Mi totyakore invita Tu kal magia mondo dil lango Atlango!

A T L A N G O                

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(in English)

ATLANGO is an international, Euroamerican auxiliary language intended as a lingua franca for citizens of different countries to learn. Atlango is a highly euphonious ("angloromaneska") and easy to learn language and without any special accented letters like in Esperanto. Atlango can be learned considerably quicker than any other natural language. This language turns to be the real candidate to become the basis for a neutral and common language for Europe and also for North and South America. (Today the EU system requires 2000 translators and 80 interpreters per day. It costs € 1 BILION per year! (SIC!))Atlango is easy to learn and pronounce and much more euphonious than old constructed languages - Esperanto, Ido, Occidental, Novial, Neo and Interlingua. Atlango can be used as a democratic and intermediary language for all people. An excellent bridge language between different cultures and traditions. Atlango strives to convey every single facet and nuace of human communication. Dictionary of Atlango contains the most important words of modern English, French and Spanish making Atlango easier even for citizens of Asia and Africa.

 In the future Atlango can also serve as an easy and neutral help language for ”seavilisation” - international floating island or independent sea cities.

Make Atlango to your personal adoptive language!


Introdukto - Manifesto atlanga.

(i Atlango)

Pronunso i Atlango:

(C-like English - ch,  J - like in French, or ”s”  in English word: vision) Q -as K+F,  R & Y -like in Spanish, v & w -like in English, x -like in English -sh, zz -like in English ts)

 Le lango Atlango esta le nuva propondo di neutra, lango internasia bazita sul cefa langoy di Europo ti Ameriko, sul cefa langoy konstruktita ti toje le lango Latina.

    Atlango esta le lango angloromaneska ki rolaba qezze lango ponsall ti auksila. Atlango esta belsonida i pronunso ti fasila i lerno. Le langokreinto di Atlango utilis atingoy historiall di molta kreintoy - interlingvistoy, ti toje sem inspiri pe Esperanto, Ido, Neo ti Interlingua. Le kreinto di Atlango toje introduktis pokta ideoy propia. 

(Le historio dil langokreando merita sprido pol intresenda eventoy, pol hominoy esterordinall til ideo di fratezzo ti pazo inte nasioy ka qo le interlingvistoy dedikti sa draumoy ti fortoy.)

Atlango kreita-s (esta kreita) pol ideo ye pazo inte klasika langoy konstruktita.

Ta lango toje estaba traktita qezzel propondo dil komunia lango po Eurounio po ke elimines le stakloy langall qam lo kausa molto di langoy naturall, ti toje po preventes superezzo di un lango naturall.

Ta-mode se eliminus le syento dil ne egalezzo di ta Europa citonoy, ki langa pe "ne importa" langoy. Somem Atlango - simile kal proyektoy langall tom prevanta - ne rezigna yel sirvo qezzel "bunilyo", qezzel  moyo fortendanta pazo ti interkapo sobrel baryeroy lingvstika.

Atlango paba estes ( estaba) toje le klefo kal kulturo euroatlantika pol totya mondo.

To-s sinskepte le plu fasila euro-amerika lango ti toje le lango di nuva totyamonda kulturo.

Ya se kreablis ti inkonduktis le komunia, neutra valuto Euro pol totya Europo (Europio) - lo-s evidenta ke se pabu ta-mode inkonduktes un lango komunall.

Kreante Atlango  - Richard A Antonius betrakti ta lango konstruktita qezzel verko 


Mu dar´ egala starto kal futuro po ca citonoy dil nuva Europo ti Ameriko!

Mu dikes "ne" kal Babelturmo! 

Mu dikes "ne" ka falto di solidarezzo! 

Mu kone kreaba  le nuva totyamonda mobando Atlanga, ti mu kreo le nuva Europo ti Amerikoy sil nejusta baryeroy langall.

Ens Atlangisto!

Le kreinto di Atlango

Richard A. Antonius 

2018 Stockholm - Marbella - Kraków. Europo

                                      Kal gramatiko Atlanga

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