art” Le buko betrakta (konzzerna, temata) Polonia arto. Le 

buko P: pri-tokta Polonia arto. (pritraktes)

“To deal with each problem in turn” - Betraktes ca problemato il seqo. (konseqe)

dear (beloved) xera

dear (costly) kara, mol(te)kosta, kostaxa, 

death morto

debate dibato, -es, dibates ti

debouch(ery) -(live loosely) deboces, -o , birb-es

debris -the broken pieces - debriso, restetoy, fragmentoy,

debt (owing) debo,skuldo,skuldes

debt (thing owed) debado, skuldo

debut debiutes, debiutanto

decade dest-any(em)o

decadent dekadanto, dekadono (dekad-es) dekadenzo, kadukemo

decay dekad-es, kaduk-es (to decline in excellence, prosperity, health.deteriorate)  

deceive fraud-es,tromp-es

December decembro

decide decim-es (tr./intr)+IMes,I decided to try it again. Mi decimis nuve prub-es 

to. Li nuve prubimis to.

decipher - renkodes, bixifres, dexifres

decision decimo, decimado. It´s your decision - To-s tua decimo. It was a bit of a snap decision - To esti pokte pluke rapa (pluke bliksa) decimo. We have decided to go there. - Mu gIMis tren. Mu decimis (po) ges tren.

deck - bordo

declaim -deklamer-es

declare - deklarakt-es,

declaration - deklarakto

decorate: dekorin-es (ornament-es; be-bel-es, bedekorin-es)

decoration dekorino

decrease diminut-es, -o, mokres, bemokres-es, bedules, dul(en)-ges, redukt-es

decrepit kaduka

dedicate dedikt-es 

deep (profound) funda, fundo, fundeyo, sefundes

deer cervo, young deer - cerv-yuno.

de facto: fate, aktuala,aktuall, eksist-anta

defeat (overcome) (tr/intr) venk-es, -o

defecate fekal-es, den-fekal-es

defect defauto, mankamento

defend defent-es , sel-defento

define definides

definition definido; (explanation) esplik-o; (clearness) klar-endo

defy (challenge) defyentes, (i sporto: calanjes,) celeynes, mejures

degree (measure or academic) grado

deign degn-es (bun-voluntes)

delay, make late - tard-es

delete  wif(er)es, far-prin-es, 

delicate delikata

delicious delika

delight  deliso, ravo, seravo, pleso, plesuro, mervelo,

delight (to delight someone with something) Delises algono pa algo, Raves algono 

delirious delira

deliver (goods, etc) livr-es

deluge deluvo

demand  postules, reqes,  frag-es P: ask-es

demejure mejure (ka)

dementia demenzzo ( ne: demento!)

demolish demol-es, destrukt-es

demonstrate demonstr-es

dense denzza

deny neges

depart (de) - denpuartes

departure denpuarto, moarivo

department -departamento, sekzzo, sektoro

depend depend-es (ye)

deposit depozites, depondes

deprave depraves

depression depresyo, depresuro, deprimido

deprive (strip) BI- ( get rid of - SIM- simfer-es)  Bi- bimaxes,

 Arboy bifer-ita di (a) folyoy pe vyento. Arboy bifolya pe vyento.

deride - mok-es, Fes algono ridABLa. 

derision  mokeso

derisive moka, mokall, mokeza

derive denvyenes, fardenvyenes 

descend (go down) deskendes, dulenges, sedules, dulklimb-es, dulpases, (kan)dulges.

descendant (offspring) deskendono, deskendinto pos-on-o, fardenvyen-on-o, gatYUNo 

 (a kitten); -YUN- (for animals and plants) royENFo, royINIDo (a prince, (prinso);

 arbyuno (a sapling, from 'tree'); INIDaryo (a clan,tribe,with-aryo)Karolo-

 Karolyunoy, Karolposonoy. Karol-INID-oy = dinastio fondita di Karolo le Grana.

 Latino - Latin-INIDa lingvo = lingvo, va (farden)vyena de Latino. 

describe beskrites

desert (wilderness - vildeyo) sahro , dexerto

deserve merit-es, P:densirv-es

design desino, desin-es, (in graphic art: dizayno, dizayn-es)

desire deziro, dezidero, dezodo, dezires = dezideres

desk (for reading, etc.) desko, pupitro

desolate dezoles (devasted) devastes; (afflict) dezoles; (depopulate

 bi-popol-es; (adj.) dezol-ata; ne-habit-ata; devast-ita; ruin-ita.

despair despero, moespero, sauespero

desperado desperono, "desperado" bandito, sauesperono

desperate desperes,sauespere

dessert deserto (served as the final course of a meal)

destiny destino, fatalo, suerto. Bad luck -malsuerto, molako

destroy destrukt-es,  krax-es (tr./intr.)

detach zeperes (algono farde algo)(put apart) moliges

detached zeperita, izolita, aparta

detachment separation - zepereso, zeperezzo, Milit: detacmento, fardenzepero

detail detalo (pexo -EX-o)

detain dityenes, halt-es (sem halt-es kontre ) bimobes

detect mokovres, troves

detective detektaryono, P:detektivo

determine determina, alte (agi ko determino)

detonate esplod-es , beesplodes P: beke-esplodes

detour bayvoyo, bayveheyo

develop (intr.) sedisevolves, develop-es , bedevelop-es

devile dyablo  Po ca dyabloy! Po dyablo! Dyable! Vom, dyable, tu surmaxa? What the 

heck are you wearing?

devour vur-es

dew roso

dial disko , disk-es, sifrotaulo

dialect dyalekto

dialogue dyalogo, (converse) dyalog-es, konverz-es

diamond dyamento 

diaper  dyapro

diarrhorea lakseo

diary dyembuko

dictate diktates

dictator diktatoro, diktataryo

dictionary -vortero, diksyonero, vortobuko

die (v.) mort-es , Po mortes algem tu fate dabo. Le hundo morta - The dog is dying.

diet dyeto

differ difr-es (to be not the same) semdifr-es, estes mo-identa.

difference difro, difrento (between)(also math.) difro; difrezzo, kontrasto, 

ne-simil-ezzo, konflikto, distino); pay the d.: bekompletes le sumo; it makes no

 d.: to-s (totye) indiferenta.

difficult mofasila, zora, stakla. Na problemato (probo) esta pluke zora po li. 

No sort of problem is too difficult for him. It's difficult for me to understand 

when you speak very fast. Mi ZORkapa vem tu fala molte rape.

diffuse (unclear) difyuna

dig foses infoses, den-foses, 

digest digerstes

digest dijesto , resumo, kompendyo

digit sifro

digital digitala, sifra, sifrala,-all

dignity digno

dignitary dignitaryo, skaltrangono

dilemma dilemato

diligent diligenta

dilute diluta, dilut-es

dimention dyamenzzo, dyamenzzio

dinner lanco, dyemyamo - cefyamo – d-yamo

diode diodo

dioxide dioksido

dip drenkes He was drenched by the rain-Li drenkitas pel pyuvo. Li drenkis pyuve.

diploma diplomo

diplomacy diplomatiko, diplomatio, diplomatezzo

diplomat  ”diplomato”, diplomatikisto, diplomatikaryono

direct (control) direkt-es, admines, adminestres

direct (not indirect) direkta, rekta

direct to  - dir-es ka, dires auto 

directing rejiso,rejisores,film directing-filmrejiso (filmrejisoro, filmdirektoro)

direction (control) direkto,

direction (line) diro, dirento, dirent-es,dir-es, dire ka,-en,I va dirento? 

Va-dirente? Ven tu ga?

directive direkt-ur-o, direkt-ad-o

director direktoro, P:aldo, direktisto, menajoro, menajaryono,

filmdirector - film-rejisaryo, filmdirektoro,P: rejisto 

dirt (mud, mire, grime) derto, mopuro, sujo, fanko

dirty derta, mopura, fuya, fuy- (fuyaca)

disable  moivla

disappear moaperes, farperes

disappoint disapond-es, deludes algono, biiluz-es algono, siiluz-es, frustr-es, 

disappointment disapondo, disiluzo, frustro. 

disaster dizastro, plago

discern - dicern-es, P: disting-es

discipline disiplin-es, -o

discomfort  diskomforto, mokomforto, embaraso

discover diskovres, bikovres, renkovr-es, fardenkovres

discuss diskuses, dispyut-es, polemik-es

disgust nauzo

dish (container) plado, dixo, -UY-o

dish (course, meal)-  dixo, yamo, -YAMADO

dishonest dishonesta, fraud-ez-a, mohonesta

dispatch sped-es

disperse  be-dis-es, dispeld-es, disprid-es, disevergent-es (lumino, okloy)

display displeyo, skrino, vizioro P: prezijo, prez-or-o,

dispose - dispor-es, 

disposition - 1.disporo,(dispores pe mi - I am in your service)

 2. disporo (predisporo po, ka) Li maxa grana disporo pol muziko. Le disporoy 

 divyena del genotipo.

dispute dispyut-es 

disorder – desordo

distance (measure) disto,distezzo. Ver ta disto myera? Verdistezza to-s? 

 afar -yefare

distant fara, dista, afar - yefare

distinguish disting-es,  dicern-es de(farde) 

distinguished (gran)distinga, eminenta 

distract distrakt-es 

distribute distribut-es

district distrikto

disturb distrobl-es, betrobles,

disturbance distroblo, troblo, tumulto

dive plong-es

diverge to, diverg-es (de) Divergo di opinoy. (Ant.: konverg-es) 

diverse (various) difersa, varia

diversity diferso, difersezzo, vario

divide divid-es, sekzz-es, bedispart-es

divination diveneso, (diven-es) augeso, augado, Li-s augeno. P: -aug-, malauga - of 

ill omen

division (military) divizio, diviziono, as section - departamento, sekzzo, divido

do not - ne

do (act) ag-es ,agandes, do (be well or ill) stand-es,(e.g. Ve tu standa?)

Ve tu syensa?) 

do (something) feres,fes, I want you to know that I am not doing this for you.

Mi dezu ke tu kunes, ke mi ne fenda to po tu. ( Mi dezu tu kunes, ke mi…)

do (to make) fer-es, (to act) ag-es, agandes; (be in a state of health) stens; (be suitable) konvyen-es; (to cause someone to do something) fer-es; to do good to: bun-feres ka (algono); to do evil: malferes; to do again: ren-feres; to have to do with: (have relations with) rilates,to do with: (concern) konzzernes; to do nothing: feres no, nado; to do something: (indefinate object)  feres, fes algo; (definite object)fes alga kosado;it is as good as done:to-s proke kan-fin-ita,  what is done cannot be undone: Unu ne pueda renferes (fardenferes) to vo ferita-s.; to do no work on Monday: ne-labores lyundyem,P: comes lyunde; did you speak? Da tu paroli, fali?; how do you do? Ve tu (standa) syensa?;  I do listen: (emphatic) mi fate olta; I did write: (emphatic) mi fate skritis; do come! Go vyen!; that will never do: to totye ne basta; do as you please: feres konfe tua dezo; I do not care to go: mi ne g-eza; to do good business: feres buna bizneso. He does not know what to do: li ne kuna vom feres.there is much to do:Lo-s molto di pore-fero(y);a do-nothing:nom-fer-anto

docile docila, obideza, kontrolebla

dock doko

doctor (physician) doktoro, kuristo

document dokumyento P: -UMYENTO P: - URo?

dog hundo

doll figurino, munyeko,P: lalo, marioneto, P: homeko

domain dominio (-io) roydominio - kingdom

dominate domines (also: domines Atlango)

donkey asno, hinny - mulasno

donation daro, bedaro 

door pordo

doorstep pordostupo, P:spalo, also: fernovoya spalo

dose doso

dossier dosyero

double duopla,(dupla)

doubt skeptes ti, daub-es  Doubt is unpleasant, but certainty is ridiculous - 

(Voltaire) Daubo esta moplesa, do certezzo esta ridabla. be-kom-rida, ridvokta

doubtful skepta,skeptoplenta,skepteza,daubeza

doubtless sauskepte, saudaube

douche dux-es

dough pasto

down (adv.) dule, infre; (with motion) dul! dulen!; (underneath) sub, -e, -a; go 

(down: dul(en), dulteduley)  dules (dulges)- go down, (skales (skalges) - go up,) 

Solskalo, - sunrise, sunup  Soldulo - sundown, sunset

down: dules,d. with: Far! Apages!(to dogs) Kam(es) tu! up and d.:skal ti dul,

skalen-dulen,(sobren ti infren)

dowry dovro (endow - dovr-es)

draft skiso, proyekto, drafto 

dragon drako, drakono

drain dreyno

drape drapo

drastic drasta, drastika

draw (water etc.) cerp-es, (by mouth) haust-es (out-of-print -decerpita)

draw (as with a pencil) desin-es , pikt-es, kray-es (perkrayes, krayag-es), Can you 

draw me a map of how to get there? Da Tu pikteda po mi mapo ve mi ges tren?  

drawer xovl-ad-o

drawing pikto, -uro, pikt-ad-o, desino, desinado

dread - dreda

dreadful dreda, horida, terora, temora, temoryosa, paurovokta, dredvokta

dream (when sleep) - somno, (daydream - drimo, drim-es pri, iluzo, seiluzo) 

dress klades (sem) robo - woman´s dress 

drill boro,(borijo),perforijo(make a hole,bor-es,-perfor-es,betruv-es,bekav-es)

drink (v) drink-es, (bedrink-es = bevr-es) drinki alkoholo - trunkes

Mi trunka po (pro) sanido tua - I drink to your health. Emphatic: Pol sano Tusta! 

drive (travel in, by a vehicle) veh-es, gandes (g-es)

drive (propel) peld-es, bepeld-es

driver xofaro,konduktisto, duktanto, drive a car -duktes (ster-es) auto,(par)aut-es

drone drono, fligroboto, saupilota aviono 

drop (fall) kyad-es (intr.), -o, drop-es, aqodrop-es  -to drop by water)

drop (of liquid)dropo(drop of water -aq-(ikul-o)drop by drop - perdrope

droplet dropeto, dropikulo

dropper dropijo

drought sekno, seknezzo, seknemo

drown dronk-es (tr.) algo, sedronkes

drowsy, to be sleepy -somn-es, dorm-ez-es, komdorm-es

drudgery sirvuto, zora laboro, sklavlaboro, zora sirvo

drum P: drumo, tamburo, tambur-es

drunken - trunka, fultrunka (trunk-es - to get drunk)

drunkenness -trunko, trunkezzo (with alcohol)

dry sekna, -es, mohumida, besekn-es

duchy dukio, duklando

due to - kauense di, ye

Duke Dyuko

dull  dumeta

dumb sauvoca (without a voice)

dump damp-es (sounds) bivoc-es

dune  dyuno   sabodyuno, snovdyuno

dung dungo, myerdo, eskremento, fekalo

durable durivla, parivla, parebla

duration duro, dureso, paremo, kortedura, longedura, dur!

during  dure(m), yem - yetempe, partempe, Il paremo di…, il duro di… konfem, 

for a moment-poktem , pokteme

dust dasto, pulvo, polino, flora polino

duty - dabo, plikto

be on duty - dejor-es, plikt-es, feres plikto, beplentes(fules)plikto,fulpliktes

dwarf - dvorfo, koboldo, goblo  

dynasty dinastio


each singla, cono, ca, cado

each other RENSE- (reciprocally) renseprokall, RENSEPROKE, un kal otra

eagle agvilo

ear aurelo

early tempre,vreme vrem- motarde (vremo - matino - morning)

 Early mornings and late afternoons have been the most produktive times.

Tempra matinoy ti tarda suaroy esta le plu produkapta (produkara, beproduka)tempoy.

earlier antem, pli antem, pli tempre, preseqem

earn perlabor-es (by working)

earn ern-es, perlabor-es,(pe laboro, sirvo, konduto ti ago) - fiks-es 

earth terdo, geo, geo-, grondo

earthquake terdoxoto, sismo. 

easel staflo, trinpyedo

east istyo, oriento

Easter pasko(-fyesto); fyesto-pasko; ( Ovo paskall.)

easy fasila, leyta (ne zora) ley-, ley-moba, ley-anima

eat yam-es, kons(um)-es, vrem-yamo (breakfast) dinner - dyamo, 

supper - suar-yamo - tardyamo

I eat when I am hungry - Mi yama (konsa) veme mi foma. She ate dinner last night at five -Li dyami timpe tarde al pena. We will eat lunch tomorrow at noon - Mu-x lunco tompe meridyeme.

ebb (tide) refluxo; marmobo, marOBo, ebb and flow (ebno, mareo): (incoming) fluxo, kanfluvo; 

(ebbing) refluxo; mareo, farfluo, defluo

ebonite eburnito, (ebonito) 

ebony -eburno (legno) (tree) eburn-arbo

ecology ekologyo, ekologio 

echo eho

ecstasy estasio

eczema eksemio,(Atopic dermatitis is an itchy inflammation of skin.)

edge (border) grento, rendo, enjo

edible yamebla

edit edit-es, redakt-es 

edition edito, editado, 

editor editaryono, editanto 

educate eduk-es 

educated -edukita,(dokta),granedukita,instruita

education eduko, edukio

eel angvelo

effect efekto, impression produced,(efekta, efekted-a, efektivla, efektyosa- 


effect (result) rezulto, -URo

effective reala, fata, verda, verdefata

efficacious to be, eficent-es

efficient  eficenta

effort (exertion) denforto; (pains) P: zoro; to make e.: (intr.) (den)fort-es

egg  ovo, ovolo egg yolk - yolko, ovogelbado

ego ego 

eight ok 

either - or - alte … alte, da… da…   

elastic elasta, elastika, fleksa

elbow kudo

element elemento

elect (by vote to a position) elektin-es , valt-es

elections valtoy, elektinoy

electric(al) elektra, elka, e-brifo, elka brifo

electricity elektro 

electrify elektr-es, b(e)elektr-es (fig.) entuzyasm-es, elektr-um-es

elegance elegans-ezzo.

elegant elegans-a; -ano, -eno; (object) -ado.

elephant elefanto 

elevate lev-es

elevate: (raise on high) lev-es; (to make higher in dimension, price) 

be(plu-)skaltes; (in rank) promotes; (spirits) eksaltes, eksites, bekorajes.

elevated: lev-ita; skalta; sublima.

elevation: (act) lev-(es)o; (ground) skalt-ado; (of character) skalt-ezzo; 

(of price) pli-skalt-o, pli-kar-o; (design) elevado,

elevator (mechan.) elevatoro, elevoro, lifto

elf elfo

elite elito, eminentonero

elm ulmo

eloquent euloqenta, euloqa, belfala

else: otra; nothing e.: no, nadyo otra; what e.? vo otra;(votra) something e.: algo 

otra; everybody e.: conoy otra; nobody e.: nono otra; everywhere e.: i alga otra 

loko; ca-loke; nowhere e.: na-loke; somewhere e.: otra-loke, otrey.

email meylo, e-posto, e-brifo, netmeso, e-meso

emanate emaun-es

embankment taluso (fernovoya relstaluso)

embarrass (intr) embar-es, (se)trobles pri, pro

emblem emblemato

embroider brod-es, 

embroidery brodo, broduro, brodado

embryo embryo

emerge emerg-es, emergent-es (semreviles) 

The sun emerged from behind the clouds. Le solo emergenti de pos le klaudoy. 

emit emit-es

emotion emozzio, (emozziplenta) afekto, emozzi-es

emphasize emfad-es, -espriv-es, -IVo

empathy empato, biempat-o

employ (people) empl-es (dares emplo - emplar-es) 

empty vakuma,  bevakum-es, moplenta,

enclose inkloses, inmaxes, kontyen-es

encourage bebrav-es

encyclopedia enciklopedyo

end fino (tr./intr.), -es

ending enjo, finado

endeavour striv-es, 

endow endue endot-es 

endure endures, dentyenes (tol(er)-es), rezistes,

enemy moamiko, enemiko

energy energio P: energo

engage (tr) empl-ar-es,empl-es,engaj-es

engine mahino, motoro, enjino

engineer enjinoro,enjinaryono Hi become an engineer.Li sestis (komestis) enjinoro. 

engineering enjin-arto, enjin-eso, enjin-es

English Angla P: Anglia

enhance pliskalt-es, beskalt-es

enjoy (yourself) - ples, Ples a tua vivo! Ples pe tua vivo! -Enjoy your life!

enjoyment pleso, plesuro, Ko pleso!  estazo

enlarge (magnify) begranes, bepligranes, bebredes

enlighten inform-es, P:ilumin-es,eduk-es, dokt-es

enough (after an adj.) baste (e.g., good enough = baste bun)

enter entr-es, centr-es, in-g-es, ines, (to go out - den-g-es, denes)

entrance - entro, entreyo

entertain (someone) divert-es (oneself) jol-es, beples-es

entertainment diverto

enthusiasm entuzyasma, fervo, fervoro, zilo,(zealot: Ziloto, zilono; fanatik-

(on)o. enthusiastic entuzyasme

entire(whole) totyala, totyall, totyalo

envelope (of a letter) kuverto

environment (fr. milieu) ambyento, ekosistemato, milio

envy envida, envid-es (granjalosa)

enzyme enzimo

epidemic epidemio, pestiso

episode epizo,P: epizodyo, kort-em-ad-o, kort-evento, 

epitaph epitafo

epoch epoko

equation eqaso, eqasyo (math.)

equal egala,(coequal) plo-, plomyera , egalmyera (egalmyeranta)

 Equal with another or each other in rank, ability, extent, etc

 egala, egall, ploa, egalezzo, (the same -le soma), nek(e)  pli neke ple! = egall, equibalanced. pli-ple = plo, pliple-myera. Team members are coequal partners who build the plan collaboratively after a full discussion.  Le timonoy esta egala partaryoy va(y) bildis le plano konlaboreze pos plenta diskaso. This test is pretty tough, but I think I'm equal to it. Ta testo esta baste tafa, Do mi pansa ke mi-s egala ka (pri, konfe) to.

erase farfreges, freg-es, befares

erode erod-es (intr.)

erotic erotika

error eroro (lapsus lingvae) - lapso, vrongo, vrongado

erupt erupt-es

escape eskap-es (intr.), -o

escalate -eskal-es (tr.intr.) P: pliskales, beskal-es, P: (be)plidules,  

escalation -eskalo, opp. edulo, eskaleso alte eduleso (moskalo)

especially - spesye, spesyemode, presipe P: spesyall

essay eseo

essence  esenzzo

establish etabl-es, etablumes

establishment etablo, etablumo

esteem  estimido, respekto, respekt-es,respektABLa, estimidABLa

etcetera etcetera,(etc.) or:  ti te plonge (ttp.)

eternal eterna, eternall

Europe Europo

euphony (pleasant-sounding) eufonio, belsonezzo, eu-pronunso

even (adv.) anke, anke ne = neke, Anke sul solo lo-s flekoy 

evening suaro. Lo sesuara yus. Lo yus komsuara. Lo sekoma suaro. Are you doing 

anything this evening? Da tu fera algo tasuare?

event evento

eventually eventue, eventuale, -all

every ca, singlo

everyone cono

everything co, cado, totyo

everywhere cey, ca-lok(ey)e

evidently -evidente

evolution evolvo, evoluto, semevolveso

evolve evolves, be-evolv-es - bevolv-es

exact  preksa, prekse, To be on time - Vyenes preksem.  math: esaktala, esaktall

exaggerate esajer-es,  pluk(-ag)-es, plukmolt-es

exaggeratedly  esajere, pluke,plukomolte, plukmode, pluke

exalted esalta, esalteza

examine (test) esamino, esamin-es

example esemplo, esemple, es: Can you give me another example?

 Da tu min dares otra esemplo?

excavate denfoses

excellent eselenta, granyosa

excellency majesto, eselenzzo

except  eksepte di, ause

excerpt ecerpo, detrek-ad-o

excess eceso, tumult-es, P: pluke, plukado, plukmolte (oldatlange: trope, pluke)

to commit excess - eces-es,tumult-es, plukes, (Ne (be)plukes!) Kids have 

so much excess energy; they need to run. Enfoy maxa ter energio i eceso (plukezzo); 

lu korseba. Lu treba korses.

exchange kambes,denkambes,binkambes

excite ecites

excited ecitita

exciting ecitanta

exclude eklud-es, to-s ne ekludebla

exclusive eklusa

exclusiveness eklusezzo, -ive: eklusezze

excursion ekurso

excuse (oneself) skus-es (se),skuso, parduno, pardunpid-es 

excuse me - Parduno! Skus min! Ko Tua purmeso.

exercise eserzzo, eserzz-es

exhale den-sopl-es, denhals-es, denspires,aus(s)pires hals-es (also about 


exhalation denspiro, denhalso, renspiro

exhalation (as miasma) myasmo

exhaust  haust-es, dencerpes, setires, betires

exhausted hausta, tira, tirita, (farcerpita, dencerpita)

exhibit esibit-es,espond-es, denmontr-es, prez-es (in shop window) estal-es;

exist estentes, esist-es, P:esistent-es, To esta...to-s...or lo-s…,(ES!Estes!- Be!) 

exit eks-es, den-g-es, moentr-es, auseng-es,(aus-eyo), sorteyo , seauses

exotic esotika

expand - espand-es 

expect vart-es, porvart-es, porspektes, prispekt-es(to hope) esper-es,

unexpectedly - neporvarte, neprevyede

expel (tr.) denpeld-es, farpeld-es

expense (e)spenzzo, kosto, 

expensive (e)spenzza, kara, kosta, moltekosta, mobilga, nebilga

experience sperto, speryento

experiment esperimento

expert spertisto, spertaryono

expire esp-es, kaduk-es, apag-es 

explain esplik-es, beklar-es  Can you explain to me how to use the word ... in a 

 sentence? Da tu esplikeda ka mi ve unu unta ta vorto i frazo?

expletive blasfama, maldiko, blaso

explode esplod-es (intr.), -end-es

explore esplor-es, Prefix: Qal- means exploration, valuation -Qal(val)ables, testing, study, checking, -for example: weigh -qal-vektes.vektomyeres =qalmyeres- to measure something. Qallonges - measure the length. Qaltokses - to examine the toxicity. Qaleuropes - study about Europe. Qalatlanges -study about Atlango.

expose(lit.and fig.)espond-es;e.to ridicule:feres (fes)algono rid-ABLa; espond-ata.

exposition espondo (place)-eyo.

express (by words or symbols) esprives, -o,-IVO, esprives langall

  I would like to express my gratitude - Mi espriv-ez-u ma grato.(gratyoso) Mi 

 gratIVezu. Ma dankIVoy. Ma respektIVoy ka tu. Voluntes aceptes le konpativoy 


express - espresa (rapida) espreso (trayno) 

extend (intr.) estrekes, sedis-es

extend (tr.) estrek-es, bedis-es

exterior esterio, auseyo (ester+ , ause )

exterminate estermin-es

exterordinary esterordina, esterordinall, sobreordinala

extinguish moting-es,  slek-es, seslekes, moliktes

extreme esterma, estermall 

eye - oklo

eyebrow brovo

eyelid - oklolido, , palpebro (blink, wink - blink-es,oklum-es)

eyesight virpuedo, viredo, virsyento, virivlo


face (front of head) viso, faso


facade fasado, frontalo,frontado, gavlo

facetious joka, jokeza

facial visa, visala

facile facila, sauzora, mozora

fact fato; (fig.) verdo, verdado; autentikado; in f.: fate, infate,

 matter of f.: (philos.) pragmato; obvious f.: evident-ado; evidenta fato; 

the f. of the matter is: le simpla verdado esta (ke);factitious artefendita, artuma

factory fabriko, fabrik-es 

factoro fatoro, aganto, agento

fade fad-es, sepaly-es, velk-es (plants)

fail fyask-es (tr./intr.) avary-um-es, felures

failure fyasko, (mosuksido) molako , feluro

faint sfent-es, perdes kunsio, SIMkunsies  P: kunso, bikunso (algonom) 

fair (adj.) (weather) serena, klara, sau-klauda; (just)justa; onesta; (complexion,

hair) blonda;(pleasing) ples(end)a, xarm-anta; f.and square: honoryosa, to be in a 

f. way: estes i bunstenso bunsyenso; fair copy: preksa kopyo.

fairy feyo,(fairy godmother)feyeno,magieno(Elf(en)o)(mythical being,fotune-taller)

fairy-tale fabelo, fabel-es

faithful fidela

fake simules, fing-es, fusk-es, fraud-es, imit-es

fall kyad-es, -o

fall down kyad-es, dulkyad-es

fall, autumn - otuno, otunemo

false (untrue) falsa, fuska, finjera, blufa, frauda

fame famo

familiar - familia, familiarr

family familio

famous - fama, famyosa

fan - kyeranto

fan - vyentoro, vyentijo

fanfare -fanfar-melodio (music)

fantastic fantazia, fantastika

fantasy (imagination) fantazio, -fantazes ti


far (distant) dista, fara, far-

fare kosto, prazo, tarifo, bilyeto

farewell adies(es), Adieso! adies! (adies-ob-es)   

farm fermo, ferm-es, fermeyo, kult-es terdeyo = agr-es

farmer fermisto (fermaryano), agristo, agraryano, agraryono, agrokultisto

fart furz-es, peyd-es

fascinate faxina, faxinanta, mervelvokta, ravABLa, - sefaxines, seraves

fashion fasongo, modo, fasongo-modo, vogo, P: trendo

fast (quick) rap(id)e, Rap! blikse

fast (abstain from food - ab(e)stines de (farde) yamo) fyast-i, fyasto, fyastemo

fasten (v) fastes, (bukles) befikses, kanfikses (bind (to fasten or be fastened 

with string, thread) - lig-es

fat (adj.) grua, korpulenta, obesida

fat , oily, greasy (adj.) gorda

fat (n.) gordo

fatal (fateful) fatalo, fatala, Malsuerta;Male! Malsuerto! (deadly) bemort-a; 

  mortala, mortall

fatalism fatalizmo

fate suerto, destino, P:fatido, fatumo 

father patro, papo

father-in-law - hal-, halpatro, 

fault (defect) defauto

fault (failing) kulpo

fault (mistake) eroro, -ERORO, felo, FEL-, felado

fauna fauno

favour favor-es, -o (in favour) - favore ka 

favourable favora 

    When things are going well, or in your favor, they’re favorable.

    Vem aferoy ganda bune,(prospera) alte i tua favoro, lu-s favora. 

fauvorite  favora What was your favourite book when you were a child? 

    Va esti tua favorbuko vem tu esti enfo?

fear (fright) teroro, temoro, pauro 

feast fyesto, fyestemo, jolemo, divertemo

feather: (n.) plumo; bunch of f.s: plum-fasko, plum-tufo; a f. in his cap: honoro;

 to show the white f.: montres temoro; 

f. bed: plum-kamo; f. edge: plumenjo, (bizelo); f. duster: plum-fasko; f. brained: 

February Februo

feces eskremetoy, fekaloy

federation federo, federizo (federate- befeder-es) 

feeble febla

feed senutr-es, nutr-es

feed on (devour) vur-es

feel (yourself)  syens, How do you feel? Ve tu syensa? 

      Halhale - syens hal(fe) male , syens ”alge-talge”

feel (a sensation) syent-es

feel (to examine by touch) palp-es,palpeso, tuktesyentes,(to touch -tukt-es) 

feeling syento, syenso (propia) My positive thoughts create positive feelings. 

 Ma positiva pansoy krea positiva syentoy.

fellow kamrato, konono

felt felto

female mena, femala, femall, femina

femur femoro

fence (n.) grodilo

fence off   grod-es

fender (bumper) pare-kolpo

fenomen  fenomino, fenomin-ala (-all)

ferocious feroksa, krula, brutala

ferry praumo, ferinavyo, praumobatelo

fertile (fecund) fertila, fruktifa

festoon fyestuno, garlandoyo, floroceyno

fetch - bevyenes, kanport-es, impurt-es (goods)

feuilleton, serial feature - felyetino

fever febro

feverish febra, febrila

few pokte, pokter , pokto di, pokte di

fiacre fyakro

fiance fyansano

foancee fyanseno 

fiasco fyasko

ficticious fiktia 

fiction - fiktio, P: prozio, prozo

field (ground) agro,P:agreyo,kulteyo(cultivated),kampo, fildo

(field of knowledge,activity: fildo di.., -io) 

fig  figvo P: figo

fight konbatr-es, batal-es, fayt-es, sekontres

figure figuro

file (document) faylo, dosero

File manager faylomenajoro, dosermanajoro, faylestro

file (v) rasp-es

fill beplent-es, ful-es,(fulfill - plentum-es)

film filmo, film director-rejisto,to make a film-(be)filmes, rejes, film bereales

filter filtero, filteres, parfilteres

finance finanso

find trov-es, trovado

fine buna, bun P: fayne, fayna. To-s fayne! Faynado!

finger (n.) digo, dig-ob-es, palp-es

finish to, fin-es (tr./intr.)

finish finemo, finixo, fineyo, finix-es, 

fire - piro (Haltes piro!)  Granpiro = brando. Brand-es

fireball bolido

firefly lampiro

fireplace pireyo, komino, komineto, P:pirublo

firm (adj.) festa, firmida, solida, stabila

firm (n.) firmo

first:  un-esma; kom-a; (fig.) cefa; origina, originala; at f.: un-esme; kome, 

komem, prime(m),f. of all: primemode, un-esme; 

(not before) primere; to go f.: gi for, pre-ges, antemges; f. born: prim-naska, -o; 

f. class: (ticket or carriage) (dil) primerklaso; f. name: prenimo; bapto-nimo.

firstly - prime(re), prim-, unesme

fish (n.) fixo

fish (v.) fix-es

fist pugno

fit (in a good state) i buna stenso - bunstensa, bunesta, bunsyensa

fit (in size and shape) konform-es, aptes, beaptes, seaptes

fit (suitable) apta, konforma, konvyen(um)a,

fit (suit) konvyen(um)-es, apt-es,(-apt-) myer-aptes, form-aptes, 

sayz-aptes, kolor-aptes ktp.) 

fix fiks-es, arang-es, repar-es

fix (in place) fast-es, kanfiks-es, advefikses, transfast-es (to fix by piercing)

fixed fiksa, fiksita

fixed (in place) kanfiksita, fasta

flacon flakongo

flame flamo

flag flago

flagpole masto di bandero, flago

flake floko (of snow, soap, oats)

flap flap-es, fladr-es (with wings or on the wind)

flat - apartamento, lokteyo

flat (level, surface) flata, -o

flavour flavoro, aromo, arom-es, aromado, flavor-es

flea pulgo

flee (fly away) fuges, eskapes

flesh karno, meat - vyango

float flaut-es (to stay on the surface of a liquid)

flood inund-es, -o, fludo, -es.

floor (of a room) bordo, parkyeto (wooden)

floor (storey) etajo

flounder flond-es,(lukt-es)to struggle;to move with difficulty,as in mud -zormobes)

  She is floundering in school - Qi flonda (zorganda) ka skolo. After a few minutes 

of floundering things begin to click into place. Pos pokta minutoy di flond(es)o le 

kosoy komkliki i loko.

flounder(flatfish) pleuronekto, flondro

flour farino 

flow flu-es, -o (the river flowed to the sea - le flumo flui ka maro)

flower floro, -ifes,-es

flower pot - floruyo, portefloro

fluctuate fluktu-es

fluent fluenta (facilspabla) (about liquids - flua, fluanta)

fluffy flufa

fluid fluido, fluida

flute fluto

flutter flatr-es,  Le flago flatra il vyento

fly (v.) flig-es (intr.) aer-ob-es, naut-es

fly mosko

foam (scum) (e)spumo

fog niblo

fokus fokuso -fokus-es (al, en)

fold (n.) faldo, furrow -rugo, furrow (agriculture) - surko

fold (v.) fold-es (tr.), sefoldes

folk folko, publo, popolo 

follow seq-es (follow me - seqes mi)

fontain fontino

food fudo, yamado, yamo, nutrado

fool (n.) dumono

foolish duma, absurda, naiva

foot (of a leg) futo

football (game) fut-bolo, pyedbolo

for (in order to, on behalf of) po, por- (in order to, on behalf of) po ke

forage (Food for horses or cattle) furajo

forbid (interdict) forb-es, God forbid! (may it not happen - Ke solme to ne 

eventos, mey solme to ne eventos!) - Dio forbes!

force forzzes (cultivate plants)

force (mechanical)forto. May the Force be with you. ESP:Que la Fuerza este´contigo.

Mey le Forto esta ko tu! 

forehead forfaso, frunto

foregone pasa, pasinta

foreign alya, otralanda, esterlanda

foreigner alyono, otralandono, esterlandono, esterono,P: ausono

forenoon am. antemeridyo, 

forest -  arbero, furesto, silvo

forestation - furestokulto, befuresto, furest-agro, 

forester - furestaryo, furestisto

forever cem, ceme,

forewarn - prevarn-es

forget - olv-es, mo-memb-es, unforgettable - neolvebla   

forgive pardun-es, diskulp-es, bikulpes

fork forko (cutlery) furko (tool) bifurcation -(in road) -voyfurko = disevoyo

form (compose) konstitut-es

form (shape) (n.) formo

form (shape) (v.) form-es

former  antema, formera, unesma, antika, eksa, eksa-. 

formula formelo

fortress forteso, fortifikado

fortune fortuno

forum forumo

forward avanta,  Foren!

forward, to - for-send-es, forensendes

found fond-i

foundation (base) fondo, fondamento to lay the f.: fond(ament)-es.

foundation fondo,

fountain fuento, fuenteyo

fox foks-o; f. hunter: fokso-yakt-isto.

foyer  fueyo

fraction (mat) frakso (with numbers: -F-) 1/2 dufo (dufrakso) (HAL -),1/3 trinfo, 

1/4 kuarfo… t.t.p (etc.)

to divide into fractions: fraks-es.

fraction (politic) fraksyo

fragile (also fig.) frajila (cf. delikata) krusta

frame framo, kadro

frecles frekoy

free libera , fri-a, neokupita, beliberita, beliberes un lando

free (of cost) frikosta, gratisa,-i, saupaga

free beliber-es, sefri-es, befri-es

free: (adj.) liber-a, (person) -ono; f. will: arbitro; Arbitra volunto (libera 

volunto) thinker: libera (fri)pans-anto

freedom liberezzo, libero, We do not have the freedom to do just what we like. Mu 

ne-x le libero simple (po) fes vom mu deza.

freeze frist-es (intr.), frost(end)-es

frenzy fola, furiyosa

frequent freqa, fre-, freq-es

frequently freq-evente, FRE- FREQE-,freqem = de tempo ka tempo.

 (sometimes) poktavolte

fresh frexa

fretful: irit-ebla; iriteza, iritinda

friar: monah-(an)o.

fricassee: frikases; frikaso, frikasado.

friction: (rubbing) frikto, froto; (discord) dis-konkordo.(mokonkordo)

Friday frado, Fradyem

friend amiko, (more intimate - amyo ) amyeno -girlfiend, amyano -boy-friend 

fries fritadoy, patatafritadoy, frityamoy

fright teruro, pauro (terror (political terror - teroro, teror-es)

frighten (scare somebody) efr-es, terur-es, betemor-es (algono), bepaur-es(algono) 

fringe fringo (polish: frędzel)

frivolous frivola, frivolona

frog - frogo

frolic  petol-es

from farde, farden-,(out of - de, den-, ause de-) 

from (starting from) irde, (irden - de ta dirento)

from now  irde tyem, irde tyemo, depos, from that day - irdem ta dyemo, irdel jorno

front of, frontale di

front (adj.) frontala, fora, forplasa

front (fore part) frontalo, fronteyo, FORO, frontaleyo,(arch.) gablo 

frost frosto

fruit frukto

fry frit-es (tr./intr.)

fuck (coitus)koyto,koytes(sexual interc.)seksozot-es,peyorative:fotr-es,fagv-es.

full (plenty of) plenta a …, plenter,ful-, -yosa, -uyero (v.) plent-es

full (satiated, to the full) - fula, FUL- 

fulfill - ful-es, (beplent-es) Da tu fuldormis? 

Despite what people see in him, he has no desire to fulfill their expectations. 

Kontre vom hominoy viri i li, li maxa na deziro po fules lua previroy.

fume fumo

fumigate fum-es, befum-es

fun plaudo, plau-o, PLAU-, jolo, diverto, have fun = sedivertes,  sejoles pe…ko… 

jolemo, jolem-es  (plaudeko - a toy)

function funsino, shorter form: funko,-es, Ve to funka?

funny drola, DROL-,bediverta,divertara,komika, ridikla,jola,jol(d)ara,jolvokta

fur pelso

furious furia,furiyosa, folyosa, foloda

furl  ferles (sails)

furniture mubloy -UBLO, skritUBLo, skafo, bukublo, dormublo -kamo, sindelo,  

sindublo garde-robo, kladublo, etp.

furrow n. (agriculture) -surko, (on forehead) -rugo

furrow v.(forhead) rug-es, berug-es

further dur, plonge - plilongem (more, any more,longer in time)

 Plonge! Dur! - Go on! (Ir!)

fury -furio, furiyoso, folo, folezzo

fusil fuzelo, karabino, pafijo, (mobile - pafilo)

futile vanida, Vanide!

future futurio, estontezzo, estontemo, vyenontemo 


gain - perlabores, ern-es, -o,  to gain -win = gvan-es, to earn, to win; ernado: what is gained; -end-anta: lucrative, profitable – profit-ar-a; covetous, greedy; -ez-ezzo: cupidity; ernes sa nutradyoy: to make one's living; vivernes. Ernes desto Euroy: to earn (or make) ten €; gvanes batalo: gain a battle.

galaxy - galakso

gallant galanta

gallon galongo

gallop galopes

game gemo, -es,(play) plud-es, (match - maco) gambl-es (with risk) 

gape gaup-es, Gau-mires

garage garajo

garbage traxo, fartraxo

garden jardino, jardo

gargle  gargole-es

garland kranso

gas gaso

gate pordo (i grodilo alte i muro) pordodo, gateo, entreyo

gather (collect) koleks-es, samles, begrupes, beER-es, seER-es

gawky gaua,duma,plumpa,GAU-,gau-tono,gaumir-es, gaufal-es, gau-g-es

gay (merry) - jola (jolly up -jol!)

gay geyono (homosexual male) geyo,geyano, (homosexual female) lezbyo,lezbyeno

general (adj.) generala, generall

general (milit) - geralo

generate gener-es

generation genro, gento

generosity generoso, giftindezzo

generous generosa,mohavara, Qi-s sedara = she is generous(self-giving)

gendarme jandarmo

genial genia, (geniala), geniall

genitals genitaloy (peniso, vulvo)

genius genyo, genyono

gentle -jentila, milda, leyta (ne peza) 

gesticulate: (intr.) gest-es

gesture: gesto

get (acquire) akires) resIBes (-IB-),rezzept-es, fiks-es, prin-es

get (fetch) bring-es, bevyen-es,impurt-es, kanport-es,

get rid of- bifer-es, SI-,qites,omites,transezotes,evites, moprines,P:fardar-es

to lose hope - siesper-es,  abandes espero, to deprive oneself of hope

Never deprive someone of hope, it maybe all they have -Nem biesper-es algono,

bo to esteda co (cado) vom lu posida.  

ghost fantoNo,fantazmo, spuko, spirito

giant giganto, megono

gift gifto, darado,

gypsy gypsy woman - zzigeno 

girl - gelo,pueno, joveno

girl friend -amyeno, (gel-amyo, puen-amyo)

give - dar-es,(to give, to produce)sangIFes-sangodares to bleed) give birth - 

bortodar-es. What are you going to give your father on his birthday? - Vom tu ga 

dares ka tua patro po la naskodyemo? Dyemoy seladizzi ka dyemoy,ti nado sekambis. 

give up - rezign-es, kapitol-es, se-sub-dares, sesub-es

glacier glazyo, glazyono

glad - kontenta, glada,

glamour glamoro, xarmo, P: prestajo

glance (look quickly) blinko, P: oklojekt-es, okloblinkes, oklOBes

glass (material) vitro

glass (tumbler) glaxo

glass glaso (Small receptacle, usually cylindrical of glass used for drinking) 

glasses - oklijoy, oklovitroy, oklovitrijo, binocular - binoklo

glaze - glazur-es, be-vitr-es, seglazures

globe globuso, mondomapo

gloomy (morose) morosa, gluma

glove gantelo (boksinga glovoy - glovoy)

glow ard-es, skint-es (faster) bril-es

glue gluo 

gnaw mordetes, gnaves

go (v.)g(and)es, (ga, go, ges!)veh-es, to go on foot - kamines (pyedges)

semdir(ent)es, enges  - make one´s way towards something.Go tu sleep=ges po dormes, 


go away, out, farges, sortes, P: farden-g-es, den-g-es, farges! Far! Sort!

goal eymo, skopo, zzelo - trafes zzelo

going to ,be,intendes,-END-, I am going to buy it tomorrow Mi ga kofes to tompe. 

      Mi kofENDa to tompe. (Mi kofEZa to tompe.)

goblet pokalo

god Dio,gudio(idolyo idolyono,(be)gudiono,begudiato)Po Dio! Pordie! Mi jura pe ma 


goddess gudieno, gudieso

godly pyuse, devote

godsent skyelgifto, dia-gifto, gudia gifto, regalo

gold goldo, Auriumo

goldish  gold-ezz-a,  goldeska

golf (sport) golfo

good buna, bun

goodbye Adio, Adie, Astel! Kal viremo! Astel viremo! Bay-bay!

good afternoon Bun suaro! Bun tardemo!

good day  Bun dyem! Buna dyemo! Buna jorno!

good morning Bun vremo!

good night Buna nokto! Bunokte!

goods varkoy, komersadoy

google (brauses - brausijo) gugles, net-es,  net-ob-es , vernet-es

google mir-od-es

goose guso

gorge gorgo

gossip klaco, -es

govern govern-es, reg-es

governess guvernisteno

government governo, governistero, registero

grace - grazzo, grazzyoso, xarmo

grade grado

gradually pok-pokte, poktumpokte, grade, konfegrade

grain grayno, 

grandchild gr-enfo (granenfo) nepo, nepano (grandson)

granddaughter nepeno

grandfather granpatro, granpo, abuano

grandmother granmatro, granmo, abueno

grandparent granparento, genitoro, abuo

grape druvo, vindruvo

grasp grasp-es

grass (plant) herbo

grateful be, estes gratyosa, grat-es, grateza, dank-eza

I am grateful for your help. Mi grata po (pro) tua helpo.

gratis  gratisa, frikoxta, saupaga

gratitude grato, dankezezzo, dankezo,( Kongrato!Grato! Danko! - Thanks!)

graze (beasts) sepaust-es 

graze -(touch lightly)leyte tuktes (LEY-tuktes) -frol-es; (scratch) skrap-es.

great (big) grana - gran,very big - grosa, molte grana, granoda,imensa, huge -mega 

great-grandfather - grangranpo, grospo (grosa granpatro)

great-grandmother - grangranmo, grosmo  (grosa granmatro)

greedy grida

green grina

greenish (somewhat green; having a tinge of green) grin-et-a, grin-esk-a 

greet salut-es, bebunvyen-es

grenade grenado

grey graua

grieve - grives pro, pri, setristes pro, pri, sorines pro, pri

grill grilo, gril-es, rost-es

grimace  grimaso

grime derto

ground (earth) terdo , grondo, terdeyo

group grupo, ero  

grow (larger,higher) kres, mont-es, (intr.) skales, kres(es)(about people, animals 

and plants)

growl graules  

guard (in general) gardes, -o, -isto (gardostari - vaktes, sentrinel-es) gardisto, 

sentrinelanto, vaktisto

guerrilla gverilo

guess - gves-es, (make a guess - diven-es)1. Mokovres to, vom xe ne kuna, maxante 

na bazo po motivita konkludo. Gves ver fruktoy mi-x il hando.2. Mokovres pe intuo 

algo, vom se ne kuna: gveses (divenes) xarado, enigmo, algia pansoy, intendoy 

guest gosto (gostes -to be a guest) P: hospo

guide: gvid-es, -anto 

guilty kulpanta, kulpyosa

guitar gitaro

gum gomo

gun (firearm) (pirarmo) pafijo

gurgle gorg-es

guru guruo


habit - habo, freqe-unte,rutine, (a tendency or disposition to act in a particular way) I'm in the habit of reading before I go to bed. Mi HABE lekta antem mi kama. (Mi lekta antem mi inga( entra ) kamo, Mi ga lekta ante(m) mi inga kamen. Mi lekta ante mi kam(en)ga) Today, I abandon my old habits. Tampe, mi abanda ma olda haboy.

hacker - haktaryono, haktanto (computer: hakt-es)

hag hekso, babayago

hail haylo

hair keplo, keploy

hairy (shaggy) P:vilua, keployosa, baukepla

half halo,hale (as prefix: HAL-) duafrakso - dufo,halo,fraction with numbers -F-. 

halmondo, halanyo, halkloko, halo, halkuktita, halsurda, hal-kapi, halviva,

li-s halgeniala ti halfola.Parolo parta hale kal parolanto ti hale kal 


A speech belongs half to the speaker and half to the listener

hall (large room) holo, granzalo, vestibuleyo

hello Ha-lo! Saluto! Bunvyene!(Bunvyenes!) He! 

hallucination  halusino, 

halt halt-es, -o, -eyo. Halt! Stop! halteso, sehalteso

ham xinko

hammer martijo

hammer (v) mart-es, forg-es

hand (n.) hando - polmo - maneo

handcar - drezino

handle hand-al-o, hand-esk-o

hang pend-es, hang-es(tr) (on a hook etc.)

happen event-es, pas-es. What's happening in there? Vo eventa tey? Vo pasa tey?

happy felica

harbour purto

hard (not easy) mofasila, zora, P:mo-leyta, zora laboro

hard (not soft) harda P: mo-leyta

hardly zore, konzore, lo montra, ke lo-s ne pli, ni anke algerete ple. 

Ne totye, zore rilateda ka qantero alte myero. 

Unfortunately such an experiment can hardly be regarded as practicable. SorinABLe

 tezza esperimento trakteda-s zore vezze praktikebla.

hardware  hardvarko

harm harmo

harmony harmonyo

harp harpo

harpoon harpyungo

harrow (A cultivating implement used for breaking up clods of earth and pulverizing

 and smoothing ploughed soil) erpilo

harrow to, erp-es, (by machine: erp-il-es) 

harrowing erpa, proerpa (fig.)  kor-treka, kor-erpa

harum-scarum   harum-skarum, pelo-melo, kaotike, ne-pronpanse. Bau-, Gau-

harvest harvest-es

haste hastes, serapid-es, serapes, seurgeso, (in haste -haste, rape, urge) 

hat capo, capelo

hate (v) haktes, averz-es, antipat-es, hakto - haktes,  mo-am-es, mokyer-es 


haul haul-es

haunt  hant-es (frequent) (spuko- fantom-)(obsess - osento) osent-es ti 

have   max-es, (short form: -X), I have this - Mi maxa to, Mi-x to

Also: I have to go now - Mi-x gi tyem, OR: Mi g(and)axa tyem = mi g-aba  

tyem - have (in meaning of possesion) maxes, posides) Da mi maxa to po yames? = Da 

mi tom yamaxa?

haven purto

he - li

head: (of body) kepo; (chief) cefo, mastro; (cf. suffix -estro); (of a ship) for-parto,forparteyo, proro; (direction of a ship) sinso; (geographical) kabo; (of a river) fuento P: fonto; (of an arrow) pinto; march at the h. of his troops: marxes pre sa trupoy; to be h. of a firm: direktes firmo; (to go) h. foremost: perkepe foren; to go h. over heels: (intr.) kulb(ut)es; to h. for: dires ka, en; from h. to foot: de kepo aste pyedo; to eye from h. to foot: bemires algono farde kepo aste pyedoy; demand the head of: (fig.) reqes le vivo (o, le morto) di algono;  bare h.ed: kep-nakne; light headed: leykepa, frivolona; h.less: sau-kepa. Stares su kepo. Kep-kan-terde.

headache: kepo-augino, Mi kepaugina. Mi auga ye,pro stomako. toothache: 


heal kures, besan(id)es 

health sano, sanido, sanidarr, sanamyento,(bun)syenso

healthy sana, momalga, salubrious - salubra. 

The air is very salubrious, and the neighbouring vineyards produce excellent wine.

    - Le aero esta molte salubra, ti nauba vinjardoy produka eselenta vino. 

heap huplo, kumolo, masio, haldo

hear aud-es

heart koro

heat (v.) hayt-es, varm-es, bepir-es, pir-vokt-es

heat varmo, varmODo, hayto

heaven skyelo, skyeloy, Granskyeloy!

heavy peza (antonym: leyta, mopeza)

hectic febra

heel anat: kalkso, parto di buto - kalks-ad-o, kalks-al-o

hell inferno

helmet helmo, kasko

help help-es, -o, ayd-es, aydo, (-AYD-) auzil-es, auzila, (adeayda)

helper helpanto, helparyono, aydanto, auzilanto, auzilaryono

hen galo, galeno

her qa, le … qista

here tey, ta-loke

here is, there is, Behold! Voilà! - Tezzo! Tey-s! Vo-la! Ho-le! Ta-da! 

(In French: Voilà. In Esperanto: jen (Interj. used to express success or

satisfaction.To point out or call attention to something.) There is the problem! 

Tezzo-s le probo. Li fali le tezza vortoy - Hi spoke the following words.

heredity herido, herid-es

hero heroyo 

herself (pron.) li sel

hesitate hest-es 

hesitant - hesteza, ne certa, pronhesta

heyday: heydyemo, plent-ezzo (di jovezzo, e.c.); bunemo.

hiccup hiko, -es

hide (v.) kriptes, bekriptes, (bekriptogrames) kamufles, bemaskes 

hideous turpoda (very ugly)

hierarchy: hierarkio

higgledy-piggledy: pel(e)mele.

high skalta, skaltero

high time - zzemo! akuratemo, skaltemo, To be in time for

-Estes il zzemo po fes to. It is a high time to do it - Lo-s le skaltemo 

 granemo) po (fes) feres to. 

highway: granvoyo, voy-odo, autostrado

hill kolino

hinder (v.)  prevent-es, stakl-es, fren-es, detain: (withold) dityen-es, embarases, 

be-pli-tard-es; lenk-endes; serentyenes 

hinny mulasno

hip kokso

hippy hipio 

hire (engage) engaj-es,kontrakt-es, bekontraktes

hire (hire out)lug-es, arend-es, sem mercenar-es

hireling - mercenaryono

his la, le … lista

hiss silbes

history historio, (story - storyo)

hit impakto, frapo, kolpo, klapo, klako, kliko

hit frap-es, batr-es, kolp-es

hit (collide with) kolijes, shok-es, krax-es

hit trafes 

hitherto  astetyem(a)

hoarse rauka

hobby hobyo

hobble klodik-es, lamges

hold (in hand) hold-es

hold (contain) - kontyen-es, inmax-es, inposides

hole truvo, kaveto

holder (object) fodralo, gayno, -AYNo  suordayno, pyedayno, ovayno,

holiday holidyemo, fyestemo, vakyanso, vakyans-em-o, feryemo

hollow truva, truvyosa 

holy: santy-a, holia, to make h.: beholies, besantyes, H. Ghost: Santya Spirito; H. Office: santya tribunalo; H. Scriptures: santya skrit(ad)oy; most h.: sakro-santya; h. oil: krismo, santya oly-o, -i; h. orders: santya sakramentoy, kler(ik)-ezzo; to confer h. orders: the sacrament of ordination - ordinakt-es, sakrament-event-es; h. water: santyaqo , holiaqo.

home heymo  Make yourself at home! Syens heyme!

homepage heympagino, heympagyo, heymeyo

honest onesta

honey myelo

honour honoro.  Vens tu honora mi pe vizito?

hood kepuso P: hudo,

hook hako, hak-es

hope esper-es, -o

horizon horizonto

horn hupo, klakso

horny volupta, volupteza, pron-volupta, hornia

horse kavelo

hot varmODa, hota

hotel hotelo

hound hundo, hund-ac-o

hour (60 minutes) kloko,(P:klo) Vera (lo-s) kloko, tempo? (What time is it?)

rush hour - vyolmobemo - Kloko di intensa aktiveso di hominoy, esemple ve molta 

somem veha ka laboreyoy.

house domo , bildado

how  ve , va-mode

how  many , much  ver,  ver (a) pauno tu deza? = ve grana qanterom a (di) pauno tu 

deza? OR: Lom vero a (di) pauno...(Atentes ke takause (ten) lo ne faleba: ver di 

pauno(M) tu deza?)

however (conj.)doke,(Esp:tamen)valge, ca-kause, cen, mo, kanverde:(however,to be 

sure, it is true, of course) ”However” means "even so" or, "on the other hand.” 

”valge” signa”anke te”alte:otreflanke.Qenke li ne-s buna homino,DOKE mi helpos li. 

hug hag-es, cir(ke)hag-es, cirke-brak-es, (cuddle to -kokles (hug closely)

huge granODa, mega, (imensa)

hullabaloo kalabaliko

human homina,P: homa, hominezza, homala

humane humania,humanezza, humanizma,

humanity hominero, humanio

humble humilda

humorous  komika, humoryosa, humoreza (jokeza)

humour (wit) humoro, sense of humor - humor-syento, komiksyento, humorezo

humour (temper, mood) temper(ament)o, mudo (varyo-tempera, varyo-muda, bunmuda, 


hump - gobo

hunchback gobono 

hundred cento

hunger fomo, -es, yamezo

hunt - yakti

hurricane - hurikango, orkango (orkano) 

hurry urges, seurges, beurges

hurt (be in pain) augino, aug(in)-es, -aug(in)o

husband sposano, meryano

husk (pod) guxo

hush besilent-es, bekalm-es, P: hux-es

hut hatino, kabino

hymn himno


I mi

ice glazzo

ice-cream krem-glazzo (glazzadoy)

icon ikono

idea: ide-o; (koncepto, proyekto); -l: -ala, -all; an i.l: ide-alo; -lizm: -al-izmo; -lize: beideales; -listic: (person) -al-ista, -isto; I have an i.: mi susponda, imag(in)a,  put bad ideas into one’s head: sugestes (pansares) mala pansoy alte proyektoy; I had no idea that  Mi ne imagi ke...

identical identa, soma, ta soma, te some

identification -identendo - (identifiko) (qal-idento)

idiom idiomo = langado, lingvado

"An absolutely logical language without its own idioms would be lifeless and too mechanical.)(L. Zamenhoff)

Atlango:"Lingvo absolute logika ti totye sau xa idyomadoy estu lingvo sawviva ti pluke vekta (mekanika)."

Esperanto:"Lingvo absolute logika kaj tute sen idiotismoj estus lingvo senviva kaj tro peza.

Le Portugala: "Uma língua completamente lógica e isenta das suas características próprias seria uma língua sem vida e demasiado mecânica."

idiot idyoto, kretino

idle: (unoccupied) mobiza, nebiza,(lazy) indolenta, mo-ag-eza,mofereza,(inactive) ne-ag-anta; ne-unt-ata; ne-funk-anta; desfunka, (vain) vanida; (fig.) sterila; ne-utila; frivolona; to i.: (intr.) seindolentes; vanid-es, i. away: (time, etc.) spreces … , nepreokupes pe,pro

idleness: (temporary) moferezzo, (habitual) -mofero; (tendency) -im-ezzo; 

sau-labor-ezzo; (freetime) liber-tempo, liberemo; indolent-ezzo; P: idlo

idler: zero-fend-anto,  indolent-ono, nebizanto,

idol: (also fig.) idoly-o; idolyono,  -ater: -isto; -atry: -end-ando; -kulteo, 

-izmo;  -ize: -endi; (fig.) amor-odes; , adores-(ac)es.

idyl: P: idil-o; -lic: idila, idilika

i.e.: t.e. to-s.(to esta); c.e. co-s. (co esta).

if YO; if not: yo ne; if only: yo solme; if I only could: yo mi solme puedu. 

even if: anke yo; yanke,

ignition ignes, igno, Someone broke into the vehicle and tampered with the steering  

 and ignition panels. Algono serompis insel vehilo ti tono handumis le sterijo 

(sterroto) ti le igna paneloy. (ignijo.) 

ignore ignor-es

ill (unwell) malga, malsana, (mosan(id)a) malsyensa, malesta, aug(in)yosa

malga a kepo (kepaugino) To-s bemalganta pol koro, korauga. 

illness malgo,-OZYO, malsyenso, defauto, partroblo,tuberkulozyo,psikozyo, 

also: laborozyo - laborizzo, nervozyo - nervizzo

illumination - belumino 

illusion iluzo

illustrate ilustr-es

illustration ilustrado,

illustrator ilustr-atoro, ilustristo, ilustr-aryono

image imago, figuro,formo, pikto, -ESKO floreskoy

imagine imag-es, imag(in)es, figur-es

imagination imagino,imagado (imagEDo -imago-puedo),imagivlo, fantasiado, 

imbibe bibr-es, bedrink-es, sebevr-es, P:drunk-es (alcohol) 

imitate imit-es

imitation imito, imitado

immediately instante,P: tuy, blikse (tuyem, bliksem)

immobilize bemomobes, bimobes

impasse impaso, moentr(ebl)o, mosorteyo, mosortENZo

impatience saupatyenzzo, -a, mopatyenzzo

impetuous impetua, impetu-es 

important importa, nezzesa, sign-as-a, grava (situation) (This is important - To grava)to-s importa, import -es: (intr.) to have import, be of importance or consequence; to matter, signify, concern; To-s importa: (impersonal) it is necessary;-o: importance,consequence; -anta: important; -anto: person of importance; importado: important thing or matter; to-s nemolte (o pokte) importa po mi, neimporta that is of little consequence; moimporta, saugrava: insignificant; Lo-s importa ges tren: it is necessary to go there. Lo-s nezzesa ges tren.

import (goods) impurt-es (varkoy)

impose, impond-es, trudes, (bedab-es) imposing impond(ant)a,to impose oneself: sem 

impondes, semtrudes, trudmesajo, trudarido 

impossible moebla, It ́s impossible! - Moposivle! To moebla! Ne puedeble! 


impression  impreso,  to make -impresi

improve meyores I feel like I'm improving every day. Mi syensa ke mi semeyora ca 


impulse impulses -o

impute imputes

imune imuna, rezista

in i (in-)

in front of  frontale di, fore, forey

in order that  po ke,

in measure of  konfegrade, grade

inactive ne-ag-anta, (tendency) ne-ag-eza, moageza, indolenta; (inert) inerta.

incise incisi (incisuro)

incite provoki 

incessant  perpetuna, saubreka

incest incest-o;to commit i.:(intr.) -es; -uous: -anta,-ala,-eza;(person)-anto-ono.

inch “inch”  inco, (pl. -oy) (= cm. 2,54)

incident incidento

incline inklin-es, pron-es (tr./intr.) inklino, PRON- (disposition, tendency) 

tolkative - pronparola,pronfala, mortal - pronmorta (mortall) understanding - 


include inklos- es, inse di to,

inconvenient neoportuna, moportuna, mokonvyena

increase P: pli(st)-es, kres-es

indeed (in fact) ya, fate, infate, konfefate, porverde, verde,P: verdall.

 He knows it very well indeed - Fate (ya) li kuna to molte bun.

independent selstansa, selstara, sestara, saudependa 

indifference indiferento

indigence indigenzo, morikezzo 

indirect nedirekta, morekta

indispensable nemomaxebla, nezzesoda 

 ‘A work of art doesn’t have to be for everyone. It must look for those for whom it is indispensable’. "Artado ne estaba po conoy. To xerkaba po tonoy po va to-s nezzesoda". (Jerzy Grotowski)

individual individo, individono, (individ-al-ist-o) 

industry industro, idustrio

infamous malfama

infant enfo (enfanto) (historical: infanto)

infect infekti

influence influent-es, -o, influ-es

inform inform-es, mes-es !

ingenious ingenya

inhale  inhals-es

inherent inherenta - esensie propia, esensiado

initiate -inites, kom-es,bekom-es, startes. (beadept-es, seadept-es)

initiate (adherent) - aderanto, adepto, initato

initiative -inito, P: starto

inject  inyekt-es 

injure harmo, domajo

ink inko,inkausto, atramento. tuco - Chineese black ink

in low  parenta, halparenta, HAL-  brather-in-low - Halfrato, xograno

inn albergo, taverno

inner interna

innocent inosenta, saukulpa 

innovate benuv-es,

innovation  benuveso, benuvo

inrush invazo

insane saumentala, sauminda, fola

insect  insekto

insert insert-es, beyentr-es

inside (adj./adv.) insa , interne (inso, interno)

inside (prep.) i, inse di, centre di, interne di … , centrey, inporde, ins-ey

insider (in business) insidary-o

insignificant sausign-axa, sausignif(ik)a

insist insist-es (intr.)

inspect inspekt-es

inspire - inspir-es, (inspirdar-es, inspirvoktes, seinspires) inspirivla

install instal-es, munt-es, konmunt-es

instigate instig-es (ka, kontre)

instead of - anstate, vice, za,zame,(zam-) in place of - remplase (di), (i) loko 

di, inloke di,to act as a substitute for somebody - vices, (vice-ag-es) (vicaryono)

institute: (establish, found) institutes; (initiate) inites,startes (cf. proceses;

entraprines, dekretes); (learned society) instituto.

institution: see suffix-ERYO(as: eduk-eryo: an educational institution); (something

instituted) institut-ado; (learned) instituto; public i.s: institut(ad)oy publa.

instruct (teach) instrukt-es

instrument (tool) instrumyento, instrumo -IJo, pludijo, trancijo (a knife, from 

'cut', katijo); helpijo (a remedy, from 'help')(a tool); ijero, 

instrumero, instrumyentero (equipment, set of tools)  

insult insult-es, -o, afront-es, ofend-es

insure asekr-es

integral integra

intellect intelekto

intelligence inteligenzzo,  informo - spyuneso, spyunago

intelligent inteligenta, smarta

intend intend-es, -END-, ”ga", eymes, Mi ga fes algo I am going to do something  

Also: -EZ: Da tu fereza algo ta-suare? Are you doing anything this evening? 

(Do you want to do…) intendes = Also: to go to… Intendes po fes (ferendes) algo 

alte intendes ka… en…

intensive, intensively - P:intenze

interdict - interdikt-es, o,(an action or thing: preforb-es, prohibid-es, 

 mopurmes, (forbid someone to do something: forb-es)

interest intreso, treso, kunezo

be interested i - (se)tres pri, (se)intreses pri, kunezes (pri), P: pritres

interesting - intresa, intresanta, betresa, bekuneza, kunezvokta, tresa

interlocutor interloktanto, interlokt(ary)ono (interloktes - konverzes)

international internasia

interview (press, TV, radio) intervuo, intervisto, toko, rensetoko

intestine intestino

intimate intimida

into  centren. Mi entris domen. I threw the apple into the hause. Mi 

jektis le pomo centren le domo.(centrendome) centreyo - interior

intone - intonal-es, KOMsonges, KOMkyantes

intricate komplika, labirenta 

intrigue intrigo, intrigado, intriges

intriguing (very interesting) koncidabla, preja = pansabla, intrigvokta, kunezdara

introduce introdukt-es

intrude (as intruder) (xem)intrudes

intruder intrudono

intuition  intuido

invent invent-es, denpans(es), denmentes

invest invest-es

investigate - investig-es, esplores, Qales, Qal-

inviolable   netuktebla, tabuma , nevyoltukta

invite invit-es

invoice faturo, kalkolo

involve (enfold) involvi; (as in a plot) in-duktes (algono); intrik-es;(by 


involved (in debt) dabo-xarj-ata, -ita; (logically) implik-ata, -ita; kompleksa;

 komplik-ata, -ita; ne-simpla.

iris (of eye) iriso

iron (metal) ferno (to iron - fernopreses, plans-es ) cast iron - gisferno, 

iron - steam iron - vapor gladijo

irrevocable nerevokebla

is esta, -s, to be -estes

island islo

issue n (matter) isuo, qestinado, problemo (probo);(of book) dedaro,edizzado,(of 

magazine) numero; (outcome) rezulto. 

it  to,lo, tado

it's to-s, (There ́s - Lo-s ... Tezzo-s...)

itch (intr.) skab -es (skabyo - scabies; mange); skabyomalgo, skabozyo (disease); 

ivory ivoro

jacket (man's) vesto, jaketo 

jail prijeyo, aresteyo

jam jamo, mermelo, konfituro

January Januo

Japan Japanio

jargon jargo

jasmine jasmino

jaw makselo

jaws fauko (mouth of wild animal)

jazz jazo

jab piqo, piq-es

jealous jala, jalyosa

jeans jinso

jewel yuvelo

jingle tint-es

job jobo, P:trabo, tasko

jog (run slowly) - joges

I like to jog through the park in the morning. Mi kyera joges pal parko vreme.

join yunt-es, kan-yunt-es, sekones, sekanes ka mu! 

join (place in contact) konekto, yuntendo, yunteyo

joint artiko

joke jok-es, -o

jolly up joli (have a fun -Jol!)

journal jornalo

journalist jornalisto

journey  vyaho

joy - jola, jolplenta

jubilate yubil-es, (exult: -yubil-es, triumf-es)

jubilee yubileso, yubil-em-o

Jude Jido, Yudo

judge juristo, judikisto, judikaryono, (but: jury member - juryono)

judge (general sense) judik-es, -anto  (prejudik-es, bejudikes) arbitres -arbitraro

judgement juro, judiko, judik-ado,- uro (judikio), arbitro (Le Juro Finall - 

The Final Judgement.))

jug krugo, vaso

juice juso, suko

July yulo

jump zot-es  -o , hipl-es (zotetes)

June juno

jungle junglo

junk skrepo,traxo,fartraxo, brikabrako

junction yunto, yunteyo

junior yunyoro, jovo

jury juryo, juryonero

just zze, akurate (recently,just now, in the very time) - zze, akuratem, antem, zzetyem, akuratem, (he had just arrived: P: li zzem arivis; just at that time: il soma instanto; ta-instante, ta-momente; just at present: just then: zze tem, ta-instante; they are j. alike: lu-s efektive (porverde) simila;  they have just the same opinion: Lu maxa zzel soma opino; he had j. died: Li (akuratem) zzem mortis. Mi zzem vyenis; OR: Mi vyenis prem pas. Lo zzem batris le trinesma kloko, doke (veme) mu entris urbo.

just (lawful, fair, correct, suitable) - justa, rayta, prava  

1. Equitable, lawful, legitimate, reasonable. - justa (justa deco, justa postulo)

2. Fair, impartial.  justa - Le judik(ur)o esta sevra do justa.

3. Honest, righteous, upright. (justa juro, justa homino.(rayta, prava homino))

4. Correct, exact, suitable, fit. ( justa prazo, justa renkompenzzo. Do justice - Agi, agandi juste.

justice - justo, justezzo, (good, righteous man - justono) 

Justice, law, judicial organisation - justio (justiko)

Juro - juro, juridikio - legoxenzo 


kaleidoscope kaleidoskopo

keep (retain) tyenes,(keep in hand -hold-es) rentyen-es, plonge-tyen-es, durtyenes   


kernel kerno

ketchup ketcupo

kettle kuktijo, boylero,kuktORo, ketulo

key (of lock, etc) klefo

key (on a keyboard ) klavo

keyboard klavero, klavijo,

"key in" - (to key in a telephone number) in-klav-es 

kick kolpes (pe pyedo)

kidnap kidnapes, abduktes

kill bemort-es,  masakr-es, biviv-es

kill (slay, murder)  murdes

kilt kilto, yupo.

kimono kimono

kind (adj.) afabila, bunkora, jentila

kind (sort) spesyo, sortimento

kindness afabilezzo, jentilezzo, favoro, Po favoro!

kindred gento

king or qeen royo, monarko, royano, royeno

kingdom regno, roylando, regnolando, regneyo, monarkio, roydominio

kiosk kiosko

kiss kyuso, kyuses, kyus kyus!

kitchen kukteyo, kuktorumo (as a part of an apartment, flat) 

kite kayto

knead knedes

knee genolo

kneel kniles, fleksi genoloy, genol-es, Knil!

knife kutijo, kuco

knight kavaloro, k.hood: kavalorezzo, (collect.) kavalanero

knock frap-es, -o, knock out - nokaut-es

knot (in cord, etc) neudo, beneud-es

knout knuto (whip)

know: (by acquaintance, by sense of perception) renkunes; (by learning) kunes, ivles; (recognise) renkunes, (cf. agnosk-es); intelektes; kunprines, kap-es; God knows: Dio kuna!; I do not know: mi ne kuna; let me know: informes mi; to make something known to someone: bekunes algono ko algo; informes, instrues algono ti algo; know by name: renkunes algono pe nimo; I know him: (recognise him) mi kuna li; know by heart: kunes memore, kunes memball; know a lesson, a language: kunes, kunedes lekzzo, lingvo.

know(know socially or to know situation)kun-es,(acquaintance)kump-es ko(acquainted 


know (be socially acquainted with) kun-es, kumpes ko,

know (by learning) kun-es,(get to know to someone: bekun-es. (connoisseur - 


know how - kun-ed-es, puedes kunes KUN-, Mi kunlekta - I can read.

knowing: inteligenta; kunivla (clever) (posivla) ivla;  -ly:  ko kuno, kune,  

Inquisitive - kun-ez-es ti algo.

knowledge: kuno, (what is known) kunado; (information, acquaintance) kunado; to 

my k.: konfe ma kuno (pe afero, pe algono)

kvetch qeces

label  etikto

labyrinth -(maze) labirento, meyzo

laboratory laboreyo, testeyo

lace  lazo (butlaz-es, si-butlaz-es) snuro (be-snur-es, si-snur-es)

lack(be wanting)mankamento,bristo, bristado - bristes, sau(ad)o, sauENZo, plako 

lacquer laqoyo, P:lakoyo

ladder stupetero, klimbilo

lady Madamelo, Damelo

lake lago

lamb ovino P: lambo

lame lama, kripla, invalida, moivla

lament (mourn, grieve) lamento, lament-es

lamp lampo

land (country) lando ,kampeyo, kampero, paeso

land (ground) terdo, grondo

land (v) landes, kanterdeso

landscape paesajo (natural scenery), panoramo (painted: landxafto)

language lingvo, lango, idyomo. langes - to speak a language

lantern lanterno

larder garde-yamo, yamublo, yamoskafo

large (capacity) grana, mega, ampla, spasyosa, vasta

larynx P:larinkso 

lasso lasso (keptosnuro ko nuzo)

last (endure)dures, plongest-es, plong-es 

last laste, lastem

last fina, ultimida, pasa, pasinta, recenta, lasta, lastem

last-year tranye, pasanye, pasintanye, recentanye, lastanye

lasting duribla, durebla, parmanenta, solida

latch (of door) klinko, bolto, regelo

late tarda, ne plonge, tard-es, setardes

lately - lastem, lastatempe

latent latenta

later pli tarde, tardem

latrine latrinoyo 

laugh rid-es, -o ,ridikles, hah-es, (smile - smiles)

laughter rido, berido

launder lav-es

lavatory lavatorio, WC "weco", toaleteyo, nezzeseyo,(woter-)kloseto, klosetoyo,

 "kloyo"(loo) latrinoyo

lavish prodiga, mogrida, dareza,

law (a law, jurisprudence) lego, juridikio (legoxento)

law court tribunalo

lawful konfelega, legala, belegalita

lawlessness anarkyo, saulegemo, sauleg-atio, mo-lego

lawn gazongo

lawyer legisto, yuristo

layer strato, layero

lazy pigra , ne-labor-im-a

lead (bring along) dukt-es, kondukt-es, dirig-es

lead (guide) gvid-es

lead (metal) plumbo, P: plumbiyumo

leaf (of plant) - folyo, foly+ero - frondo

leaf in a book) karto, folyo, 

leak dyar-es, (P: flumes) Le flumeto dyara pal valeyo.

leakage verdyaro, dyarado, Liqido (liquid) dyara de aquyo.

lean (incline) inkli-es (tr./intr.) 

leap zot-es (intr.), -o

learn (commit to memory) les-es, dokt-es, bememb-es , bememor-es

learned dokta, erudita

learning leso, dokto, kuno, xenzo, eruditezzo

least (adj.) minia, minimuma, le pla, le pla importa

at least  kanminie,plamolte P: kanplamolte

leather ledro

leave aband-es, las-es, farlases. (To lose restraint upon something: Qi lasis 

kyades le buko. Qi bekyadis le buko. Qi las-kyadis le buko. She let the book fall.

leave puartes, denpuartes, farg-es,  Go out! Aus! Aus(en) ko tu!

lecture prelekzzo, lekzzo

lecturer (pre)lekzzanto, instruisto , P: lektoro 

left (opposite of right- (deksa- DEKS!) - lefa, -o , LEF!

leg gambo, pyedo, (foot- futo)

legend legendo

legitimize  legitimes

lend prunt-i (algono ka algono)

less (adj.) ple, ple molta,

less (before an adjective) ple

lessen diminutiv-es  plimikres, bemikres, plemolt-es

lesson lesyo, P:lekzzo (Homework - heymlekzzoy)

letargy letarjo

let in -inlases, (admit) kanlases

let (allow) Las, (Lases) Ges!, Let him go!- Las li ges! (IR!)(Las) mu ges! - let ́s 

go! Ir! Lo estes te!- Let it be! Las lo esto te! IR! TI GES!

letter (correspondence)  brifo

letter (of alphabet) letro

level (flat) flata

level[on the same level] nivolo

library biblioteko, librereyo, bukereyo

lick slik-es

lid lido, (kovrijeto) oklolido - (pal)pebro

lie (be situated) situ-es ,lok(ey)est-es, setrov-es, yases 

lie kam-es, to go on the bed-kames,(kamo-bed) to lie – yas-es (lie at full length) 


lie (an object on something) pond-es,

lie (tell an untruth) mentin-es, blages,(flimflam-es)bluf-es,fals-es,-o to falsify-

falsif-es, fusk-es

life vivo, vivemo

lift (lift up) lev-es, -o, lift-es, skal-es

lift, elevator - lifto, levijo, lev-il-o, 

light likto = electric light, lukso, lumino, 

light v.(a lamp, fire, etc) likt-es, xalt-es (molikt-es = slek-es)

light (illumination) lumino, belumino

light (in weight or force) leyta,LEY-, mopesa

light bulb P: lampadino, lampolo

lightening blikso

light up (to luminate) liktes, P: ting-es, beliktes, (i)lumines, belumines, 


Dal kandelo liktita-s,(tingita-s) alte to sel(a) liktes (tinges)?

like(in the manner of)ve, vezze(she sings like a bird = li kyanta(songa)ve foglo)

like sombla (al), simila (al),esk-es, qase,-ezza, somble ka, eske, -eska, -mode

like (v.) kyer-es (I like it - mi kyera to) simpat-es ko, ami-es (-am-)it appeals 

to me - To gusta ka mi (min) (appreciate - beprezz-es, skalte prezz-es)

like (similar to) simila (ka); sombla (ka) (such, of like kind) tezza; (egala) ploa; plovalabla - egalabla,(cf. suffix -ESK); to be l.: simil-es, sombl-es (algo, algono); (adv.) ve, vezze; he acts l. a king: Li aga ve royo (as if he were a king); (n.) (le) simil-o, sombl-o, -ado, -ESKo; l.-minded: som-opina. 

lily lilio  

limit limo

line linyo

linen linino

link linko

link together - link-es, belinkes, kupl-es 

lion leo, aslo aslano, asleno

lips labyoy

liquorice (licorice) liqoriso (glizzirizo)

liqueur likyero (alcoholic) Po esemplo: Apsinto (Absinthe)

liquid liqido, -a (liq-(ik)ul-o - a drop)

liquidate liqind-es

lisp lispes

list listolo, (inlistol-es)

listen, listen to , (ask)olt-es P: oltes 

literate lektivla

literature letraturo

little (a little - small quantity of - ) poktete, algerete, qanterexo di... little 

momolte, (little) mikre

little (small) mikra, poka (not so big)

little by little pokto-pokte , poktemode

live in (inhabit) loktes (tr.)

live (be alive) viv-es

live (dwell) resid-es

lively vivente, vivyose, viveze

liver hepato

load kargo, karges

lobby vestibulo, politic: lobyo, lobyogrupo, lobyonero

lobbing lobyumo,-es, lobyoprent-es, lobyeso

lock (with key) klefes (with bolt) rigles

lock lokto

locomotive lokomotoro

loft lofto, mansardo, subetekto

log - wood -legnobloko, tronko, klosko

long longa (in time: longem, moltem)

long for (nostalgie) lengi,nostalgi, sospir-es ka

look (direct the gaze) mir-es (algo, algono); (l. like, as if) aspektes; montres myeno (trista, felisa, e.c.); sombles; (of houses, etc.) estes ekspond-ita, l. after: ang-es  l. for: (be in quest of)zokes, xerkes; (see expect); l. into: (investigate) esplor-es; QAL-es, l. like: (resemble) simil-es, sombles,  look on, watch (as a spectator) (e)spekt-es; a (vezze) spektanto. l. out: Segardes! , (pay attention) atent-es, -Atentes!; (be in quest for) xerkes (cf. observar); l. up to: (respect) respekt-es; l. proud: maxes fyera myeno; to l. well: bune aspektes; bunaspektes, l. like a fool: fol-aspekt-es.

look (gaze, glance) blinko, miro; (appearance) aspekto; (mien) myeno.

looking-glass: spektijo

look-out: (watcher) gvat-anto, -aryono, -isto; oserv-anto, (lower) gvat-o-turm-

eto, ( belvireyo- belvisteyo); (as with troops, etc.) gard-isto ; (view

visto, virado (cf. perspektivo); to be on look for: (lie in wait) gvates (algono, 

algo);to put on l.: begvat-es (algono)

look! (Voilà!) - Mir! Vua-la!, Tey-s! Tezzo!

look around cir-mir-es

look, look at - mir-es, spekt-es, (glance (look quickly) blink-es, okloblinkes)

look for xerk-es

look out for: (be on the watch for) gvat-es

loose loza

Lord - Sioro, Sioro, Gransioro, Domino, Patrono, Lordo, 

lorry kamyongo , loryo, truko (kargotruko)

lose perdes, si-f-es, bi-, si- (make, become without)

lottery loterio

loud (of voice, sound) lauda, skaltavoca, forta

love amo, -i, (make love - amor-es), fall in love - seames, Go i amo. Komames, 

Kyades i amo. Be in love - amestes, P: amENZ-es,  Mi amesta, I have fallen 

in love - Mi komamis. Mi amis algono. Amo bekona - moamo bedisa. Mi kreda ad amo - 

 I belive in love. Rika ko amo - Rich with love. Amyosa.

lovely lavla, plesenda, bel-OD-a.

lovely: (worthy of being loved) lavla, am-abla; amebla, (very beautiful) bel-oda.

(EU- positive, cosy and pleasant ) Atlango-s le lango molte EUson(id)a. (EUfonia) 

   To-s eupronunsebla.

low basa, dulta

luck (chanse) hazardumi, cans-es, lak-es

luck (good luck) fortuno, buncanso, bunsuerto, lako (Prospe-) to be lucky - lakes

I luckily found this place! Mi lake trovis ta loko.(Mi trovivlis ta loko.)

lucky felica,fortuna,laka,lakyosa

ludicrous plauda, plaudabla, komika, burleska

luggage bagero

lullaby - lulbaybo, lulbayb-es, lult-es - a quiet song to send a child to sleep.

lumbago - lumbaug(in)o

lump (clod) piece of no particular shape: lumpo, bulo (grana pexo) 

lunch lanco

lunette luneto

lung pulmo

lure lures,seduzz-es, logv-es

lustre brilo, poluro

luxury luksuso

lye kaustika natro, sodyo P: soudo


machine mahino

mad (angry) furyosa , arg-od-a, 

mad (crazy) fola, 

madam sioreno, madamelo, damelo, donyo (P: Madonyo) 

madhouse  foleyo, foldomo,

mafia mafio

magazine (media) gazeto, jornalo, revyuo 

magazine ( a shop, store) magazino, storeyo

magnanimous meganima,generosa, parduneza

mail posto,  postado, postall, meylo, mesado

mail (v.) postes, meyles, send a message - mes-(es), e-meyles, P:elka-meyles 

P: mesendes (mes+spedes) brif-es

main  cefa

maintain (keep in the same state) (sustain)sube-tyena,-es,suport-es); (keep in the 

needs of life) vivotyenes; (assert) asert-es, afirm-es

maintenance   konservo; subetyeneso helpo; vivotyen-eso, nutr-eso

make (do) fer-es, f-es,(become - sestes,SE+) Be-(transitivezzo) bestes, bef-es - 

make, render

make up  sminko, (put on make-up) smink-es

male  masklo, mano, tano (masklono)

malicious  malika, malvola

malleolus maleolo

maltreat mal-trakt-es

man (human being) ho, homo, h(omin)o ! (neutral gender)

man (male adult) mano, ano, an-, tano - this man (hi) 

manage (administer) admin-es, mestr-es (mestr-um-es), manipol-es

manage  (to do something - to succeed in accomplishing) accomplish - prosperes, 

 ivles - Mi ferivlis to. Mi ivlis tom fes.

manageable -adminebla, manipolebla

manager - menajoro, mestro, -estro, administo, adminestro

mane  krino  If the mane, tail, muzzle etc are brown then the horse is described as

 brown. Yol krino, teylo, muzelo etc(ttp) esta bruna doke le kavelo beskritata-s 

vezze bruna (P: lom, brunam.)

mandrake mandragoro,alrauno.Li skrima te laude,ke,(ta)vi lim detreka,rape morta.

mangle  magles, pex-trek-es, ir-trekes ka (aste)pexoy -tear to pieces,lancer-es

mania manio, obsession - osento, osentio, osent-es ti, pe,

manipulate - manipules,handumes, maneumes, maneages

manner maniero, modeo, modo

manner (of living, traditional, usual) moro, moroy. Moropinteso - genre painting

 primora nuvelo, komedio. other times - other ways - alya tempoy - alya moroy

manoeuvre manovro, -es

mansion grandomo, domodo, manso

manufacture fabrik-es

manure dungo, eskremento

manuscript maneskri(p)to, maneskritado, handoskrito  (maneo - hando)

many molta,many people come to this bar-Moltoy (molto di hominoy)vyena ka ta baro.

map (n.) mapo

March marco

march marx-es, -o

mark (token or stamp) P:tokno, stamplo, merko, postomerko, glumerko

market marqeto

marquis  marqiso

marquis  as awning - marqeso

marriage, - meryeso, meryado, meryezzo, matrimonio, wedding-nupto

married couple - ge-meryonoy, meryonoy, meryo-pyaro, meryoduo)

marry: (by priest, etc.) be-mery-es, (algono ka algono); (get married) 

semeryes ko algono; married person: mery-on-o, -ano, -eno; 

marsh - moraso

martial   milita (militarr)

marvel (wonder) mervelo, miraklo 

mass (body of matter) maso

mass (large quantity) masio, moltero di

mass (people) popolo, publo, publoamazo, kraudo

mass (religion) misalo

massage masajo (dares masajo -masaj-es, bemasajes, masajares)

massive masiva, masia

mast masto

master mastro, granmastro - maestro

master (v) bemestr-es algo, se-mestr-es (self),regi,(dominate - domin-es)  

algo, mestr-um-es - keep house - domestres

masterly  - maestre, maestrall -showing the skill of master, maestrado, arki-verko

mate   kumpo, kamrato

match: (horses, pictures, pairs of things) bepyar-es ; (equal) egales,(set in opposition) estes baste (pli)forta alte grana po defentes, po konbatres, po rezistes, po P: konkurentes, po konkorses; (cf. oposes);(unite families by marriage) alianz-es; (to be similar, alike) simil-es, estes le soma.

match: (lucifer) alumeto (a lighter)flam-ijo,(a similar thing)similado; 

(competition) meco, mecpartido, konkurso; turneo, boxing: bokso-kombatro, -fayto.

matchbox: alumet-bukso, -UYo.

matchless: supertotya konparo, ne-konpar-ebla.

material materyalo -ADY-, bren-ADYo - fuel, bild-ADYo -building material 

materialize materyal-es,semmateryales, bemateryales, samefekt-es

matter (material) materyo, materyalo, (materio i kosmo)

matter (v.) import-es, grav-es

mature  matura,  adolta

mawkish P: pluke sentimentall

maxim P:maksimido

maximum makso

maximal makse (le plu) maksa,

maximalize bemaks-es

May mayo

may (adv.) eble

may (v.) darf-es,  May I...?  - Da mi darfa…? Da mi pueda...?

may (May you be happy) Ke solme tu-s felica, may it be!  Ke solme! (in Spanish: 

ojalá!) Oha-la! Mu esperes, Ke solme mu-x espero.

maybe  eble, ESTABE, somble

maze labirento, meyzo

meadow  prado, herbeyo

meal  repasto, yamo, dixo, yamado,

mean (signify) signes (make a sign), senses, falez-es, to faleza ke… What does it 

mean? Vom to signa?

meandre meandro, meandr-es

meaning -senzzo, signuro, P: falezo  It means - To faleza, to signa

means (resource) moyo, -medyo, remedyo, materyalo 

meanwhile somem, intertempe, somtempe,i soma tempo, po tyem

measure myer-es, Ver to myera? P:To longERa 2 metroy. 

measure menzuro, myero, myerijo,-ometro, prubijo,(qal-ijo, myerijo)myer-es,qal-es, 

  Qal-myeres algo, (kanmyeres)

meat  karno, (meat or flesh used for food - vyando, vyandado, karnado

mechanism mehanizmo, mahinizmo

mechanic mehanika, mehanikisto

mechanical mehanikall 

media komunikadoroy, medioy, sozziala medioy

mediate medyat-es

medicine (for illness) medikado, drogo

medicine (science) mediko, medikuno, (profession) medikisto, kuristo, doktoro 


meet     enkont-es,  tref-es, 

meet (come together) konvyen-es kontrefes, trefUKTes

meeting  trefo, konvyeno, mitingo

melancholy  melankolio

melody  melodio

melt  meltes, solutes, dis(e)solutes

member - ono, - ano, eno. Sozziono, tim-ono, erono, grupano, grup-un-o

memory membo, memno, mindivlo

memories - suvyenir(ad)oy, memnoy, memb(ad)oy, membero

menace huto, -es, menacing: hut-anta, (DRA-, dranjera), bepaura, betemora, 

mend riper-es (tr.), ripero

mention - menkes   ( don´t mentioned it! - ne dankable! ne menkable!) Also: Ne 

dankebe, Ne menkebe! Lo ne-s trebo (po) dankes (menkes), Se ne dankeba po to.

menu  menuo, yamkarto, 

mercy  merso, favoro

merge mergi (tr.)

merit merito, -es

merry alegra (to be merry) -es, jola -es

mess (disorder) disordo, pelo-melo, bauago, BAU-

message  mes(aj)o, P: meso, mes, informo, spedado, noto, P: novo - nuvado

metal metalo   metal-sheet - metalfolyo, metal plate - lamelo, blaxo

meter (measure) metro

method metodo

metre (measure; poetic) metro

mew - myau-es

middle meza, -o, in the middle = centrey, mezey, meze di

mien  myeno (grimace - grimaso)

mild milda

mile milo, miloyo (distanso)

milieu  ambyento, milyero, (social setting -sosyaloko, sosyala plaso)

milk  lakto

million milyongo

millionaire milyongano, milyonaryo

mind (to attend to) atentes; gardes; anges; (obey) obides (algono) (nurse) anges,

 konzzernes; never m.: ne importe. (never mind! - To-s ne grava! Ne importa!) 

 Do you mind if...? - Da lo-s egale po tu (tun), yo…? Da tu-s kontra,yo… Da tu 

mokyera yo…

mind (understanding) mindo, mentalo, intelekto, inteligent-ezzo; (intention)  intenzzo - intento;(ne: intendo!!!) P: rezolvo; decimo, (inclination) inklino; gusto; deziro; dezo, volunto; (memory) membo; (opinion) opino, ideo; judiko; syentimento; minde (mentale) sana; to call to m.: (ren-)memb-es ,bemembes(algono ka algono); I will bear that in m.: mi membo to; presence of m.: spirito-pront-ezzo; make up one’s m.: dezzes, rezignes (mo); to my m.: pe ma opino, judiko;  m. doctor: mindo-medikisto; high-m.ed: gran-anima.

mine miniro, minir-es  (gold mine - minireyo di goldo)

mine (explosive) esplodmino, esplodmineyo, esplodminkampo

minimum minio

minimal minia,(miniall) minie, (le pla) 

mint mentelo

minus minuso, minuse

minute (of time or angle) minuto

miracle miraklo, mervelo, supernaturala fenomino

mirage mirajo, mirado, virado = visto

mirror  (bigger) speglo, renspeglum-es, despegl-es, fardespegles

mis- FEL-, applied to various parts of speech, meaning “ill,”“mistaken,”

 “wrong,”“wrongly,”“incorrectly,” or simply negating. FEL-, mal-,eror-

 ,EROR- (e.g., malaud-es, Felaud-es, - felunto, malunto,) 

miscellaneous  miksela, miksita

miscellany  difersadoy, mikseladoy, mikselero

misery mizerio, mizere

miss, Miss (n.) Sioreneto  S-rto, Damelo (S-eneto) Santya Madonno

miss, to miss -  bristes, syentes bristo

missal misalo, misalbuko  

mist  -  niblo

mistake (error) felo, feles, eroro, eror-, -ERORO, FEL- My mistakes help me learn  

 and grow. Ma feloy (eroroy) helpa ka mi les(es) ti kres(es).

mister Siorano S-ano, Masiorano,Mrs -Sioreno S-eno, Miss -Sioreneto. 

Ladies and Gentlemen!  - Estimida Sioroy! Respektabla Sioroy! 

misunderstand malkunprines,  felkapes

mix (n.) mikso, -uro -adyo

mix (v.) miks-es, sa(m)mikses, intermikses

mixture mikso, -uro

moan jemes, jemado, jem-jemes

mobile -mobebla, mobivla

mock, jeer at - mok-es, berid-es, cirkerides

modem  modemo

moderate modra, modre

modern moderna

modest modesta, pudora (honteza)

modify bemod-es, modif-es

moment (of time) instanto, momento, poktemo, kortemo, tempexo, blinkemo. 

        Just a moment ago - Zze prem, Zze pre momento, Zzepoktem

Monday   Lyundyem(o), Lyundo

money   munio, munieto, P: geldo, P: pekuno, sistemato munietarr. Li ne esta 

saumunia plonge, he is no longer penniless. muniet-o:(of gold, silver, copper) 

coin, cash, change, currency; munieto: a coin; muni-papero: paper money: 

bankobilyeto, banknoto) Mi ne-x ter munio kone.

monk monasto, monasteyo - monastery

monster monstro

month munayo, P: -ayo

monkey simyo, P: apino

mood mudo, atmosfero, humoro

moon lyuno, lyunarr

moonlight lyunolumo,  lyunolukso, lyunolikto

more pli molte, no more - ne pli, enke ne 

more or less - pli-ple, pli-ho-ple

more (before an adjective) pli

more and more pli ti pli , P: in time - longeme, plongeme

moreover (besides) plus, pluse, cetere, ADVE-,adizze,(pli)sobre to 

morning matino, vremo

morose P:maurosa

mortar mortoro, pistuyo

most (before an adjective) (le) plu,le plumolte, makse

moth nokta mariposo - falino,(clothes-m.) tinoyo, motoyo, molo

mother matro, mamo

mather-in-law - Hal-matro, (Hal- kinship by second marriage)

motiv motivo

motor motoro

motto motto, formelo , slogo, devizo

mould moldo

mound montiklo

mountain monto (monteto - kolino)

mournfull (gloomy) morna, funebra, gluma

mouse mauso

moustache bayuso P: mustako

mouth (also fig.) bokto

mow P:falzzes, klipes

move mob-es (tr./intr.), -o, -OB-,

much molte, molter

mucus moklo, nozmoklo

mud fanko,(slime) slaumo (dirt, mud shield - pare-fanko)

muff mufo

multiplication multipliko, moltopledo

murder ocid-es, -o murdes, bemortes

murmur mermo, mermeso, mermEMP-es

muscle musklo

mush brayo, pulpo

music muziko

muslim - musulmo, musulmeno, musulmano,

must (necessity) nezzeso, dabo, dab-es , -eb , oblo, (Also: I must go - Mi 

g(ond)aba) or: Mi nezzesa ges. (impersonal: it is necessary that) To nezzesa… or: 

Lo-s nezzesa ke...

mutation - muto, mut-es

muzzle  muzelayno, pare-mordo (to prevent biting or, metaphorically, speaking)

muzzle muzelo (visACo)

my ma, le … di mi

myth mito


nail (metal) klovo

nail (on finger) - unelo 

naive naiva

naked nakna

name (n.) nimo, nimado,  Mi senima… Ma nimo-s…, Mi nimaxa… 

name (have a name)nimaxes, senimes.  give a name - nim-es, or:  benim-es

namely nime

nap dormet-es, P: nap-es

nappy daypero, vindelo

narcotic narkoto

narrative narata, kenta

narrow uska, moampla, movasta

nation nasio

national nasia

nationality nasiezzo

nationalist nasi-al-ist-o, nasializma

nationalize benasi-al-es, bestates

nature naturo , natura legoy

nature (character)  karaktezzo

nauseate naus-es, nauso

navigate navig-es, 

near proka, prokey, zzey

nearly preske, proke, zzey 

necessary nezzesa, (passive obligation) Nezzese,(oble) Lo-s nezzesa tom fes. 

It is necessary for you to come. Lo(-s)nezzesa ke tu vyenes.

neck kolmo,  nape of the neck - nuko

necklace kolyo, perlinero (collar - kolmado)

necktie kravato

nectar nektaro, nekt-ar-es

need trebo, treb-es, -EB-,  max-ab-es, I need to know - Mi kun-ab-a ... 

needle nadlo, kodrijo

neglect neglekt-es, nonxal-es, disatent-es, moatentes

negligee negl-es, be-negl-es, be-nakn-es

neighbour - naubo, naubono,  naubes ka, ko...

neighboring nauba, nauball, prokeya

neighbourhood naubeyo, prokeyo (in neighbourhood - naube) 

neither ... nor -  neke … neke ,  neither I = nek(e) mi

nephew nefyo,nefyano

nerve nervo

nervous nerv-ozya, nervyosa

nest yuvo, euyuva, (euheyma) (cozy, cosy) fogla yuvo

net - reto

the Net, internet - neto, interneto

neutral neutra, neutrall

never nem, neme, na-tempe

new nuva

news nuvoy,nuvadoy P: novoy

newspaper jornalo, gazeto, revyuo(newspapers-prentio,gazetero,jornalero P:novuyo) 

next seqanta, seqa, vyenonta, g-onta

nice plesa, plesovokta, ples+ARa, granplesa (person -karina) P: fayna

niece nefyo, nefyeno

night nokto

nine nin

nipple cizzo, P:niplo

no (opposite of yes) ne, (nel)

noble nobila

nobody NONO, na-persono

noise kyaso, bruso,frakeso, (gossip - klaco, goso) You are making a terrible 

 noise. Tu f(er)a teribla kyaso.

none (nobody) nono, na-persono,

nonsence nonsenzzo

noon meridyo, meridyemo, 

no-one ́s nia

nor neke… neke…

norm normo

normal normala, normall

north nordyo, -ala - nordyall

nose nozo

nostril  nostrilo, nozotruvo

not ne

note not-es, -o, konstat-es

notebook notuyo, porte-noto, kayerno

nothing no, nado, na-kosado, nolo (zero)

notice (essay) notiso

notice (v.) (re)mark-es, not-es (also for oneself)

noun subestansivo

novel nuvelo, romanzo (short story - nuveleto, kento, (romanso = romance)

now - tyem, just now - akuratem, zzem - in the same moment

nowadays - tyempe

nowhere na-lok(ey)e, ney

noose nuzo (sufokijo)

nozzle duzo

nuanse nuanzo

nude nakna

number (for identification) numbro, numbrado (e.g., numbro di domo, di klefo)

number (quantity) numbro, numbrezzo

nurse nurso, nurseno, nursano,  P: medisorelo, medifrato. nurs-es,


oak qerso

o'clock - kloko, horo

obey    obid-es   He understood it was just to obey, without any discussion -Li 

kapi,ke li simple obidaba sau diskaso.

oblige obliges I feel myself obliged to help him- Mi syensa obligita (po) 

helpes ka li. (po lin helpes)

oblique obliqa

oblivion  olvo, olv-atio, olvemo, momembo, momemoro

object to (v.) objekt-es, sekontres

object (n.) obyekto

objection ob-jekto, sekontreso

obscene  oskina, vulgaca, mopudora

observe oserv-es, atent-es

observatorium oservATERYo

obsess osent-es "She is obsessing over her weight-Qi osenta pri (sobre) xa vekto.

obsession fiksideo, osento, -io, manio  You are my obsession - Tu-s ma osent(ad)o

obstacle staklo, staklado, zorado

obstinate ostines (perseves)

obtain (attain)(to get with some efforts) bemax-es ka se (sen),fiks-es ka se

obturate (seal)otures (photo) oturijo (shutter)

obtuse otusa, moivla, mokapivla, nekapeza, dumbeta, pron-mo-kapa

obvious evidenta 

occasion  evento, voltemo,  (P:okazo - very special event - spesyalevento)

occasionall  volta,  konf-eventa

occasionally konf(e)-eventa, de tempo ka tempo, vol-volte

occupy aryumes,bizes pri, pe, aferes (seaferes) pe, pri, (preoccupy - pluktrobles 

Ne plukaryumes! Ne pluketrobles!) Estes (pluk)asorbita pe...  plukebiza pri...

occupation (military control) landokupatio (okupes lando) okupatio, 

militkontrolo, violokupo

occupation (one´s regular activity) seafereso, bizo, profeso, aryumo, aryum-es,

occur  eventes, esteventes - turn to be, selmontr-es

ocean oceano

October oktobro

ocular - okl-atoro, virijo, oklijo

odd (strange) cuda, bisara, 

ode odeo

odour (neutr) flavoro, (good) aromo, (bad) fetoro, moaromo

of  (marking possession) di; (origin, derivation, starting point, quantity, dimension, size) de, (indicating material made of) de; (“out of”) de; (concerning)pri, sobre; (agent, authorship) per; of late: recente, de korta tempo; of course: KAPE, kapeble; it is very good of you: P: tu-s molte afabila; off: (away) far, fare; distanta (de); (from) farde (broken off) rompita; P: zeper-ita;  five kilometers (metres) off: dista (P:ti) a 5 km.; off and on: de tempo ka tempo; take off the hat: (far)denprines le  P: capelo; off with him: Far ko li! I am off: mi va; hats off: P: dul(es)(en) capeloy! to be off color (colour): maxes ne-korekta koloro,ten meters (metres) off from me: P: a desto metroy farde mi; he ran off: li far-korsis; a great way off from here: farde tey;  the gun went off: le fuzelo pafis; hands off: dul(en) handoy!(han-far!) off with you:  Far ko tu! the vessel is off the harbor (harbour): le navyo esta prey alte prokey le purto; off the hinges: zeper-ita farde (P: gonzoy).

of (concerning) pri (temates pri…)

of (out of, made of) de, (Ta krugo ferita-s de metalo)

of (possession or association) di, Via? -ia 

of course! - KAPE! Kapeble! Kapite! Evidente! Kunprineble! Klare! 

off (from) de (den-) farde (farden-)

off! (Let`s go!) go!  (colloq. go) Ir kal laboro! = Ir po labores!

offence ofendo (insulto)

offensive ofenzo

offer (sacrifice) ofr-es, ofr(ad)o, ofruro, ofr-ono, batr-itono, brand-itono

offer ofert-es

office ofizzo,(business place: ofizzeyo) kontoreyo,byuro (byureyo)

office (function, duty) funso, funsino, postino

officer (milit. commanding) (milit-)ofizzaryono, P:ofizzano

officer funsaryono, kontoristo, ofizz-ist-o, byuristo

official (adj.) ofizzyala, ofizzyall

official (n.) ofizzy(al)ono

offspring (descendent) enfo, deskendinto, -YUN gat-YUNo (a kitten); royINIDo (a 

prince,from 'king' also: royenfo); arbyuno (a sapling, from 'tree'); izraelinido 

(an Israelite); yun-ero (a clan, tribe)

often freqe (sometimes or frequently) Li freqe ga, Li g-EMPa, freq-es

(to make something often) plu freqe - most often

ogre ogro

oil olyo

ointment ungvento

old (not new) antika, olda, farema

old (not young) olda, antika

omit omit-es, qit-es, P: skipes (transezotes)  

on  su, (sur- as a prefix)

on account of   pro, su konto di...

on top  (on) su topo, sobre, sobren

on (at the time of)  yel tempo di, yetempe di, ...em

on (concerning) pe

on (upon)sobre, sobre farde,(high up,high above skalta-skale(skaltaskalono-high-up)

once (one time) unvolte, once for all: volte po cem, once again - renvolte

once upon a time -I alga tempo = Algem(e), voltem,algatempe, algavolte

one (1) un, uno

one (pronoun) se , li, (un, algono)

onion cebo

only (adj.) solma, unesolma, unika

only (prep.) solme

onto - ka su, suren

oops! - vups(e)! (to express mild apology, surprise, or dismay)

opaque opaka (mo-parvirebla) neparvira, 

open (tr.) abres (under the open sky, in the open -abraskyele)

opero opero, building: opereyo

operetta opreto (operetto)

operate (also medical and military) operat-es 

1.The bus is designed to operate in all weather conditions. Le buso designita-s po 

operates i ca metea (klima) kondoy. 

2.Doctors had to operate him. Doktoroy dabi operates li. (operatabes) 

3.The laws of evolution operating on each species. Le legoy di evolvo operata ca 

spesioy. (To have an effect on something. Influentes algo.)

opinion opino, takso. In my opinion -I Ma Opino (IMO)

opportune oportuna,(adekfata, konvyena) P: komoda

oppose opond-es, kontr-es, kontrestanses, kontrestares, kontremyeres, 

opposite kontre, oponde, mote

opposition - opondo,opondantero,moto, opond-aryo P:?(kontrapostino)

opt opt-es, elektes

optimism optimizmo

or - alte, (from alternate)

orchard horto, fruktarbero, fruktarbeyo

orchestra orkesto

order ordo, ordesmo, beord-es

order (command) imper-es, -o , komendres,(commander -komendranto)

order (decoration) medalo

order (goods etc) order-es

ordinary -ordina, ordinala, norma, normala

ordination ordo, P: ordesmo 

organ - orgo, organelo

organ -(musical instr.) orgelo

organic organika

organise organiz-es 

organization organIZo, -ARYATo. (Members of an organisation - 

organiz-on-ero) limb of the Law -organizo dil Lego - Legizo

orgillous orgola  

orgy orgyo

origin origino

originate - origes, (descent) denvyen-es 

ornament - ornamento, ornamado, P:ornamentiko

orphan orfo

oscillate oskiles

oesophagus esofago

other - otra

other people aliay, otronoy

otherwise otre, otra-mode

ought obl-es, dab-es (e.g. tampe mu stud-aba, stud-obla)

out of (in time) de, eksa, eksem-,eksemo - time to go out, (in place,amount) estra,

 estey, ester+, ausem

outline (v) skiz-es

outside  auso,ause, ausey, abrey, esterporde,ausporde,(go outside - ausen-g-es, 


oven forno

over (above) supe, super, super-es

over (across) trans - transe, krose, P: tuere

over (finished) finita, fino! 

overcoat surtuto

owe dab-es, skuld-es

owl strigo

own (adj.) propia, xia, sela, xa, 

own (possess) propi-al-es , posid-es

owner posidanto

ox - bofo, bofano  (bull - tauro)


pace (step) and-es. ando (to go - gandes)

pack pak-es, bepakes

packet pako, paketo

pagan pogano -a

page (of a book, etc) pagino,(pagyo) homepage - heympagino

page (historical) pajo

pain augino,augo, sufro, angusto - Aug!

paint (coat with paint, etc) farb-es, kolor-um-es

paint (n.) farbo, kolor-if-o

paint (pictures) pint-es, (pintisto)

pair  pyaro, duoplo, duo

palace palaso

pale (adj.) palida

palm (hand) polmo

palm tree  palmo

palpable palpebla, tuktebla

palsy - paralisita, palsita, palsa

pan padelo

panic paniko

pants pantalongo , pantalo, bruko

paper papelo (piece of paper - karto)

parachute pare-xuto

parasol ambrelo, pare-solo (kontre pyuvo - pare-pyuvo)

parade paradgo, paradg-es

paradise paradiso

paradox paradokso

parallel paralele

paralysis paraliso, palso

parcel (package) pako

parchment pergamino

pardon Parduno! Mi pardunpida. 

parent genitoro,genitaryonoy, parento, mother and father - (GE-)parentoy, 

parentage denvyeno, gento

parenthesis(e) - parenteso, parentes(es), klampo,  (interklampe)

park (n.) parko

park (v) (auto)park-es

parking  parkeyo, parkingo

parliamento parliamento

parody parodyo, parody-al-es

parry (to repulse) PARE-es,(PARE-,paresolo, parepyuvo) be-haltes

part (not all) parto, parteyo, partado, mondoparto (≈ kontinento), landoparto 

parto di kerpo, (kerpexo) kerpoparto

participate - partini, partoprini

particle partikulo (-IKULo piece - pexo -EXo (pexikulo)

particular (specific) spesifika, partikula (partikul-moda, partikularr),aparta, 


partner partaryo, in friendship, (more intimate) - amyono

partnership partaryezzo

party (politic) partido, partio -(also a group)

party partoyo, fyesto

pass (through, over; life, time) (tr., intr.) pas-es; (p. by) bay-pases, bay-gandes; (cause to p., a boat, a person, etc.) bepas-es, baypas-es (cf. aprobes); (give judgement)  anuntes judikado; (surpass) super-gandes, -estes; (in speaking of gas, liquids, etc.) par(ey)pases (parpenetres); (p. away; die) farpases,apag-es, mortes; (cease - stop) brek-es; p.in judgement: vyenes ka tribunalo, estes judikita; p.across a river: transegandes (dreves) rivero; p. one’s life: pases sa vivo; p. on one’s road: seqes sa voyo; Vo pasa? 

pass (entrance) paseyo, entreyo ;(permission) pas-purmeso, pasporto

passenger pasono, pasaryo, pasanto, pasantaryo, vyahanto, vyaharyo, vehanto

passion pasyo, amozo (am-OD-o) = granamo

password pasavorto

past pas-em-o, pasintemo (yesterday - timpo)

pasturage: (food) nutr-if-o (act) pastur-es.

pasture: (tr., intr.) pastur-es,(place) - pastureyo. Pasturisto, pasturaryono

patch (n) paco, to patch - pacendes, patchwork - pacado, pacoverko

paternal patrala

path voyeto 

pathetic patetika, konpatabla

patience patyenzzo

patient (adj.) patyenzza

patient (n.) kurato, patyento, inprinato

patronize patron-es

pattern desegno, modelo, formazo, formado

pause paus-es, -o

pave paving stone - pavo

pavement pavero, paveyo

pavilion pavilyongo

paw pyedo

pawn (at chess) peono

pay pag-es (solvent -pagivla) 

pea pizo

peace pazo

peacock paufoglo

pear (= fruit of the pear tree -le puararbo) - puaro

pearl perlo

peg pego, stifto - (small pin of wood or metal used for fastening.)

pen plumo

pencil krayo, skritijo

peninsula pinislo, kabo, hal-islo

penis peniso, penyo, peninyo (vulg.- fakijo, P: (e)skfazzo)

people (a people) popolo, publo, publiko, (publia, popolarr, popolara)

people (persons) personoy

pepper pepro, pimento

perception percepto, percept-es

perfect perfekta, beperfekt-es

perform performes, feres, fes)

performance performo, performeso, performado

perhaps eble, estede

period peryodo, dauremo

perish apag-es, farper-es

permanent permanenta, konstanta, solida, parestivla, 

permit (allow) purmes, purmeso, purmesado P: purmes-UMYENTo,purmesURo, Pur! Pur-

prezentes… Also: Dar ka mi(min) tom fes. P: Ferdares to ka mi (min).= Purferes to 

min. Purfes to ka mi.

permission purmeso, purmesado, (konceso, licenzzo)

persecute persekt-es

persevere - persevres (pursue steadfastly: continue on a given course, 

esp.in the face of discouragement,obstacles) Persevres i alga entreprino.(dauribla)

(hold firm), perseve ti zore, Zor-) se perseves i situo (situenzo).  

plonge-dures pri sa opino. plongestares ye sa opino. 

persistence persevrezzo

person: person-o; -al: -ala, -all; -ality: -ezzo; -ification: beperson-ezzo, 

-be-in-korpor-o;  -ify: bepersones; -nel: person-ero.

persuade persfad-es

perturbation pertroblo, troblo, -OBLO

petal petalo

petition petido

pet-name karinnimo

phantasm fantoNo, fantasmo 

phantom fantoNo, (ghost) spuko

phase fazo

pheasant (ornit.) fazango

phone telefono, (tele)fonijo, smartphone - kompufono, kompijo,

photograph fotograf-es, fot-es, foto, fotado

physician medikisto, medikaryo

piano fortepiano, piano, pianino

picture imajo, pikto, pikturo, piktado

pidgin pijino

piece pexo, -EX- (pex-ikul-o)

pierce pirses,parpirses, perfor-es

pietism pious sentiment - pietizmo, pieta

pig porko

pigeon kolombo, pijo

pile (heap) hupilo, kumolo

pillow kuxino

pillowcase kuxinuyo

pimple pimplo (pustolo)

pin pinglo (pego, stifto)

pinch (nip) pinc-es

pioneer pioniro

pious - devoutly religious - pyusa 

pipe (tube) tubo

pirate pirato

piss - pis-es, pisil-es, urin-es 

pistol pistolo

pit (hole in ground) foso

pitoresque -pintureska, pintabla

pity konpat-es,-o,That is pity! Konpatable! Skade! Malsuerto!

pizza pizzo

place loko, plaseyo, lokeyo, 

place (put) plases, belokes, pondes

place (public) plazo

placid placida (kalma) "a placid neighborhood." placida naubeyo. 

    This horse has a placid nature. Ta kavelo maxa placida naturo.

plague plago

plait, to plait - plektes, konplektes, plait - treco, keplotreco, plektado

plan (of action) proyekto, plano, programo

plan (v.) proyekt-es, (be)plan-es 

planchette planxo

plane (flat surface) surfaso, flato, flatado

planet planeto 

plank planko, taulo (board) (floor of a room - parkyeto)

plant (botanical) planto

plant (set to grow) beplantes 

plasma  plazmo

plate (dish) dixo

plate plato (flata ronda vaso de va xe yama) 

play (amusement) plaud-es, seplaud-es

play pludo, -UDo (game -gemo - udo), sporto, -UD

play (theatre) pyeso, teatrado

play a role -rol-es, aktor -es) pludes rolo

play a game - gem-es

plead plid-es Molta fatoy plida po Atlango.

please pides, mi pida, Pide!,Plis! Po favoro, Porfavore, Bunvolunte, (as you 

please - konfel gusto Tua, pleso (kyero) Ve to tum gusta.(P:Konfe le favoro tua) 

pleasure pleso  This is my friend. Pleased to meet you, John. 

To-s ma amiko. Lo-s plese tum kunes (trefes),Yohano. 

Pleiades Pleyadoy

plod peze feres, lamOBes (hobl-es), (zor-ges, zorfes,)(with perseverance)

perseves;(through work) fes algo ko zoro ti persevezzo (trudge) marxes zore alte 

perseve; (hobble) klodik-ante, hobl-ante."Work on something boring or monotonous.”-

Laboro ko (sobre, pe) algo bebura alte monotonall.

plot ploto, konploto, intrigo

plough plog-es

ploy ruzado, triko

pluck (fruits, flowers, etc) - ploktes. Harvestes, Take hold of and remove (a 

flower, fruit, or vegetable) from where it is growing.

plug plugo,tampongo, plug-ijo, jako, plug-es, 

plus pluso, pluse (in addition)

plush pluxo

pocket pokso

poem poemo, poemado

poet poeto, poeziaryono, poezisto

poetics poetiko, teorio di poezio

poetry - poezio, poezia, poeziala, -all, poeziado, poezi-kosado, poemo, poemado

point (dot, etc) punto , puento

point (v.)indik-es, beatent-es, punt-es, bepuent-es. It should be pointed out, 

that…   - Lo estu punteba ke… Indikebe ke… Puntebe ke… 

poison (n.)tokso,  be-toks-es

pole (of wood, etc) stango, upright post - palgo

polecat  putoro (skunko)

policeman polis-isto -ano - ono

police poliso

polite - jentila, kortesa

pollen polino

pollinate polin-es, be-polin-es,

pomp - pompo (kun grana pompo)

pond lageto

ponder pans(es),(dispans) mediti pri,parpanses.

pony poniko, P: poneo

pool simbuyo, simbeyo, pixino

poor (needy) povra, morika

poor (not good) ne-buna, mala

poor (pitiable) konpatabla

popular popola, popolara, popolarr,

port (sea or air) purto

porcelain porcelino

position (place) loko, lokeyo, plaso, sito, situo, postino 

position (of body) pozo

positive positiva

possess posid-es,max-es,(a short form in present tense:-x -ia (Di va? Di vi? 

Di vono? Via? -whose?, whose- via (relative), Cia,Nia,Algia,Valgia)

possible puedebla ebla, esteda. Maybe - ESTEDE

post (postal service), posto, postalo, posteyo, postes - to send by post

post (position, station) postino, ofizzo

posterity posonaryo, onitaryo, P: inidoy

postage (stamp) stamplo, postajo

postcard postokarto

pot uyo, potuyo, krugo -UY-

potato potato

pour (pour out) flus-es (solids)- xut-es

pout paut-es

powder (dust) pulvo

power pauero, puedo, forto (puedezzo, fort-ezzo, pauer-ezzo, autoritato); (math.med.) potenzzo; this is not in my p.: To-s ne po ma puedo, to the utmost of our p.: te molte ve mu pueda; the p. of water: forto dil aqo; the great powers: le grana fortoy.

powerful fortyosa, potenta, puedyosa

powerless sauforta, ne-potenta; moforta,impotenta; suaga.

practice prakto, praktiko

practice prakt(ik)-es

praise  eulog-es, glor-es, beglores, -o, skalte beprezz-es.(to praise god - Gloro 

kal Dio! Skalte prezz-es)

pray (communicate with God) (v) prekt-es

prayer prekto Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. 

Mu(n)a pansoy ti prektoy esta ko Tu i ta zoremo. (mofasilemo - moleytemo)

preach profet-es, predik-es (prophet -P: profeto, profetaryono)

precise  preksa,(nepreksa - mopreksa ) fes algo prekse, Fer algo prekse! Preks!

precious skalteprezza, prezzYOSa, valABLyosa,kar-od-a, prezzABLa

prefer prefir-es, plidezes, (algo, algono) ve, ye, farde (algo, algono) I prefer to 

speak only in Atlango, please. Mi prefira fales solme atlange, porfavore. (plis)

pregnant gravida  Pregnant with son - Gravida a filo.

prejudice prejudizzo (ne: prejudiko) He has a prejudice against foreigners.

Li-x prejudizzo kontre otralandonoy.

premise premiso, P: preprino, P: antemprino (hipoteso)

preoccupy (mal)asorbes, pluktrobes, plukARYumes, plukebizes

prepare prep-es, beprontes

preposition prepozizzo

presence  (aspekto) prezenso (personality) person-al-ezzo

presence (being present) (asistes) P: auestes,in presence of -(P:aueste di) 

 make a sign of presence - feres signo di auesto hod asisto.

present (time) - tyemo, tampo.

present   to be present - yest-es (ye estes)

present (gift) gifto, (v.) gift-es, bedaro

present (v.) prezent-es, seprezentes, figur-es, reprezent-es 

presentation prezenteso, prezentado, prezenturo

press (apply pressure) prent-es , konprent-es, klem-es, disprent-es  

press -(newspapers) prentio -i , gazetero, drukadero

prestige - prestigo

pretend finzzes (make it seem,feign, pretend to be - finzzes, feykes

besombles, simol-es, imites 

pretension pretenzzo

prevail super-es, reg-es

prevent  prevent-es

previous prea, antema, preseqa, preva (prevanta)

previous: preva (time) (space) pre-vanta, preseqa, the p. question: le preva frago.

prevision previro

prey butino, plundrado, trofeo, keptado

price - prezzo, ver to prezza? How much it costs? (prezzyosa)

price (award) premyo, avordo

prick (v) pig-es ( to make (a small hole) in (something) or wound)

pride(self-respect) praudo, praudes pri…, praudes pro...

primitive - primitiva, primerema

prince prinzzo (roy-INID-ano) prinzzano

princess prinzzeso (roy-INID-eno) prinzzeno

principle (a rule) prinsipo

print druko drukes, drukado, Le buko drukita-s pe drukadoro.

prison -(jail)  karzzeyo

take to prison- inkarzes, karzz-es, karzenspedes

prisoner - karzzono

private (adj.) privata

probable probebla, verdesombla, P: verdeske

probably verdesomble, probeble, eble  P: use

problem problemato, P: problo,  -TROBLO, zorado, ZOR- 

 All of my problems have solutions - Ca ma probloy (trobloy) maxa zolutoy.

to have a problem - setrobles pri, (Mi-x troblo ko...)

percentage percentajo, percento (procento)

pro-  pron-, -favora, PRONekologia  (pro  - because of…)

process - proceso, prozzo, prozz-es,

procrastinate prokrast-es Prokrastes nado aste tompe, vom tu fereda tampe

prodigal prodiga

produce produk-es

product produkado

productive - produk-apta

profane profanono, beprofan-es

profession (occupational) profeso, faho, P:trabo

profile profilo

profit (n.) profido

progress progres, -o

prohibit forb-es, ne purmes, mopurmes, (interdict - preforb-es, prohibid-es)

project (plan) proyekto, plano. Proyektes, plan-es,

project (film) projektes (filma projektORO)

promenade - promento, promenteyo, (proment-es)

promise promes, promo 

promote promot-es, lank-es

prompt (adj.) rap(id)a

prompt (v.) (urge, impel) P:instign-es, impuls-es, 

prompt (v.)(refresh one ́s memory) sufl-es,  (in theater: sufloro sufla)

prone (incline) prona ka, PRON-

pronounce (words) pronunses; (sounds) artikules

proof (n.)  evidento, pruvo

proof (v.) evident-es, pruv-es

proof (adj.) imuna, rez(istent)a, reza

proportion proporsio, P: proporzzio

proposal propondo

propose propond-es

prospect prospekto (vision) Prospect of doing something - Prospekto di fes algo 

(Prospekto po feres algo, prospekto di fereso di algo) 

prosper (intr.) prosper-es; -ous: -a,-anta, -ity: -(empo)o.

protect protekt-es

proud prauda (praud-es)

prove pruves  Esp:  Pruves estento alte moestento di Dio. 

provide (something, someone with something) provides (algo/algono pe algo)


province provinzzo

provisional (so far) provisora, astema. My life so far - Ma astema vivo. 

prudent prudenta

psyché  psixeo, spegloskafo, spegl-ublo, granspeglo 

public publika (opp. to private) - publiko: the public, the people 

publish (a book) edizz-es, bepublikes

publishing house edizzeryo, edizzeyo, bepublikeyo

puddle carko

puffed (swollen) pufa  (pufa manikoy) pouffe tuffet - pufsejo

pull - trekes

pull out - dentrekes, fardentrekes

pull (a line) distrek-es, estrekes

pulse - polso, -es

pump  pumpo, -es, pumpijo (little), pumpilo (big)

punctually puntem, zzem,(akuratem, preksem)to be on time-Vyen preksem.

 puntemes, P:zzemvyenes

punish pun-es

pupil lesanto, lesono, lesano, leseno - disiplo

pupil pupilyo (in the eye)

pure pura

purple - purpura

purpose aim, eymo, intendo, -eym-, veymo, Vende? Vom tu ga fes? - What are 

you going to do?) Vom tu ga fales? What are you going to tell?

push pust-es, -o - PUST! slide, push along a surface - xovl-es. Stick one ́s tongue 

- denxovles (denpustes)lingo

put pondes, plases, belokes, (Pon! Plas!)

puzzle (riddle or problem) puzlo, enigmo, problemato 

pyjama(s) pijomo

pyre (a pile of combustible material for burning a dead body) - rogo


quality qalito, qalezzo, vezzo

qualm qalmo, P: skrupolo

quantity qantero, vero

quarantine karantino

quarrel dispyut-es , arg-es, qerel-es

quarter qarparto,qar-ul-o,qartezzo, (part of city) - qarteyo, quarter of hour 

P:-qardanzo  P: qartem(o) 

Qeen - Royeno , Monarkeno

qeer - cuda, cudyosa

quest - busko, qesto  The quest for The Holy Grail. Le qesto pol Santya Gralo

question frago

queue (line of people)  qeo, seqilo, serio

quick - rap, rapa, momentala, instanta, blinkema, bliksa, tuya

quiet  kalma

quit - qit-es,  farlau-es, qit! Des! Far! (Far ko …!) 

quite - (pretty) baste, bastante, totye. not quite - ne totye (P:ni-) 


rabbit kuniklo (But: hare - leporo)

race -reyso, korso, vetokorseso (competition)

race (breed) raso

racism rasizmo

rack rako, stelajo

radiation rayeso, rayezzo, rayum-es, berayum-es

radiator rayadORO

radio (beam) rayo

radio radyo, radyoaparato (radyofonio) 

rail relso

railroad tie  (slipper (railw.) fernovoya spalo

railway fernovoyo, fernovueyo (route - vueyo)

rain pyuvo. Le pyuvo kaura (Lo pyuva, se pyuva) - It´s raining

rainbow skyelarko

raincoat pyuvumo, pyuvmantelo

raindrop pyuvikulo

raise (lift) (sen) lev-es, (belev-es) lift-es algo

raisin rosino

ranch ranco

rancour rankoro, heyto, maldezo,rankor-es -syentes rankoro. Rancour is a bitter and 

long lasting hatred. Rankoro esta bitra ti longedaura (daureza alte longema)heyto. 

range (paf-, flig-,) disto,distanzzo,(asteyo)

range (side by side) ranko, seryo, linyo, ceyno (monto-ceyno)

rank rango (status) statuso, grado, primranga (first-class)

rapid rapida,(rapa) molte rapida - rapa, Rap! 

rapport  raporto, -es, raportado

rare rara, mo-ofta, mofreqa

rascal frip-on-o

rat ratelo

ratio ratyo,razzyo, proporso, prilat-al-o

rational (math. philos) ratya,razzya razzyonala

rationalize berazzy-es, razzyonal-es

rather - prefe, somble, (use - probably)

rather not - , prefe ne, probeble ne, supondite ne. Rather if - Prefe yo

rattle stertor-es (in the throat)

raucous rauka

raw (untreated) raua,(P: RAU-)in its natural condition, or brutal or unfair. 

A raw wind - Rauvyento, raw deal - raua afero (rauafero), rauvorte

ray (beam) rayo

razor rasfijo,  serasf-es

razzia to make a razzia (to raid) - razlo, -es

reach ast-es,  kang-es, (by hand -prin-ob-es, (e)strekes hando) 

 (outreach - astemyero, astevyeno,)

react renag-es, farden-akt-es, P: renaktes  (re-, ren+)

read lekt-es

ready pronta, prepita, bepronta

real reala

realize kapes, konstates, 

realize real-es, bereales

realm regno

reason (motive) motivo, kauenso, venso, pro(ad)o

reason (common sense) (Polish:rozsądek, rozum) P: resuno, resuneso, resunezzo 

reason ratyo, ratyonalo, prudento (age of reason- (hist.) - ratyonala epoko, 

       ratyemo, prudentepoko, (ratyonalizma epoko)

reason of state - statratyo, statintereso

reasonable   prudenta, P: pruda, ratyonebla, P: resuna

reasonableness  ratyonalezzo, prudento, sajezzo, inteligentezzo

reasoning   razongeso, razong-eza, ratyonal-eza

reasoning  disputo, argumeso, P: renserazongeso

rebel rebeldo, revolto

rebuke skoldes

receive resib-es,-IB- ,rezzeptes, receive communion -rezzeptes santya komunio.

recent recenta, pasinta, pasema

recently recente, laste, lastem (in le lastemo) frexem

reception rezzepteso (resibo) the reception is not very good on Channel 4 

(Le)rezzepto, resibo, maxprino) ne-s molte bun sul Kanalo 4 (Qaresma)

receptive acepteza, aceptivla

recipe resipo,recepto

reciproke  (v.)renseprok-es, RENSE- Conoy rens(e)kapa. 

reciprocally - rense,  ambe, amball, Hoping for a reciprocal favor  

Esperante (po) rensa favoro. Po esperes rensafavoro. Love each other - rensames,

 mi rensa (rensproka) tua bundeziroy.

recommend (commend) rikomendr-es

recognize renkun-es, P:kogn-es,

record  rigistro, rigistrado, rikordo, P:rigo, riges (audio - video)

record (sport) - rekordo

red - ruja

reduce redukt-es

redundant balasta, P:rendunda

reel (spool) bobino, to reel - bobines

refer to (v.) refertes ka (referto, alusyo) rensendes ka...

reflect bepanses, pripanses, riflekt-es, koncid-es

reflect  renflektes, renflektoy su aqo

reflex reflekso, maxes rapa reflekso

refuse  refyun-es

regain - renprines, rengvanes

regime - rejimo

region regyo

register (n.) registro

regret gret-es, sorin-es, lamentes pro GretABLe! We regret to inform you that… - 

Mu sorine informa tu, ke…

relate to - PRIlat-es,  prilate ka, pri vo to-s?, What is it about?

 Vom to prilata?  Pri vo to temata? Vom to prista?

relation (p)rilato   (raporto, raportes)

relax relaks-es  He worked in the morning and relaxed the rest of the day. 

  Li laboris vreme ti relaksi restem dil dyemo. 

rely on - dependes da, trast-es, apog-es su

relict - reliko, restado  

religion religio

remain rest-es, plongerestes, plongest-es - stay longer, plonges, dures (kontines)

remain  (tr.) (as remainder after) - (posrest-es, ) rest-es

remainder resto,  restexo, restikulo, 

remaining cetera, cetere (otraflanke) 

      Co restanta: fes tua afero, Dio keros cetero.)

remark not-es, mark-es, markado, notado

remarkable markABLa, notABLa

remember memb-es I cannot remember … Mi ne membEDa… Mi ne puEDa membes...

remind renmindes Remind me about it. Renmembes (renmindes) to ka mi.

remote control - fara stero (far-sterijo) telester(ij)o

rent (from someone) rentes, prunteprines  

repair rimontes, riper-es

repeat (an action) rep-es, REN! Enke volte! Ripte

repeat (say again the same) rep-es, renfales, repeat a question - repes frago, 

Mi yus repi (renfali) to k´tu centavolte! Can you repeat that please?

Da tu repeda to, plis?

repent sorin-es

repetition ripto

replace renplas-es, otreplas-es, parplas-es, otrekambes

replace (take the place of) renplases

reply replik-es, respundes, denvort-es,

reporter raportisto

repose (rest) ripozes,

reproach skold-es, 

request  postules, P: ask-es

research renxerko, renxerk-es, renzoko, parzoko

resemble simil-es (ka)

reside resid-es, stans-es

resign (give up tenure) demis-es (de) rezignes

resin resino

resist resist-es, dentyenes,(resistanses) sekontr-es, fortika, robusta,

(aqo-resitansa - kontreaqa - waterproof)

resonate  ren-sonanzz-es, rensonides, vibres

resource (a source of supply, support or aid) resurso, P: refonto

respect respekt-es, -o

response - respondo (ne respundo!- respundes ma frago)

responsibility respondezzo

responsible be, for - (be-)respondezza, respondivla, priresponda

rest (remain) rest-es, plongest-es 

rest (remainder)  resto, restado (konreste)

rest (repose) - ripozes, Mi ne ripozo ante ve(m) (antem, astem) mi (ful)lesos 

Atlango. Ripozes poktem nelaborante, ferante nado po befrexo di xa fortoy. 

restaurant restorango, restoreryo

restrain (hold back) behalt-es, rentyen-es, dentyen-es

result rezult-es, -o, -ado

retain rentyen-es, plongetyen-es, konserv-es

retreat retr-es

return (come back) REN-, renges, renvyenes, retrenvyen-es, renturnes,  

return (give back) berenturnes, ren-dar-es

return (turn back) renturnes, ren (back) seturnes

reveal revil-es, diskoncel-es, mokonceles

revel (from reverly) birb-es (live loosely) deboc-es

revelation revilo, revilado, Revilo!

revenge renvenco, venco

reverse renvert-es (to turn)

revolution revoluto

revolution (mechanical, geometry) - revolut-o, revolv-es

rhyme rimo (berhyme - berimes) Vo (se)rima ko ”rika”?

ribbon cinta (rubendo)

rice rizo

rich rika

ride (horse, etc) kavelk-es, rayd-es kavelo

ridiculous  ridikla, ridabla, ridvokta

rile fusilo

right (correct) korekta, rayta, justa, Rayte! Prave! Tu prava! - You are right!

Maxes opino alte konduto konfel verdo ti justo

right (legal or moral) lego, yuro, yur-es 

right (to something) rayto 

right (not left) deksa,-es,-o (deksen! DEKS!) 

right (suitable) apta,-es aptebla, aptivla 

rim (hoop) felgo, hupo, rulringo, rando

ring anelo

ring (v) sonor-es, ring-es, (by phone) telefon-es, fon-es.

rinse (e)spul-es, be-aq-es, per-aq-es),(gargle - gargole-es) 

riot kravalo

rip (break) ruptes, par-es, vyol-trekes (tear up) distrekes, pecul-ruptes

ripe matura

rise (ascend) P:askent-es,leves, sobres, montes, skal-es

rise (increase) kres

rise (lift something) lev-es, seleves, belev-es 

risk risko, risk-es

river rivero, flumo (large - fluvyo)

road voyo, (route - vueyo,)

roar animal: rugid-es, bestyeklankes, brus-es, mugles

rob grabl-es, plundr-es 

robe robo, dreso, klado, tuniko, mantelo 

robot roboto

rock (boulder) roko

rock (v) rokt-es, (in music: sfing-es, rock and roll -rokenrolo OR: rokt-ti-rulo)

rocking chair - rokta sejo ,roktes i hamako, swing - roktilo, blansilo

rocket rakyeto

rod   vergo, stango

role  rolo,rol-es, This word plays a role as… Ta vorto rola vezze… 

 Ta vorto rola ve… 

roll (along) rul-es (tr./intr.), -o

roof tekto

room rumo, cambro, zalo P: zaulo  

room (space) spaso

rope  snuro, lino   (ruptes, disruptes, pares snuro, P: lo parsnuris)

rose  rozo,  rozokolora, roza, pinka

rough (basic) ruda, raua, rau-

round ronda, -o, cir-forma

routine (a usual or regular method of procedure) rutino. This vaccine is already 

routinely used. Ta vaksino yus untata-s rutine.

route gondeyo, paseyo

row (line) linyo, rango, seryo, seqado

rub freg-es

rubbish   skrepo,fartraxo, traxado, sauvalABLado

rude kruda, mokortesa, mojentila,

ruin - (devastate) ruin-es, rov-es, devast-es, demol-es, mokonstru-es

rule  reges, governes, domines 

rule (to follow) reglo, regl-es, prinsipo

rumour (scuttlebutt, hearsay, gossip, buzz) klaco

run (on foot) kors-es, -o,  run away - fuges, eskapes

rush (grassy plant) yunko

rush (be in hurry) urg-es, seurg-es, -o, serapides 

rust rusto

rustle sus(ur)-es, -o, frus-es,(fruseso di folyero, fruso di snovo)  sus-es (maro, 

vyento) sus-EMP-es

rye zekolo


sabotage to sabot-es

sabotage sabotado, saboteso

saboteur sabotanto, sabotaryo

sabre sabro. Pusto alte kuto pe sabro

sack sakfo

sacred konsakrita; santya, sakra, maksesantya

sad trista, (xagra, trobloyosa) sorina  

saddle - sadlo, sadles - besadles

sadness tristo, tristezzo, trist-atio , trist-amyento, sorin-amyento   

safe (secure) sekra, P: seyva, segur-es

safe(without danger) sau-danjera, sekra

sagacious (wise) saja, inteligenta  

sail seglo, (v) segl-es (ferles - furl (foldes segloy)

sailor maristo, seglanto

saint santya, santyono

salad salato

salary salayro, sueldo

sale seldo

saliva salivo

salon zalongo, zalo

salubrious (healthy) - salubra

salute (n) saluto

salute to, salut-es

salt salto

salty salta, saltita, saltyosa

same - the same - le soma. The same to you - Le somo ka tu. (le somo tun)

I tried to paint the sunflowers in the same way as Van Gogh. - Mi pintUBi le

 solfloroy SOM(E) Van Gogh. In the same way as - som(e), somve le...

 somamode ve... 

sanatorium san-ATERY-o

sand sabo (grain of sand - sab-ikulo) sabyosa plajo

sandal sandalo 

sanitarium sanideyo

sanitary sanida,sanezz-a,higien-all; s.cordon: kordongo alte barik-ado 

salubrezz-a, sanodara 

sanitation besan-o, besalubr-o, higien-o

sanity, saneness - sanezzo, (mentia san(id)o) menti-atio, mind-atio, sanido 

mentiall, minda; sanida judiko; razzyon-al-ezzo.

sapling arb-it-o

sarcasm sarkazmo

satan xatano

satellite satelito, sputniko

satiate sates

satiated, to be - sates, mofom-es, mi-s fula (to be not hungry)(mi sata-I ́m 

satisfacted) satiated sateferita, satefera, kontenta

satisfaction kontento, satefero, sateso

satisfy(fulfil)besat-es, bebast-es,plentum-es(fules),bekontent-es, beful-es

Saturday Sabdo

saunter flan-es

save (from danger) salv-es. salves!

save (on computer) (e)spar-es, P: seyv-es

save (money) (e)spar-es

saw (v) seg-es

saw segijo

say fal-es, Say! - Fal!, Fales!, 

say fales (speak) paroles (mo); (recite) recit-es, deklamer-es; I say!: Aures!(Listen!) Atento!; let us say no more about it: Mu ne plonge paroles pri to, mu ne paroles pluke pri to; they s.: se fala; to s. the truth: po fales le verdo; I s. no: mi fala ne, mi refuza: I do not s. no: mi ne kontre-fala; my clock s.s one o’clock: ma klokijo indika le unesma (kloko); it is hard to s.: lo esta zorfales;  that is to s.: to esta, to-s; the aforsaid: le supere falita el pre-fal-ita; le supere menk-ita; he said he was rich: li aserti ke li-s rika; no sooner s. than done: te kortem falita, so kortem ferita; you don’t s.: To-s n-ebla!; to say again: renfales, nuve fales, renpes, so to s.: po (te) tezze paroles, qase. 

saying falad-o , faluro, P:diko

saxophone saksofono

sbirro polisonaco, tortur-isto, ezbiro

scab krosto

scald (e)skald-es, P: brog-es

scale skaulo

scale (on fish) skfamo

scan skan-es

scar cikatro

scarcely konzore, zore (mofasile) It scarcely changed at all - To konzore 

sem kambis) 

scare skar-es, bepaur-es, betemores

be scared - paur-es, temor-es pro, efres…, sespantes, estes skara, skarita

scatter dispeldes

scatter-brained neatenteza, vyentokapa

scenario filmoskrit(ad)o, skenero, skripto 

scene skeno

scenery skeneyo

sceptre sketro

scheme (plan of action) proyekto, skemato

school (e)skolo, leseyo, dokteyo

science xenzo    Mi tresa pri xenzo - I am interested in science.

science-fiction xenzo-fiktio, (s-fiktio)

scientist xenzisto, xenzaryono

scissor  cisoro, tondijo, tondes, klipes pe cisoro, klipijo

scold skold-es

scourge flagelo

scratch skrap-es

screen skrino,-es,(pare-visto - furniture) ekrano

screw skruvo

scrape (off) skrap-es

scream (cry out) skrimes, -o (klamodes) xautes

sculpture skulturo (skult-es)

scum (dubious) (e)skuma, SKUM-

scurry serap(id)es, trotes

sea maro

seagull mevo 

seance seanzzo, P: seanzo

seashore  (e)strando,P: xoro, marstrando, marenjo

search, search for xerk-es, renxerkes, zok-es, 

season (n.) sezemo, tempado

seat (for sitting on) sindo, sejo, sindijo 

second (2nd) duesma

second (of time or angle) sekundo 

secret sekreto, misterio, misteria

secretariat sekret-aryat-o  (-ARYAT- institution, organisation, ofizzo, kontoro)

secretion sekrido

sect sekto

section sekzzo, sektoro (cut up into pieces - sekzz-es, dissekzz-es)

secure sekra

security sekrezzo

seduce seduzz-es, kanlogves, lures

seed semino

see (with eyes) vir-es

seek xerk-es, P: sik-es, parxerkes, parsik-es. I seek a new way of thinking about 

this situation. 

 Mi xerka nuva pansamodo pri ta situenzo. 

seem sombl-es, aspekt-es, simil-es ka, Le sombla valablo di ma tradukoy tem 

molte begranus. Somblo di amikezzo. Lo sombla (Somble) ke lo snovo/pyuvo. Le 

aferoy SOMBLE progresa positive. 

see-sow P:gungoro, roktilo, rokta tabulo

seize kept(ab)es, grankept-es 

seldom zelte,P:zel+ zelges -I rarely go there - Mi zelga tren.(Zeltem-mofreqem) 


select selektin-es, preselektin-es

self -  sel, (mi sel - me myself) tu sel - you yourself; lu sel - they themselves.

 Le royo sel (personnaly)- the king himself; Esemple: Le mastro sel inspekti le 

 domo. Li sel faleza ko mi. Li lekta sel

sell seld-es,SELDITA! (To sell wholesale = grosesfrom: grosisto = = a wholesaler) 

semi- (prefix) HALO- (e.g., semi-cirklo)

seminary seminario

send send-es, (e)sped-es

sense -(meaning) senzzo, esenzzo

sense (organ) syentoro

sense of humor - humorsyento, humorablo

sensible -syentebla, syentabla

sensor sensoro, syentijo, syentatoro

sentry sentrinelo, gardisto

sentence (gram.) frazo

sentence v. sentenzzes - to declare (the punishment for a crime)

sentiment (mental feeling) syensamyento, syensatio, forta syensamyento = afekto  


sentimental sentimentala, sentimentall

sentinel sentrinelo (gardostaranto -vaktisto) sentrinel-es = vakt-es

separate (adj.) aparta, zeperata, P: zeperita

separate (v.) P: zeperes, sezeperes,  bezepares, sezeperes, divid-es, beapart-es,  


September septembro

sequel - seqo, seqelo, seqado

sequence (sem)seqo, seqenzzo

serene serena, kalma, klara

serial seryalo, seryala

series serya

serious (grave) grava, importa, seryusa, sevra

serious (not trivial) seryusa, seryuso 

serve (be of service to) sirv-es, sirvisto - waiter

service - at your service - Kal sirvo tusta.

set v. setines, to put in place or position - plases; to establish a 

time, price or limit - beestabl-es, befirm-es,  

set n. ero, konstalo, setino

settings setinoy, konfiguroy, parametroy

settle (intr) setl-es, setleyo, seestables, selok-es

His family settled on Qanaria Island - La familio setlis sul Qanaria Islo.

seven zem

several plura, varia

severe sevra, grava

sew kodr-es, tayl-es (kodristo, taylaryono) sew with two treads - steg-es

sex sekso,(have sex, to make love)- amor-es, seksum-es, koit-es,

(peyorative:) fotr-es, fagv-es

shadow ombro

shaft (parto di minireyo) xahto 

shaggy vilua, baukepla

shake (tremble) tremb-es, xot-es 

shallow baha, mofunda, superfika

shame (emotion) honto, (from sex motives) pudoro

shame (v.) hont-es, pudor-es, 

shape (form) formo, -es

share: xar-es, konxar-es, bekonmaxes, konpartes,(participate in)partoprines,


share: konxarparteso (cf. porsiono); (finan.)aksino, aksyono (cf. interesto)

(quota) kuoto; s.holder: aksinaryo; sharer: konxaranto, parti-prin-anto.

share (on stock) P: aksino (shareholder - aksinaro)

sharp (knifelike, cutting) xarpa

sharp akuta (augino) akutaugo

shave xev-es. Mi xevo mi, or: Mi xevo ka mi le viso = I´ll shave. (my face.) 

she qi, her- qa, emphatic: le... ... qista

shed barako, xupo, kabino, P: budo, legnobudo

sheep ovelo, moflo (moflono)

sheet  karto 

sheik - xeiko

shelf xelfo, breto (vindobreto)

shell xelo (peel,rind,hull:hard outer case of eggs, nuts,) (bi-xel-es)

shell (seashell) konko

shelter n (refuge) refugeyo;(protection)protekto; (lodging) xelt(ey)o; v (lodge) 


shepherd (lit. and fig.) pastoro, (pasturisto sul pastureyo)

shield xildo, xeldijo

shield (protect) xeldo, xermo, xeldes, xermes (overshedow) Klaudoy xerma le skyelo.

shine skint-es  Le solo skinta - The sune is shining 

ship (n.) navyo, barko (boat - batelo)

shipwreck vrako, sevrak-eso, (navyo)vrakeso, vrak-es

shirt kamiso, kamiselo, P:xirto

shit  myerdo, xayso, fekalo, kauko, Myerdes - Funkes male, ne korekte

shiver fris-es, frostotremb-es   Sometimes I shiver. Mi frisa voltem.

shock (mental or physic.) xoko, xokes, selxokes

shoe - buto,  to pull off shoes - sibut-es, 

home shoes - slippers: pantofloy, P:tofloy

shoot (with a fire-im) paf-es 

shop butiko, seldeyo , xopeyo

shopping  butik-um-o, xopeso

shore (of a river) rivajo,(of a sea or ocean - strando, 

short (not long) korta, molonga 

should P: xuld-es,(P:-ULD-) obl-es, kulp-es, dab-es

shoulder spaldo

shout vok-es, -o

shove xovl-es, pust-es

shovel (scoop) xovelo, xovelijo, shovelful of - plentoxovelo di (fulxovelo a)-

show montr-es, -o

show (indicate) indik-es

show spektado, spektaklo , xowo

shrieking (sharp piercing cry) vyol-klank-a, pirsklankes, pirsklames 

shut klos-es

shut (eyes) blundes, P: oklos-es (oklo-kloses)

shutter (window) xutro 

shutter drop shutter (camera) oturijo

shy timida P: bliga, pron-honta

sick (ill) malga, nesana,  malstensa, malsyensa ( -ozyo)

side (geometrical) lateralo, -ala

side (not front or back) flanko

sidewalk trotuveyo

sigh sospino, sospo

sight viro, visto,  (eye-sight - viredo, virpuedo, vistedo,( virablo))

Vizites le virabladoy - go sight-seeing -vireyadumes

sign signo, signeso

signal signalo

significant signa, signanta, signomaxa, signifika, importa

silence -silento, silentatio, kalmo, myuto, molaudo

silent - silenta, kalma, molauda (to be silent, do not speak - silentes, kalmes, 


silk silko

silver arjento -a, silvro -a

similar simila, sombla - to be similar - simil-es I wish I was more like you - Mi 

similezu tu. 

simple simpla

simulate simules, besombl-es

sin pekato, pekat-es

since (because) bo, po to ke, 

since (from the time of) irde, fardem, dem, de pos (prep.), pose (adv.) 

sincere franka, franke (frankevorte, frankefale - frankly speaking)

sing kyant-es, bekyant-es  ((kan)songes) sing a song - kyantes le songo

sink (v.) senk-es

sister hermeno, sorelo, Hospital: nurso, medisorelo (medifrato)

sit (be sitting) sind-es

sit (sit down) sesindes, sindes

site situeyo, loko, plaso, P:veyo, sayto (on the Net)

sitting room zalongo, sindrumo

situation situo, situENZo, situamyento, plaso - ENZO, -AMYENTO, P: -ATIO

six seu

size granezzo, myero, sayzo

skeleton skeletro P: skelo

ski skiro

skilful habila, eksersita, beABLita, ablEDa, P:doktyosa

skim tukt-et-es P: skim-es

skin (on a person or animal) pelmo ,dermo

skirt (garment) faldo

skull (cranium) kranyo

sky skyelo (under the open sky, in the open - abraskyele)

slab slabo, stona slabo

slaugter slautes, slautaryo, slautisto, slauteyo

slave sklavo

sleep dorm-es, -o P:somn-es (drowsy, to be sleepy - dormeza, somneza) dream in the 

night - somno, dormo, daydream - drimo

sleeve maniko

slender slenda

slide glit-es, -eyo  

slip glito (a slipping movement, as on ice)

slipper (railw.) fernovoya xpalo 

slippery - glita, 

slow lenka, lenke. Can you speak a little more slowly please?

 Da tu fala (parola) pokte pli lenke?

slurp  slurp-es

small mikra, eta, mograna

smart smarta, inteligenta

smear smaur-es

smell (have a scent) flavor-es,smeldares,(pleasant -arom-es, unpleasant-moaromes, 


smell smelo, smelsyento (sense of smell) syentes pe syentoro (sensoro- syentijo, 

syentatoro) smell,to (use sense of smell) smel-es

smile smilo - smil-es  (ridetes)

smoke fum-es (tr./intr.), -o, -uro, 

smooth (to the touch) glata, beglat-es

snake serpento

snare (lay a snare for) insido, insid-um-es

snat morvo, nozmorvo, morvexo, morvikulo

snatty morva

sneeze snis-es, SNIS!

sniff snufes

snore snor-es

snow snovo, -es

snuggle (hug)- kokles, rensekokles, Qi koklis ka xa matro ti dormis.

so (to such an extent) te ke, ta-grade, te aste 

so:  do(ke)! (thus) te, tezze, ta-mode, some ve; (so to speak) qase; (like) ve, vezze; (according to) konfe, konfe-; (so great, good, much, etc.) te; (therefore) do; so that: po ke (followed by imperative - es) so far: aste tyem, aste ta punto; and so on: ti te plonge; do not speak to me so: ne fal ka mi ta-mode; so is the father, so is the son: vezza patro, tezza filo; I think so: mi te pansa,  so you have come: SO! (Finfine!) Tu arivis; so he went: so li gis; so often: te freqe; so so: so so; if it is so: yo to-s te (tezze); I am so sick: mi-s te malga; why so?: Po vo te? I say this, so you may be prepared: mi fala to, po ke tu estes preparita. Kartezio falis: Mi pansa, so mi-s. Vo! tu ne kuni doke to? 

soap sapo

soar esor-es, skalteflig-es

sob soluk-es, pyorlament-es

sober (temperate) sobera

society (association - asozzio) asozzio

society (community) sozzio, komunio

sock kalseto

soft (not hard) softa, moharda

software softwero, softovarko

soil (n.) bordo, grondo ( floor in a room - bordo or: parkyeto.)

solder join metals - suld-es

soldier saudato, militaryono, militisto

sole (of shoe) sulo 

solemn solemna

solid solida, -o, fortika

solidarity solidarezzo (solidara)

solution zolvo, zolvo di problemato. zolves  

   All of my problems have solutions - Ca ma probloy (trobloy) maxa zolvoy.

some (indeterminate) nalga, valga, nalgono, valgono, Also: Naqa, Naqay

some (vague amount) pokto, pokter, algerete, I need some time to...: Mi treba 

poktemo po...

somebody,someone  algono, un, uno

something algo

sometimes  de tempo ka tempo, voltem

somewhere algey

son filo

song kyanto, kansongo, songo, song-es, kyant-es kansongo (sing a song)

soon - kortem, prokem (i proka tempo) the sooner the better -ver pli kortem ter 

 pli bune. ( Ver pli kortem ter meyore - Ve kortem so meyore)

soot suto P: fulgo

sorrow sorino, sorinamyento, sorinatio,(to grieve) sorini, (intr.)  -o; to cause s.

 to:  besorines (algono);  trista; sorinyosa.

sorry (sad) sorina (tristeta),to be sorry: sesorin-es pri, pro; ),  

(in apologizing) Sorine! Mi sorina. Sorinable! Mal! Vanide!

sorry - without merit; sorina "a sorry horse”; sorinabla kavelo,"a sorry excuse” 

sort (kind) spezzo, spesyo, sortimento, spesyalo

soul spirito, almo, animo

sound (fonio,sonio,)  sonido, (sono), -Eko, -Eklanko, (le gato myaua = 

le gato gatklanka) Atlango esta le lango belklanka. (bunklanka, belsonida)

soup zupo

source fonto

south sudyo

sovereign sovra, sovrezzo, sovr-on-o

sow (v.) P:sembr-es, semin-es

space (expanse) spaso

spacious vasta, ampla, spasyosa

spark iskro, pir-ul-o (make, produce sparks -iskr-es, iskr-if-es)

speak parol-es, tok-es, fales, lang-es - to be able to speak a language)

to turn(address)to someone -P:dires ka algono (sedirentes  ka algono ko… 

How do you say in Atlango... ? Ve tu fala atlange...? 

special (particular) spesya, spesyala, partikularr

species spezzo, (bio. spezzio)

specific spesifika

specimen spezzimento, esemplaro

spectacle spektaklo,  prezentado

spectator - spektaklono, spektanto

speculate spekules, spekulates (P: spekoles)

speech parolo, prelekso, to make a speech - paroles

spend (pay out) spend-es

spend, use (a time) spendes tempo, bepases tempo, tempopases, bepasem-es

 P: -em-es,  mi vakansema tyem - I am on holidays now.

sphere sfero

spider spidro, aranyo

spin turnes, spines, rot-um-es, cirk-ob-es, secirkes, becirkes

spine (backbone) spayno, vertebrero

spirit spirito, almo

spiritual spirita, spiritall

spit splut-es

spite - in spite of  (oldemode: malgre, maw) (prep.) in spite of, despite, notwithstanding, against the will of; -ke: (conj.) notwithstanding that (followed by verb; doke); - spite sa volo: against one’s will; -to: in spite of that, nevertheless; mu gandis spitel pyuvo: we went notwithstanding the rain; mu vi spite (ke) Li interdikTis (forbis) to: we went notwithstanding he forbade it;  Qi semeryenis ko li spite xa matro. She married him contrary to her mother’s wish. 

spittle spluto, splutado

splendid splenda, splendyosa, gransplenda

spontaneous  spontina

split  split-es (tr.)

spoil  destrukt-es, rupt-es, RU-(be-ruin-es) defaut-es, devast-es, bemal-es

sponge spongo

spoon spuno (teaspoon -(herba)tespuno)

spoor (also:footprint) spuro

sporadic sporada, sporade

sport sporto

sportsman sportisto, campono

spouse meryo (meryano ti meryeno)

spout sprayn-es, P: spruk-es

spread sprid-es, disprid-es, (be)dyaspor-es

sprinkle (sur)spruki, asperg-es (also with holly water)

spring (season) springemo (springo)

spring jump - zoto, zot-es, hiples

spring (mech.) risorto, risoro, sprinjo  

spring (water) fuento  

spy (n) spyunaryono, P: spyuno

spy (v) spyunes

square (open public place) plazo 

square (shape) qadra, qadrata -o 

squash (v.) aplast-es (tr.) klem-es 

squat (crouch) (intr.) skat-es (sit on one's heels)

squeak pep-es, grinz-es (with teeth)

squeeze (v.) konprent-es, -o, kanprent-es, klem-es (the hand - prentes mano) to s. 

out - denprentes s. into: konprentes 

squirrel (e)sqilo

stack  -  palo, paliso (legna stango)

stack - (pile) stako (stack of books - stako di bukoy, libroy

stadium   stadyo, stadio, 

staff  stafo, personero

stage skeno, stajo, areneyo

stagnate stagni, sebloko

stain klekso, bloto, fleko

stairs -stupoy, stupero, eskaloy, eskalero   

staircase -eskaleyo 

stammer - (stutter) balbut-es

stamp (for postage) postomerko, merko

stamp (to seal) stampl-es

stand up seleves (or: leves se)

stand (be upright, without moving) star-es 

standard standarda, normata

staple agrafo, agraf-es,(a device generally used by carpenters - klampo, klamp-es)

star (in the sky) stelo

starling storno, P:starlo

starve fom-es

start startes, sekom-es,kom-es,bekom-es (ir-) ign-es, Ta spektaklo (se)koma po du 


state (condition)stenso, kondizzo,sel-syenso,estATIO -ATIO.san(id)-ati-o,sanstenso 


state (political) stato

state (in USA) (sube)stato - P:steyo (i (Sem)Uninta Statoy (Steyoy) di Nord-Ameriko 

-USO (USOYO) alte Statunio, Le Steyoy, USio) 

statement (remark) falado,diko, dikuro, dikado 

station (railway) stasyo, stasyo fernovoya,P: stanseyo fernovoya   

stave (n.) daubo   

stay (remain) rest-es, -o -in movement - haltes, sestopes 

 Sorry I can't stay and talk to you. Sorine, ke mi ne resteda ti toka ko tu.

steal kleptes

steam vauporo, vaupo  bi-vaupores, si-vaupores

steel staulo, -a

steep skarpa

steer ster-i (fly-plane),(drive-car)

step (lavel) grado

step (of stairs) stupo (stupeto -step of ladder)

step (take a pace) pax-es (P:g(and)ades), -o, marx-es

steppe stepo

stern (n.) bakabordo, sterno, pobo.

stick (of wood, etc) bastongo, stango

stick (paste (together)) (ko-) glut-es

stiff stifa (rigid) rigida

still (yet) enke, plonge(m), kontine

stink stink-es, fetor-es, 

stock exchange - borso

stocking kalso

stockpile  hupilo, haldo,  hald-es

stole estolo

stone, rock (material) petro, roko

stone (pebble) petro, petreto = peblo (petrorestoy)

stop (cease)- stop! stop-es (intr./trans.) Stop klames!

stop (stop moving) stop-es, halt-es (intr.) behalt-es (trans.) momob-es, bimobes

stop up pluges

stopper plugijo, plugo, korko (stopado)

stop-watch (time) stopkloko

storm (with thunder and lightning) stormo

store stor-es

story (imaginary) storyo,  kento, historio

stove fornelo, gasfornelo

straight (not curved) rekta, rekte, rekten

strain (pull tight) streyn-es, trekes algo. You’ll strain your eyes trying to read in this light. Tu streyna (treka) tua okloy lektUBante i ta lumino. Strained atmosphere, strained relations. Streyna atmosfero (streynamiento), streyn(anta)a rilatoy. Too much computer work strains the eyes. Plukmolta laboro komputija (e)streka le okloy.

strange (odd) qira, cuda, bizara, qir-

stranger alyono, otrono, (strange - alien - alya)

strap P:remno, belteto

straw paho, paheto

strawberry frago, wild strawberry - fragelo

stream (river) fluo, strimo, (electric - P: elko) - korento, (el)strimo, elektro

street strato, strateto

strenght forto, fortezzo

strenghten (pli)fortes - befortes, sefortes 

stress (emphasise) emfaz-es, -o

stretch (strain) (e)streynes, (intr) (e)streka (algo)  

strict strikta, rigora, PREKSA,

strike (collide with) xok-es, kolid-es, krax-es

strike (hit) frap-es, -o, to strike with a sweeping blow - suip-es 

strike strayko, strayk-es, fomstrayko

string kordino, (e)strino (music)P:struno

stringent rigoryosa, strikta, sevra, persevra

strip (n.) bendo, teypo, strio

striptease stript(is)o , stript-es

strive (endeavour) striv-es, zorv-es, (den)fort-es, akir-ez-es, max-ez-es 

strobilus strobilyo (A conelike structure, such as a pine cone.)

stroke (written mark) signo, merko, stroko (penzzel-stroko)

stroll (walk) trotuv-es, proment-es  

strong forta 

struggle  lukt-es, -o, flond-es, batal-es, fayt-es, konvuls-es

struggle n. (inter-)lukto; konbatro.

stubble field - (e)stupleyo

student ((university, etc) studento

student (in general) studanto

study stud-es (Prefix: Qal- means exploration, valuation, consideration, testing,

I've been studying Atlango for 2 years. Mi studa Atlango irde (fardem) du anyoy. 

study, checking, - for example: weigh - qal-vektes.(vekto-myeres) qalmyeres - to 

measure something. Qallonges - measure the length. longomyeres)

stumble stambles

stump stumpo (cigaret-stumpo)

stun aturdes, besordes

stupid (e)stupida, dumba, gaua, dumbeta- tontua, GAU- 

style stilo

subject subyekto

subject (topic) temato, frago, temat-es pri,  subyekto

submit submis-es, (be)subord-es

subscribe to (a periodical, etc) abon-es , prenumer-es

substance subestanzzo, esenzzo

substitute remplases pe , subestitutes, bezam-es

subtle subetila, fayna

succeed (be successful) suksida, suksidabla,suksides, suksidyosa, dazla suksido

success suksido, suksid-es. This is a key to success - To-s klefo ka suksido

such as  tezza ve,  te ve,  

such (of such a kind)  tezza ve

such (so great or much) te,  te-grade

suck, suck on - suk-es

sudden rape-, rapta, sobe, soba

suddenly rape, raptem, rap!

suffer sufr-es (de, pro) konsufres (konpates)

suffice   (pretty) baste, bast-es, Basto!

sufficient   basta, bastanta

suffocate sufok-es

sugar sokro (rausokro)

suggest sugest-es

suicide selbemorto, selmurdanto (SI-vivanto) 

suit aptes, konformes

suitable apta, konvyenanta, konforma  

suitcase valiso

summer vernemo,verno, -ala, -all

summit sumido

sun - solo, sola, solarr

Sunday Soldo

sunrise  solkomo, solskalo, solskaleso, solskal-ob-o

sunset solfino, soldulo, solduleso, soldul-ob-o

super supe, super-

superb superoda, belyosa, beloda

superficial (shallow) P:superfisa, mofunda

supper (evening meal) suaryamo P: suaryo

supple supla (delikata) flekseza, flekseta

supply (someone) supl(em)entes i, ko, a, P: furnes, livr-es, bemaxes, be-, 

support apog-es, suport-es

suppose suspond-es (tr.) prexunt-es. Ne po kunes, do po panses, ke algo-s tezza 

alte tezza. 

sure (certain) certa, sauskepta, saudauba, to be sure: cert-es, Esemplo: mi certa

surface surfaso 

surf surfes, on the internet - netum-es, surf-es 

surmount (be)super-es algo, superes problemato

surprise - soprino

surprise (take unawares) soprines (so-prines) 

surrender  kapitul-es (To give oneself, cede a town, territory, etc. up to an

 enemy. Also more widely to resign, abandon.) Saudatoy cedis kal enemiko

surround (to be around on all sides) becirk-(ey)-es

surroundings cirkeyo , cirkeyANZo

surtout  surtuto.

surveillance: (sur)viglo, alertezzo, ob(e)serv-eso.

survey: (contemplate) kontempl-es, (attentively) supermir-es,(sur)vigil-es; 

(consider)qalpans-es, qalment-es; (investigate) esplor-es; QAL-es,QALfer-es(value 

profesionally) P: espertis-es,OR: myer-isto, (inspector of buildings, 

etc.) inspekt-isto; (valuer) P: espertis-isto, espertisaryo

survival:  parvivo (continuance) dro;s.of the fittest: naturala (pre)selektino.

survive: drevives, pose-vives (algo, algono); To-s ma grana drevivado.

(remain a long time) plong-estes, par(est)-es, permanent-es.

survivor: parvivanto, parvivablanto

suspect suspekt-es, subespektes -ito, (he suspects nothing - Li suspekta nado) 

mokonfid-es, motrust-es 

suspender bretelo, womens s.- jartelo

suspense (thriller) - suspenso, suspensovokta (trilero)

swallow (gulp) gulp-es, -o

swathe envelop-es, bandaj-um -es, pribandajes

swear  jur-es, (bejures = votes) Al barbo di Antonius! By Antonius´s beard! 

swear mobenfal-es, malfal-es, malvort-es 

sweat sfeto

sweep skobi (broom - skobijo, brumo)

sweet dolsa, dolsezzo

sweet (confectionery)- sokrado, dolsado, kando

sweetheart amato, (male) amatano, (female) amateno 

swell sfoles

swim simb-es, naut-es

swing vagl-es, suing-es, blans-es

switch (n) xaltijo, koplijo

switch on  xaltes, inkopl-es, likt-es

switch off slek-es, molikt-es, biliktes, diskoples, mokoples, SLEK!

sword suordo, espado, rapyero, sabro. Degaynes suordo.

sympathy - simpatio, simpati-syento. Simpati-es ko.  She wrote a letter expressing 

sympathize. Qi skritis brifo esprivante xa simpatio. He looked at her 

with sympathy. Li miri qi ko simpatio.

system sistemato    



table (furniture) tablo

table (catalogue,list, index) tabulo, indekso, listolo

tablet tableto, P: tabo, podo, taulo

tack tak-es, zigzak-es, zigzake ges

tact takto (muziko) mobimento

tail teylo (kok-teylo, pluma), kaudo (ne pluma)

tailor taylisto, tayloro  P: tayles - kodres

take prin-es (take it! - Prin (-es) to!)

take care of  be-ang-es, ker-es ti

take (carry) port-es, P: bringes

take (lead) dukt-es,(verduktes) gvid-es

tale (imaginary)  kento, storyo, kentes le storyo, story-al-es, kent-if-es

talk (speak) parol-es, fal-es, toko, interfalo, konfalo, rensefalo, loqo, 

 langes - be able to speak a language) I can speak Atlango - Mi falabla (faleda) 

Atlange. Can we speak about …? Da mu toka pri… ? 

tall skalta, as tall as I - te skalta ve mi

tame  temnes, bemovildes, bivild-es, bedomestes

tank (milit.) batal-tanko (vehilo)

tank tank-es (liquid)

tank tankuyo, cisternoyo, reservuyo

tap kranco, tap-ij-o

tap (v) (to pour in, also drinks) tap-es, Tap! FLUS! influs-es,

tape teypo, rubango

task tasko, laborado

taste (sense the taste of) gusto, saporo, gustum-es -qal-gustes (to-s bungusta ka 

mi) taste (with the tongue) gustum-es, saporum-es

taxi taksi, taksino

tea  teo, herba-teo, cayo

teach (someone) instrukt-es, bedokt-es, beleses  

teach (something) dokt-es, seinstrukt-es, selinstruktes, 

teamo - timo, ekipo, tacmento, eskadro. Le timo akiris (abligis) sa plano dyema.

Le timo planablis.

tear (from eye) lakro, P:lakrimo, pyorikulo,

tear (rend) dis-trek-es (pull apart)

tear up [tr.] to damage something - ruptes,(ruptes trido) lancer-es, pecultrek-es

tedious teuda, teud-es (algono pe…) Ne teudes!

teenager - pokte-s-anyono  (fifteen years old - kuins(any)ono) (teen - -s-)

telephone,to- telefon-es, fon-es

telephone-call telefonado, fonado, fono.

telephone (tele)fono, mobile t. - Mobilo, mobijo, fonijo, f-ono, portebla f-ono, 

smartijo, smart(o)fono

television televizio,televisto.(Le tevo,Le tello),TVapparat -televistoro, 

  televistilo, televistijo

tell: (say) fales (algono,ka algono);(express)espr-es;(narrate facts) narat-es, naratanto, narataryono; (tell fiction) kentes; (have an influence) influent-es, afekt-es, fes impreso (ka algono); (reveal) reviles; (confess) konqes; (publish) bepubl-es; (be)publikeso, bepubliko. t. off: (count) kontes, numbres; to tell the truth: po verdefales; I have been told: min algono falis, se fali (ke); he told you to stay here: li imperis ka tu (tum) restes tey; I cannot tell one from another: mi ne pueda dicernes (diskunes) le una farde otra; to tell of: paroles (yo) (narat-es); to tell a lie: (intr.) mentines; tell a secret: konfides. 

temperament  temperamento

temple (anat.) tempilo

temple - templo

tempo - rapidemo, myer-tempo, (muziko) taktemo, ( myer-emo) (temporitmo)

mobimento, mobemo

temporary - P: temporema, provisora, provisorema

tempt tentes, beprub-es

temptation  tenteso

ten desto, 10 (deko) P: -t-

tench tinko (fixo)

tend tendez-es, inklin-es ka, prok-es ka, po, (Pron-, -EZ also: want to: dEZ-es)

tendentious tendeza, proka

tender delikata

tension tensio

tent teldo

tepid tepa, varmeta

terror teroro, beterores

terrible - teribla, terora, teroryosa

territory - teritorio, P: terdorio

test testes

testicles testikloy, (balls) - stikloy

text teksto

textile tekstilo,teksado,stofo

than ve, kanye, ye

thank dank-es, A common expression is: Danke kal Dio - Dion danke ke... 

thanks danko, mi danka. The most usual response is: Ne dankable = It was nothing.

Other possible responses: To-s no. = It’s nothing. To-s ma pleso. = My pleasure.

that (conj.) ke

that (pron.) tro, tra

that (who, which) vi,vono, vo, va

the le, the - the = ver.....ter (the sooner the better - ver kortem ter pli bune. 

ver kortem doke meyore)

themselves (pron.) se, lu sel

then (after that) pose , pos to

then (at that time) trem

theoretical teoria, teoriala, teoriall

theorize teori-um-es ti

theory teorio

there (at that place) trey

there is, are,  Lo-s..., Lo esta

thereafter pose, posem, pos ta tempo

therefore konseqe, po to, do, doke

thick (dense) denzza

thick (fat) grasa

thick (not thin) grua, gruforma

thief kleptono, kleptaryono, kleptisto

thigh femoro

thin (not thick) dina, magra (mogorda), subetila

thing kos(ad)o, (suffix) -ADo 

think pans(es)  koncid-es, riflektes, qalpans-es, qalment-es, granpans-es, 

dispans-es, disment-es. Po (A) dyablo, vom tu pansi (menti)? - What on earth  were 

you thinking of? 

Qalpans(es) misterioy dil Universo. Bepanses pri misterioy dil Universo.OR:

Pripanses misterioy… primentes misterioy.

thirst dusto, drink-ezo, (I am thirsty - mi dusta, drinkeza, drinkeba

(need - trebo) mi drinkeba)

this (pron.) to, (tado)

thou Tu 

thought panso, denpanso, ideo. My positive thoughts create positive feelings. 

 Ma positiva pansoy krea positiva sentoy.

thousand mil, milo, tausento

thread trido

threat(en), menace - huto, huta, -es, bepaur-es, betemor-es

three trin

thresh dras-es, dengraynes, bigraynes = bemograynes

threshold doorstep - soylo , pordostupo

throne truno 

throng trongo,-es, P: kalabaliko 

through pa, par-, parem,(time) parey (place)

through (by means of) pe,per- 

through (during) par, il tempo di…  inem

throw jekt-es, (to throw away - farjektes, trax-es, denjektes, fardenjektes,

thunder tondr-es, -o , stormeklankes

thunderbolt tondroblikso

Thursday Jodo

tic tinko

ticket (for entranse, etc) bilyeto, tiketo

tie (fasten) lig-es, -o, -ijo (fast-ligi) link (on the Net) - link-es, -o

tight tayta, cir-tayta, uska

tile kahelo

time tempo, vemo, -EM, What time is it? - va, vera kloko, tempo (esta)? (vesma 


Ago: algem pas(e), bakem, pasem, Tyem, After: pos(e), posem, In the future:


time (occasion) VOLTO, voltemo (e.g., the first time = primavolte, irde primo),(del)unesma volto) come on time, timely, in time (il tempo) P: moltem - many 


time (in counting); VOLTO occasion (repetition); turn (in series); singla-volte, ca-volte,every time (that), all the time, whenever; molta-volte: many times, often (when), repeatedly; ver-volte: how many times; pokta-volte: sometimes; volvolte,

To-s ma volto,(turno):it is my turn.For the time being-portyem(e),po tyem

timid (timorous) bepaura (paureza, temoreza, paurovokta)

tin stanyo

tinkle  tint-es

tipical tipa, tipika

tire (v.) tir-es, setires

tired tira, sauripoza, eksosta

tired be, tir-es, estes tirita, mi(-s) tira, setires pe...

title (of a book, article, person, etc) titolo

to (a destination) ka, en, (onto) suren,

to (in order to) po ke (+ imperativo - es), eyme, pore (to be something) Lu elektis 

li pore (ki) komisaryo. 

to (until) aste, aste ke, astem, astey

today tampe,tampo, tampe-vreme- this morning, tampe-suare -this evening(ta-suare)

(day before yesterday: pre-timp-e, -o; d. after tomorrow: pos-tomp-e, -o)

together ko, kone ko

toilet - WC -toileto - nezzeseyo -to-s toileteyo alte loko ven hominoy ga po pises  

el kakes. Le loko nimata-s nezzeseyo, bo xe habide (habe) ga tren vem xe nezzesa.

tolerate tolent-es, 

tolerance tolento. Tolento komesta (sesta) krimo, yo lo temata pri malo. 

  Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

tomato tomato

tomorrow tompe,tompo (tompe-vreme-tomorrow morning,tompe-suare-tomorrow evening)

(day after tomorrow: pos-tomp-e,-o,day before yesterday: pre-timp-e)

tonality tonelezzo, tonelio

ton (weight) tonelo , P:tonoyo

tone tonalo, timbro

tongue lingo

tongue (language) lango, lingvo, idyomo, dyalekto

too (+ adj.) pluke, plukmolto - too long - pluklonga, pluk(molt)em - too long in 

time, pluk(molt)er - too much, too little - PLAKE

Li kofis (xopis) pluke di luksusoy.=...plukmolte(r) luksusoy. Lo-s pluke dunke, po 

viredes far.

too (also) toje,P: je, ti toje, (ti je) 

tool instrumo (utensils) unt-ij-o, untilo. Veh-ILo -vehicle, -IJ - ofte portebla,

 mikra instrumo: flamijoy - matches (alumetoy), kambliktijo (liktokambijo)- switch 

on and off (circuit breaker)DVDijo, yamijoy - cutlery. Apparatus -ATORO,ORO, 

(toje ne portebla)- televist(or)o,TVijo Go get some tools-Ves ti brin pokter ijoy.

tooth dyento

top topo, supro

topic (temat) temato, konzzerno, 

torch torco

torment - tormento, torturo, torment-es, molest-es, P:trakes, hares,

torrent toryento

total (adj.) totyala, totyall

touch tukto, tuktes

tough zora

tour (n.) turneso, cirkegando

tour (v.) turnes, turneges,cirkeges

tousle tosles (toslita keploy, kladoy) Le polisonoy tosli le krimono.

tower -turmo (luminturmo, luksoturmo - farolo)

town urbo

toxic toksa

toy plaudeko, (-ek- toy, plaudo - amusement) plaudeketo (homeko,homineko,homeketo)

trade (craft) mestyero, krafto

trade (deal) komers-es (intr.), -o , komerso

tradition - tradizzo

train (railway) trayno

train (part of gown that is drawn along) trenjo

trait trezzo

traitor traydaryono, traydoro, traydono

trample tramp-es

translate translang-es, traduk-es

transparent transparenzza, parvirebla, mo-opaka, dia- P: dya-

transparent banero

transport transport-es, -o

transverse transevera, krosa (kros-fluto)

trap kept-es, trap-es, -ijo

trash traxo , far-traxo, skrepo, (to throw away -(far)trax-es)

travel vyaho, vyah-es, marvyaho

traveller vyahanto

traverse - traverses, parg(and)es

treat betrakt-es, regal-es (be-trakt-es pe ) (be-)

treat (medically) kur-es

tree arbo, to clear of trees: bi-arb-es 

tremble tremb-es, -o, xot-es

tresure trezoro

trick P: alg-es, bealg-es (to dupe)

trifle  bagatelo

thriller (movie, book) - trilero

trip tripo, eskurso (take a trip - tripes)

triumph triumfo, -es

trot troto, trotes

trouble troblo,(P:+OBLo,elektrOBLo = trouble with electr. trouble with money- 


troublesome - trobla, betrobla,troblodara, trobloyosa, troblezza myeno = trobliva 


trough manger -trogo

trousers pantalo, pantalongo, P: bruko

truck (lorry) kamyono, loryo, truko, kargotruko, kargauto

true (not false) verda, to be true - verd-es, verdest-es

trust trusto, -es ka, konfido,-es ka

trust - (ekon. politics.- cartel, sindicate) trasto, kartelo, sindikato

truth verdo,verdado,Ideo di algo, vo-s konforma kal realo. To sestis verdo - to 

verdesestis, to severdis. 

la profetado ne severdis. La profetado ne sestis verda.

 Le verdo cem venka.  Le filozofia, xenza verd(ad)oy.

try prub-es, -UB-, test-es 

tsar - tsaro, zzaro

tube tubo, P: kanolo

Tuesday mardyem, Mardo

tumult tumulto

tune tyuno, suono

tunnel tunelo

turn, turn around - turn-es, turn back, aside - vert-es

turn upside down - kulbes (head over heels - kulbute) to somersault- bekulb-es

turn over, to overturn (reverse - renvert-es) (to turn - vehicle and vessel: veltes 

(P: kepsines, kepoveltes)

turn to turnes ka...to turn (address) to someone - dires. Dires ka algono. 

Vortedires ka algono.

turquoise turkfiso, turkuso

twilight morn-emo, morosemo, krepusko, krepusk-es

twist tord-es (tr.), -o, P: tuist-es

two du , bedues, sedues - to divide in two parts. DuENZo dil personezzo

type (n., all senses) tipo

type (write on typewriter) tayp-es


ugly turpa,-ACA, (pejorative) (expresses negative affect or a poor opinion of the 

object or action)skritaci (to scrawl, from 'write');  klimataco (foul climate) 

klimaco, bad weather); domaco (a hovel, from 'house'); miraces (to gape at, from 

'look at');belaca (tawdry, from 'beautiful'); kosadaco, (junk); AC ! BLE!(yuck!) 

ugly (moral) fuya, FUY-  shameful, nasty, disgusting, filthy

fuyhomino, fuyono (a wicked person); fuyvorto (a profane word); fuybokto, 

  derta bokto (a dirty mouth); fuybestyo (vermin, from 'animal,beast');fuya(vile); 

  fuye! (For shame!); Fuy ka tu! (Shame on you!)

umbel umbelo (umbeloy di floroy)

unbearable nedentyenebla

uncle onklano

under (prep.) sub, sube

undergo - sufres, parvives, parges - pargandes

underneath (prep.) sube - subey

understand kunprines,kap-es P: kap-al-es,(perseptes,intelektes,P:kapivles)

Do you understand what I'm saying? Da tu kapa vom mi fala?

understanding kapo, intlekto, kunablo

undo P: undes, moferes, mo-fes, bi-,(make without) bi-fer-es, bi-fes, liqides

unexpected P: nespyeta, nespyetite

unfair nejasta

unfold disfald-es, semofaldes, sprid-es, sesprides,

unfortunately vanide! Mal,do mi ne vyeneda. Unfortunately but I can not come.

unite P: jednostka - unado

unite be-un-es (tr.), unites, seunes

united unita, beunita, seuninta

union Uniono, Unio, Unito, UnENZo (like a state) Eurounio,USA -USO, USoyo, USio  

untidy (hair) hirta, bauaga, bauaganta, (BAU- untidy, in chaos)

until aste, astem, aste vem, aste ke, Mi pyori ASTE mi sedormis. (xem dormis)

untruth neverdo, falso, fusko, blufo (bluf-es) 

unwell malga, malesta, malstensa

up - skal(e) ,skalen  High (skalte) up (skal) in the air - Skalte il skaleyo, 

Skalteskaley (down: dulen, dulteduley)  skales - go up, dules - go down

upon, on, - sobre, su, sur-, suren

uproot biradikes be-mo-radikes

urchin (brat) bubo, P:brato (bubano, bubeno, bubono - bratano, brateno, bratono)

urgent (haste) hasta,urga, Do not haste! - ne hastes! Ne seurges! Ne serapes! 

use unt-es, -o, (sem beserves pe), util-es

useful utila, untebla

usually norme,(normale) ordine, ordinall,habe P:habide, tradise, rutine, konfehabe


vacancy - vakeso, vakezzo, vakamyento, vakatio, bristo, P: sau-enzo, sauezzo

vacation (time) vakanso,-es, vakans-em-o, feryo, vakemo

vacuous vaka, vak-ati-a

vacuum vako, vakatio

vague vagva

vain (as in vanity) vanidyosa

vain (futile) vanida, Oh! vanide! P: vau!

vain in - vanide, po vanido, all in vain - totye vanide, ca-vanide, Vanid-eyme!

vaingloriousness (pride) orgolo, -es, malpraudo , mohumildo

valid valida

valley valeyo

valuable (adj.) valablyosa, skaltevalabla, granvalabla

valuable (n.) valabla, 

value (n.) valablo, ABLo, -ABLo

vanity (conceit) vanido, vanidezzo

vanity (futility) vanidezzo

variant variado, varianto

varicose veins  varikso

various difersa, varya, otra

vary varyentes,bevary-es (tr./intr.)

vase vaso, krugo, poto, kuktopoto

vast vasta, sprida, ampla, spazyosa ,P: molteya

vegetable (n.) hortajo, grinadoy

vegetarian food vegetarya yamo, vegoyamo

vehicle vehiklo, vehilo, carto

velvet veluto (pluxo)

vendetta vendetto

vengeance venjo,venjodezo (vindictive - venjeza, venjodeza)

veranda verando

verb verbo

verdict In challange: ver(de)dikto

verse verso, versiko, strofo

version versio

vertigo - vertigo (dizziness) feel dizzy - vertiges

very much makse (suffix) -OD-, moltODe, makse molte, molmolte, muy molte

very (adv.) mol, molte.

vessel - uyo, vaso,krugo, navyo, blood vessel - angio

viable vivabla,vivyosa

vice- vic(e)- Vice-Prezidento (reserv, spare part)- vice-parto, reservado

victim vikto, sufrinto

victory venko, viktorio

video video

view virado, viro, vido, belvido

villa villo, (viloyo)

village - vilajo, P: aldeyo

vindictive - vendika, venjeza

vine - vino

violate vyol-es, perfort-es,fort-ag-es, VYOL-, 

violence vyolento, vyolo, perforto

violent vyola (VYOL-)

violet color - viola

viper vipero

virtue virtuso

vision vizio (prospekto) visto

visionary vizyoplenta, vizya, vizyala

visa viz(um)o, pasporto

visit vizit-es, -o

visualisation - visualado, (visual-es pe ilustrado) bevist-es (images ka se)

vociferation voce(klank)ODo, klamODo, xauto

vogue - voguo (modao)

voice (n.) voco

voila! - Tezzo! Tey-s! Vo-la! 

volume - volumo, (tome - volumODo, P: volumino) (geometr) volumno.

vomitate  - vomid-es

voyage - vyaho, vyaheso 

voyager - vyahanto, vyaharyono (in cosmos - astronauto, kosmonauto)

vulgar - vulga, trivya, trivyall, banala, a vulgar expression - vulg-iv-o

vulva - vulvo. (vulg) - pico


wade -  traves, zorges, zorpases, zorgandes 

wage(s) pago, salayro, sueldo

waggle vagl-es

wagon railway wagon (railway carriage) vagono, (P:vagno) varkovagnoy

wail lament-i,(Alas! Woe! Oh Dear! - Vanide! Lamento!) bewail - bepyores 

waist talyo 

waistcoat vexto

wait vart-es, Wait a minute! - var ́un minuto! Var ki mi!

waiter sirvisto

wake (awaken) vokt-es, bevoktes, sevoktes, modorma, bevoktita

walk marx-es, -o, to go on foot - kamines, pyedges

   amble (an easy gait of a horse, a leisurely walk,) ambl-es

wall muro (Le Cina Granmuro)

wallet burso, bolseto

wand vondo, magia vondo, rabdo

wander vandr-es, vagabond-es, migr-es, vandranto

want to dez-es, -EZ-, to be willing - volunt-es

war milito, krigo, (querilla) gvero

wardrobe garde-robo, kladublo

warehouse varkeyo, varkodomo

wares (goods) varkoy

warm varma, bevarm-es

warn (give notice of possible occurence)varn-es, forewarn - prevarn-es, beatent-es

Mu varnes cono, kel deluvo vyena!  Let’s warn everyone that the deluge will come!

warning - varno, varnado, atentado, atento.

warrior militaryono, faytaryono, batalanto, batalono

wash lav-es (tr.), -o

wash (oneself) sem lav-es, laves se

washing machine -lavatoro, lavoro

waste (squander) sqand-es (prodig-es)  fardiboc-es

water (n.) agvo

watch - spekt-es, spektanto, spektaryono, watchfull - pronspekta, spekteza

watch - klokijo, maneklokijo, bigger one: klokadoro

wave (undulation) vogo, marvogo

wave sfing-es, vagl-es, rokt-es

wax  vakso, parafino

way voyo,  on the way - gem,(gandem) survoye. (gandeye) I bought some bread on the 

way. Mi g-em (vem mi esti g-anta) kofis pokter pauno. (street - strado)

we mu

weak suaga

wean bihabes, beabandes P: ablaktes

weapon armo, misilo

wear to (clothes, etc) port-es, klad-es

wear out triv-es, trivita, triviall

weather meteo, tyempo, klimo, climate - klimato

weave teks-es, (textile) teksado

web site sayto, web-loko, webeyo

wedding  nupto , semeryo

Wednesday Sredo, Sredyem(o)

week zemango, viko. Names of the days of the week: Vikodyemoy. 



weekend - vikendo, P: So-dyemoy (Sabd-Sol-dyemo) vikfinemo

weep pyor-es, lakr-es, lakr-ifik-es

weigh (have weight of) VERvektes, heavy - peza, moltevekta

weight vekto, vektezzo 

welcome (n.) acepto totyakora, Bunvyeno, Bunarivo! Saluto!

welcome (v.) acept-es totyakore, bebunvyen-es, salut-es

weld veld-es

well (adv. of good) Vol! bune, nu bun, so(bune), so bune, o-key (O-K)

well (healthy) sana, Buna. Ve Tu syensa? Mi bunsyensa. Mi malsyensa.

well (in the ground) pozzo 

wend P:dires, enges (to direct, to proceed)

west westo, -ala -all

wet: humida, humidezzo, behumid-es, WET PAINT! Frexe farbita!

whale balino

what vo, vo?

wheat tritiko P: frumo

wheel (n.) roto

when - vem(e)

whenever valgem, valga-tempe, 

where - vey

wherever valgey, valga-loke

whether DA? whether - or - da … da, 

which (plural) vay, vonoy, 

which (sing.) (va - thing or person) (vo - thing) (vi, vono - person)

while (although) trozze, qenke, yanke, Although she was ill, she worked hard. 

trozze (Spite) qi esti malga, qi zore laboris. Although he hurried, the shop was 

closed when he got there.Qenke li seurgi,le butiko esti klosita(vem)li vyenis tren.

while (conj.) veme,  i (le) paremo di,  il tempo di, intempe di… yetempe - YEM

Vem tu lekta tu streyna tua okloy. Lektem tu streyna tua okloy. Mi vira ke gandem 

(under walking - gandem) tu tum (sem)streyna.Yamante lu paroli - yamem lu paroli.

whip fusto, peyco

whirl vortiko, vortik-es, (aqo)vervelo, vervel-es

whisper xept-es, sufl-es (also in theatre)   

whistle, pipe - fif-es, sibiles

white blanka

who (plural) vay, vonoy

who (sing.) vi,va, vono

whole totya, -o, integra, -o, -ala, all

wholesome san-dara, salubra (healthy) sana; -ness: -ezzo

wholly (entirely) totye, totye, komplete, integre, plente, totyall

wholly (without exception) wi ecepto, integrala

whom van

whose via, di va, di vo, di vi. The serpent that did sting thy father's life now 

wears his crown. 

Le serpento,di via mordo(be)mortis tua patro, tyeme porta le kruno lista.

(De Hamleto) 

why Po vo?, vens? veyme? va-kauense?

wick - lonto, lamplonto (mexo)

wicker - vimino (a kind of willow)

wide (not narrow) vasta, spasyosa, ampla

widow - vyudo, vyudeno 

widower -vyudano

width - vastERo, vasto, vastezzo  How wide is it? Vervasta to-s?

wife sposeno, meryeno, wife: -YENO.(for ex: a wife of the geral - geralyeno) 

wild (in its natural state) vilda

will volunto, dezo, bundezo, to be willing - volunt-es  

will (want to) dez-es (tr.), -o -

willing prona, PRON-

win (gain victory) venk-es, gvanes venko sobre...

win (gain) gvan-es, -o, pludogvan-es, P: plud-ern-es

wind (n.) vyento

winding meandryosa, sinusyosa, menadroplenta - meandr-es, sinus-es

windscreen (windshield) pare-vyento

wind up - volv-es

window  vindo, fentro, shop window - vitrino

windowsill pare-peto, vindobreto

wing vingo

wink (blink) blink-es, with eyes: oklum-es, oklob-es

winter vintremo (vintro), -ala -all

wipe (far)frotes

wire metal-kordo, druto

wisdom sajo, sajezzo

wise saja,P: apya,(-apya) far seeing - sagasa, farvirabla 

wish deziro, bundez-es, -o,  wishes - bundezoy, bundeziroy

whisky wiskio

wit sprito, sprit-ono

witch hekso, hekseno, magieno (fuyhekses - cast an evil eye on)

with (instrumental - by means of) pe (e.g., skrit-es pe plumo) 

with (comitative - in the company of) ko, kon-

within - iney, insey

without sau, besaues, sesaues

withstand - rezistes , rezistabla

witness  atestanto

woman meno, femo, femeno, teno - this woman (li)

wonder mervelo, mervelado, miraklo, mervablado

wonder kunez-es, sefrag-es pri

wonderful - mervela, bemervela, mervelyosa, ravabla, mirakla

wood (material) legno

wood (trees) arbero, furesto, silvo

woodshed xupo,P: budo, legnobudo, legnoxupo

wool vulo

wool cloth  drapo

word vorto,  in words - vorte, -all. To keep one´s words - Vortyenes (Vortotyenes)

work labor-es, trab-es,(intr.) to be out of w.,to rest from work (tr.,intr.)com-es.

work (function) funsin-es, shorter form: funk-es

work (literary, artistic, etc) kreado, verko, -es, arto - art-es, artado

workspace laborspaso

world mondo, -ala -all

World Wide Web TotyaTerda Teksado (TTT)

worm vurmo, terdovurmo, P:lombo

worry trobles (pe, pri, sobre,)

worse peyora, pli mala, ple buna, to be worse - peyor-es

Tampel tyempo (esta) peyora ve timpe. 

worst makse mal, le plu mala

worth valABLo, -ABL-, skaltevalabla

worth, be - valables

wound vund-es, -uro, -ado

WoW! WoW! Ha-la!

wrap involves

wreck vrako

wrestle lukt-es (intr.), -o, vrest-es

wrinkle rugo

wriste vristo

write skrit-es, verk-es

writer verkisto, autoro, skritisto, nuvelisto, romanzisto, kre-skritisto

wrong (not right) mokorekta,fela, FEL-,“your information is wrong” 

Tua informo(-s) fela(-s).“The clock showed the wrong time” Le klokijo montri 


Le klokijo felmontra. He appears at the wrong time. Li apera felem.(Ye felemo)

“Found themselves on the wrong road” Setroves felvoye.


Xmas - Kristonasko, Kristonaskemo


yacht yahto

yawn oskes

year anyo. New Year - Nuvanyo

yearn leng-es, nostalg-es

yearly ca-anye P: canye, this year - tanye

yellow amargelba, gelba, 

yes - yes, (yese - indeed)

yesterday - timpo, timpe-vreme -yesterday morning, timpe-suare - yesterday 


yet (already) yus

yet (still) enke, kontine, plonge, dur(e)

yet (until now) aste tyem ≈ astyem

yokel (hick) tolpo  (depreciative for peasant : simple, naive, incultured, 

   or foolish person from a rural area.

You - tu

young (adj.) yuna , (human) jova, jovall

young (man & women)-jovo,(yunyoro)(jovano & joveno = GE-jovoy, yunonero, jovonero)

young animal -YUNO, gatyuno, vaxyuno, kokyuno

youngster - jovo, jovono, yunsioro, yunioro

your(s) (plural & gentle) Vua, Le … Vusta

youth yunezzo, jovezzo

yowl hules


zeal zilo,fervo,(enthusiasm, avidity,ardor(US),ardour (Br),fervor(US),fervour(Br)) 

zealot ziloto, zilono; fervono, fanatik(on)o.

zebra zebro

zest zesto, vigoro

zodiac zodiako 

zombie zombyo, heksokadavro

zone zoneyo, strefo

zoo zoo, zooparko

zoom zumo, zum-es (zoom out - denzum-es)


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